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Posted 03/21/2022 in Cannabis

50 Cheap Date Ideas

50 Cheap Date Ideas

Relationships can be tough. Even the best of us struggle with what to say, when to say it, or when to move on to that next step. One of the most pressing concerns today is how to date on a budget. Many people think they have to drop a week's wages to have fun or impress their partner. Reality TV shows like The Bachelor reinforce this idea, but it simply isn't true. Don't let your wallet dictate the progress of your relationship. Check out these 50 cheap date ideas to keep your calendar full and your finances happy.

1. Let's Go Hiking

There's nothing like a little exercise to get your endorphins flowing. Be sure to take some snacks, suntan lotion, and water. 

2. Picnic In the Park  

A picnic is a great way to have a romantic meal together and keep the cost down. Your date will appreciate the effort.

3. Fishing Adventure

In many areas, fishing licenses are cheap to get. Bait is also cheap and if you play your cards right, you could catch free dinner.

4. Learn To Paint Together
Lots of community centers offer art classes that are very reasonable in price.

5. Half Court Fun

All you need is a basketball and yourselves. The spirit of friendly competition is excellent for inspiring a playful attitude.

6. Listen To Poetry

Poetry readings can make for great dates because they feed discussion. Search the web for a list of readings in your area.

7. Become 

A Gourmet Guru

Are you craving a gourmet meal? Try making it at home to impress your partner. Setting out a few candles will set the stage for romance.

8. Wine Tasting

If you live within reasonable driving distance of a winery, some wine tasting tours are surprisingly inexpensive. Taste their offerings with no requirement to buy.

9. It's Crabbing Time!

Like fishing, crabbing is another inexpensive way to catch an otherwise costly dinner. For those who live near a coastline, crabbing can be 
lots of fun.

10. Playgrounds: They're Not Just For Kids

When was the last time you sat on the swings? Playgrounds seem juvenile, but they inspire deep conversations about childhood or fond memories of the past.

11. Roller Skating

Many parks have trails to skate on for free, but if there's rain you can still go to an indoor skating rink. Many of them cost less than dinner at Denny's.

12. Restaurant Specials

From time to time you can find two-for-one dinner specials and other discounts at restaurants. Some even have weekly deals. A quick web search will put you in the know.

13. Camping Trip

Sometimes a standard date just doesn't cut it. If you want to get away or spend a cozy night alone, camping is the perfect way to get that private time. In fact, you can buy a four-person tent for less than a one night stay in the cheapest motel and you won't have to wonder how well the sheets 
were washed.

14. Star Gazing

Go to a vista on the outskirts of town and have a romantic evening under the stars. You don't have to have a telescope, just get out there and share in the awe of the universe.

15. Happy Hour

Many bars and restaurants offer a Happy Hour menu that features cheap eats and drinks. Once you order something, you can stay and chat as long as you'd like.

16. Ice Skating

If you happen to have a frozen pond nearby, you're one of the lucky people who can go on a fun free date.  If not, don't worry. Community skating rinks aren't extremely expensive. In many areas, you can take a date out on the ice for around 20 dollars.

17. Comedy Club

Certain comedy clubs allow you to sign up on a list for free tickets when they're available. The only catch is that each guest is required to order a drink. They're usually overpriced, but they won't come close to breaking the bank.

18. Karaoke Madness

If you're up for some mid-week fun, going to a bar that offers karaoke is a great way to let loose and have a good time. Most of these bars don't have a cover charge, so the price tag is up to you.

19. Coffee House Chat

Coffee dates are nice for a few reasons. They're casual, they don't cost a lot, and they don't take up a lot of time. If you're dating on a light wallet and heavy schedule, go for a mid-day wake up.

20. Bonfire

You don't have to go camping to sit by a fire. If you have a backyard, you've got the space. If not, you can visit a campground or park to roast marshmallows and hot dogs.

21. Barbecue

Speaking of hot dogs, barbecues are good fun any time of year. The small charcoal grills are inexpensive and if you use them enough, they end up paying for themselves in money you've saved on fancy dates.

22. Laser Tag

Laser tag is in roughly the same price range as ice skating, depending on how many games you play. You can also find deals on the web sometimes to make your date even cheaper.

23. Take A Walk

This is the mother of all cheap date ideas. Taking a walk doesn't require any gas money or equipment, so it's totally free. Plus, you can choose a different destination every time to keep your walks interesting.

24. Drive-In Movies

Drive-in theaters used to be common, but now they're on the rare side. If you live near one, their prices are drastically less expensive than standard movie theaters and you get that neat, movie-in-the-car environment.

