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Posted 10/18/2022 in Entertainment

5 Places You Can Run Away to and Not Get Extradited Back, Part 2, Morocco

5 Places You Can Run Away to and Not Get Extradited Back, Part 2, Morocco

Morocco is a North African country bordering the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It is known for being home to the very first university which is fully operational to date. Just a little history before you get there. 

In as much as you are running away from debts and shame, it is understandable that you are worried. Most especially with what the crime rate of the country might be.

Worry not, you’re going to start over not get killed. As of 2020, Morocco got a crime index of 49.02, which to be honest is very moderate. You’ll be okay.

Other than having so many delicacies you can pick from, your new home is also very popular for hospitable and comfortable restaurants with accommodation. 

The moment you get there, the best course of action would be to rent out a cheap room. This will give you enough time to familiarize yourself with the place. Other than that, you can actually make a friend or two to show you around. 

Other than being the world’s leading producer of cannabis in the world, alcohol is also very much legal here. If you are a fun or one, or both, then you should be able to make friends fast in nightclubs.

That brings us to the kind of nightlife you should expect. Anyone that has been to Morocco will tell you for free that nightlife here is above colorful. It might have also contributed to the rise of prostitution in the country. Though illegal, prostitution in the country is at an all-time high. 

If you love music then the live music and discos here come as the cherry on the cake. Take advantage of such opportunities that involve mingling with people to be able to learn of opportunities and businesses that can make you money.

Getting a good business idea will help you make more money and help you sustain yourself. 

If you are not a person that is into clubbing, then you must love nature. When it comes to nature, Morocco offers a full package.

The one thing that is soon to become a personal favorite for you has to be the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. However, keep in mind that you are not here to meditate but settle and make money okay?

The Moroccan desert, Sahara and wild beaches are also some of the places you are bound to interact with people well. 

Setting up a business with a permit should be top of your priorities. The one reason at the top of the list being that it will come in handy with getting your citizenship here. 

Interacting is also going to guarantee that you find a spouse here. This is the other thing that will help you with becoming a legal citizen here. 

The standards that have been put in place for anyone that wishes to become a Moroccan are easy. If you own property here, prove that you are making enough money to sustain yourself while in the country, or get married to a citizen, then you are all set.

Now that you are all set here are some tips for you. Consider this an extra. Even though Morocco is a safe place for you to stay in, Fex and Casablanca have been reflagged as areas you should not stay in for so long. 

Morocco is a Muslim Country. Whether or not you agree with their way of life, it is always safe to respect it. When blending in with now fellow locals, make sure to no be seen eating using your left hand. 

Another culture you should observe is that of decency. If you are not at the beach, make sure you are very decently dressed and covered up. 

Life must have not been so fair for you but Morocco has given you a second chance. Don’t waste it!

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