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Posted 09/03/2022 in Entertainment

5 Places You Can Run Away To and Not Get Extradited Back, Part 1 : Cape Verde

5 Places You Can Run Away To and Not Get Extradited Back, Part 1 : Cape Verde

Ok! You’ve tried everything. You’ve lost your wife, your husband, your kids, the dog, or just about, all of the above. It’s just not working out. 

You owe money through the roof and everyone, and their mother is after you. You need to disappear. Breaking into a morgue, stealing a body, setting your car on fire with the body in it, and rolling it off the cliff just doesn’t work anymore. You need a real plan.

You need to leave the country. You’ve cashed out on all your credit cards and borrowed 100k from your uncle; you know the money you never have to pay back. Now you’re ready to start a new life in a new place. But where would you go?

A place where you will not go broke fast and end up in the streets. Or even worse, be deported. 

Making such a huge decision is not easy without the right plan and enough research on favorable destinations. Lucky for you, all the research has been done for you!

So pack up! And get ready to start afresh in your new home, CAPE VERDE!

Since you are running away from so many problems, to a country about 4.6 miles away, the best way to do so is by taking a flight. At least that way you will be able to look down on everyone you owe money as you leave them unpaid. LOL

There are 10 Islands in Cape Verde. Every one of them offering amazing experiences and are unique in their own way. Check some info on each of them here. 

For your “new start”, Sao Vicente is going to be most favorable. With an estimated population of about 368,355 people, you are not going to take long in making a friend or two. Plus you don’t need too many friends. We don’t need any more debts from friends. 

Cape Verde is a place known for its amazing traditional music and colonial architecture. Remember you are not going to the place as a tourist though, I just thought you should know. No need to get excited. 

100k is not a big amount, especially for someone looking for a new start.  With that being said, the first thing you need to do is look for a cheap rental house. 

The good thing about the place is that you don’t have to worry about what to eat. There are fast food hotels where you can get a good meal for as little as $0.22. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, you are running away, on a budget, to a country you have never been to and know no one, and I’m here telling you to rent a cheap apartment.

You have every right to have questions concerning security, I understand. 

The most recent crime rate statistic stands at 6.48. Other than that, the number of crime incidents against tourists, are at an all-time low.

I did mention you are not visiting as a tourist. You have already managed to run away without paying owed debts, blending in should not be a problem.  Just make sure you remain vigilant and aware. 

Running away to another country comes with a lot of challenges. Such is one of the reasons why you need new friends. Staying in your small rented house is no way to get friends so make sure you get out there. 

Going to beaches is one of the best ways to get new friends. But a more likely place to meet and make friends fast is in a night club. 

Lucky for you, there are several night clubs in big hotels you can visit and several bars all over the place. Remember you only need about one drink to get you social because you will go broke fast if you overspend.

Making a friend fast is going to play a big role on how long you make it here. Remember that everything you do is a steady output of limited funds. Making a friend will help you meet even more people and secure a job. That means you better work on you social skills fast!

Prostitution in Cape Verde is legal, so in case you think you can spend some money for some fun then why not. Plus it could be a gamble in making a friend fast. Just that you have to pay for this. 

Staying on the good side of the authorities will always guarantee that you will stay long in Cape Verde.  The quickest way to get in trouble in your new home is by being in possession of drugs.

Cape Verde has a strict zero tolerance towards trafficking, possessing or even use of any type of illegal drug. It is a quick way to make some easy money but something you need not even think about. 

If night clubs are just not your thing then worry not. A visit to the beach will do the trick. You can always spare some money for activities like kitesurfing, diving and even hiking. In the process, engage a few people in conversations and make new connections.

Everything you do will be a step closer to a long stay in Cape Verde, which is something you need to make sure you achieve if you are to secure citizenship here. 

You read that right! If you stay out of trouble and be good for a minimum of 5 years, then you stand a chance to call this place your home for good. 

You’ve made mistakes, we all do. You’ve lost everything you held dear and now you have decided to give yourself another shot at life. Noble!

What counts is that you did not give up. So welcome to your new home. Welcome to CAPE VERDE. 

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