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Posted 11/02/2022 in Entertainment

5 Places You Can Run Away To and Not Get Extradited Back, Part 3: Maldives

5 Places You Can Run Away To and Not Get Extradited Back, Part 3: Maldives

When the word Maldives is mentioned, it automatically creates a vivid image of a place of beauty. You have probably already looked it up on the internet to see what it’s like. 

The first impression you get from the people taking pictures there is that of vacation vibes, peace, and serenity. Something I’m sure you would want to experience. 

Only that you’re not going there for any of that. I doubt you’re even going to think of how beautiful the place is when you get there. Not with the thoughts of all the people you owe money to and some that probably want to punch you in the face so bad. 

When you see the beautiful beaches, I don’t want you to think of swimming even for a second. Well at least not until we fix your messy life first. 

Welcome to Maldives. Officially the Republic of Maldives situated in the Indian Ocean. 

I understand you owe a lot of money to people but I also want you to be safe. In terms of the crime rate, it is getting to an all-time low by the day. 

As a matter of fact you might be the biggest criminal there. That is compared to half the population, ha ha.

This means that if you stay out of trouble, you’ll be okay. 

When getting into the country, make sure you do not import anything that could get you into trouble. 

The goal is to ultimately stay as low key as possible. 

Make sure you do not import any explosives, weapons, firearms, ammunition or any pornographic materials. 

You're on a tight budget so make sure you don't blow your money on stuff you don't need. 

I’m not suggesting that the reason you owe your grandmother money is because you are an impulsive spender. I’m just saying you need to do better this time round. 

If you live for the nightlife, then you can always visit the numerous beautiful resorts available. However, you should not even think of living in one though. There are numerous cheap houses that you can rent out before you get a steady job.

This will also give you a chance to save up and make new friends in your new area of residence. 

Alcoholic beverages are only available at hotels and resorts. Be sure not to be caught consuming or carrying with you outside of those places. 

Also keep in mind that in as much as there is small scale prostitution in Maldives, it is considered illegal. 

Look I get it; it will take some time before you get familiar with anyone for your lonely nights. 

But then again, you are not going to jail in a foreign country for pleasure are you? That’s what I thought. 

In case you are tempted to use any other form of drug, Maldives happens to have a strong anti-drugs law. That is to say that importation or possession will lead to severe penalties, and may even have you imprisoned. 

The moment you have gotten well oriented with your new home. You should start thinking of getting yourself a job. 

The best thing you can do as a new comer in Maldives is learn how to live with people. I mean let’s face it; this is your new home.

Being an area that is highly populated by Muslims, do your best to fit in. Do not be in possession of anything that goes contrary to Islam. This includes idols for worship and bibles.

Pork is also considered to be “haram”, so make sure you steer clear of that too. 

Welcome to Maldives, welcome home!

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