25. Pinterest Is Your Friend

Pinterest can be addictive, but it can also be very helpful. If you've been waiting to dig into a project or two, make a date out of it. These are the kind of dates that memories are made of.

26. Getting Crafty

Learning a craft can save you money in itself. Additionally, some people end up making a living from it over time. Couples who share the same interests tend to bond more deeply than couples who don't, so this cheap date idea could end up cementing your bond.

27. Fun At The Lake

All you need is a bathing suit and an inner tube to have hours of fun.

28. Matinee Movie 

A Matinee is a movie or theater performance that takes place during the day. If you can't find a drive-in theater, you can still save money by going to a matinee show instead of a later one. The difference in price can be substantial.

29. Take Up Gardening

This is another cheap date idea that does double duty. Gardening makes for a fun and interesting date and it will save you money on dates as well as groceries. If you don't have a yard to plant in, community garden spaces can be rented inexpensively.

30. Swim At The Local Pool

This is another cheap date idea that does double duty. Gardening makes for a fun and interesting date and it will save you money on dates as well as groceries. If you don't have a yard to plant in, community garden spaces can be rented inexpensively.

31. Join A Book Club Together

If you and your partner love a good book, joining a book club is a date that will allow you to dig deep into a discussion. Most are held at public libraries and bookstores, and they're usually free.

32. Internet Deals

There are many websites dedicated to offering discounted goods and services. Sometimes great deals are available for things like whitewater rafting, spa days, festival tickets, or art classes. Join a site or two and watch their offerings.

33. Take A Day Trip

Sometimes exploring another town can be an awesome adventure.

34. Grab Some Tea

Going out for tea can be quite a bit less expensive than getting dinner out and most people don't do it often. Do this when you want to do something different.

35. Who Wants Ice Cream?

Nobody ever said you have to go out for meals only. Going out for dessert gets you out on a date at a fraction of the price.

36. Volunteer

Some people may not find this fun, but to others, helping others is important. Not only does this impress significant others and employers, it makes you feel good inside.

37. Historical Building Tours

Some cities have historical buildings that are open to the public for free.  Many also have gift shops that carry interesting trinkets.

38. Visit A Swap meet

You can only walk around a mall so many times before it gets old. Swap meets are a fun and different environment. They have a variety of wares and the tables are fun to browse.

39. Fitness Classes

Certain community centers have fitness classes for a low drop-in fee. You won't have to sign up for a membership and you can go as often as you like.

40. Go Garage Sale Hunting

Like a swap meet, you never know what you'll find at a garage sale but you're almost guaranteed to find good deals on unique items. This could be a fun, spontaneous date.

41. 50's Diner Lunch

There's just something awesome about 50's diners. It's fun to get out of the house and go back in time. Lunches tend to be less expensive than dinners, so simply going out at a different time of day can save you money.

42. Cosmic Bowling

For a fun, late night date, cosmic bowling is one of the greatest things you can do. If you like to play multiple games, it's much less expensive than paying per game during the day.

43. Intimate Dinner

Invite another couple over for an in-home dinner by candlelight. It's all the fun of a double date without the sticker shock.

44. Fix It Up!

Is something broken in your home? You can always call your special someone over to help you fix it. Taking on do-it-yourself projects is both fun and cost effective.

45. Sledding; It Never Gets Old

Many cheap date ideas can be easily fouled by the weather, but if you have a sled and a hill you're in luck. Sledding is a fun wintertime sport that all age groups can appreciate.

46. Bicycle Rides

If you've got a bicycle, you've got the key to your next cheap date. Gas is expensive and walking doesn't allow you to go very far from home, but bicycling can get you out to a larger variety of destinations. It could also be a date in itself. Coupled with a park picnic, this simple activity could turn into a day of fun.

47. Go To A Farmers' Market

Nobody thinks of a trip to the grocery store as a date, but the Farmer's Market is not a grocery store. You can get your shopping done on your date and make dinner afterward.

48. Berry Picking

Like a Farmer's Market, berry picking is a wholly different food experience. Picking berries yourself lowers the cost quite a bit and you'll get to have fun in the open air with your date.

49. See A Play

Most larger production companies are expensive to see, but a local production company is cheaper. These local companies won't be as extravagant, but they can give you something special for you and your date. 

50. Take A Drive

Who says you have to have a destination? Back before gas prices shot through the roof, people took Sunday drives just to explore and have fun. This is still a good way to have fun on a budget.

Dating on a strict budget can be tricky. Everyone wants to have fun, but sometimes 
it seems impossible not to spend money. There are many cheap date ideas that won't 
sink your finances, so get out and have fun. 
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