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Posted 05/16/2022 in Dating and Relationships

6 Traits of Happy and Healthy Relationships

6 Traits of Happy and Healthy Relationships

It goes without saying that no relationship is perfect. When you take two imperfect people and put them together, a relationship without flaws just isn’t possible. However, while a perfect relationship may not be attainable - a healthy one most definitely, is.
So, what key ingredients do some relationships have that others don’t? 
What’s the secret to standing the test of time? While every relationship is as unique as the people involved, let’s talk about 6 traits found in all happy, healthy relationships so you can enjoy one, too.

What Does a ‘Healthy Relationship’ Mean?

Before we dive into the most common characteristics seen in healthy relationships, we should get on the same page about what the term ‘healthy relationship’ means in the first place. 

A healthy relationship is any bond between two people that embodies happiness, peace of mind, and most importantly - love. 

Fighting is kept to a minimum, however, when the inevitable does arise, each partner is respectful of the other and the relationship. Healthy relationships aren’t just simply a part of a person’s life, they actively make it better. 

Happy relationships

Healthy relationships

6 Traits of a Healthy Relationship:

  1. Trust / Honesty 
  2. Laughter
  3. Mutual Respect 
  4. Compromise 
  5. Communication 
  6. Individuality 

Trust / Honesty

Trust and honesty go hand in hand in a relationship and can be thought of as the framework for true connection. Honesty is the foundation for trust. Without trust, a relationship is doomed to fail. 

When two partners are honest with one another, they allow a true connection between their authentic selves to develop. 

In addition, trust creates an atmosphere of love in a healthy relationship. When partners feel they can trust each other, they’re more likely to forgive mistakes or overlook irritating behaviors because their bond is secure.

It’s easy to see how incredibly vital trust and honesty are when we look at relationships without them. Perhaps you’ve witnessed one yourself - when couples begin to look through the other’s phone constantly, partners that are always worried about what the other is doing, or couples that feel the need to excessively check in on each other. It’s unhealthy and unstable. 


We’ve all heard the phrase; laughter is the best medicine - but what does that mean for relationships?

Research has shown, that couples that who regularly laugh together are more likely to resolve conflict quicker, overcome stressors easier, and last far longer than couples who don’t. 

In addition, laughing literally increases your overall happiness. Lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, and a tidal wave of endorphins are just a few examples of how laughter can physically make you feel better. 

When you feel better, you’re more likely to treat your partner well.

Mutual Respect

A clear sign indicating a relationship is healthy is the mutual respect shown between each partner. Respect simply means honoring and accepting who the other person is, whether you agree 
with them or not. 

Listening to your partner's feelings, recognizing their boundaries, supporting their interests, and treating them the way you would like to be treated, are all examples of respect in a 
healthy relationship. 

No matter how tense an argument may become, in a healthy relationship built on mutual respect, neither partner resorts to name-calling or deliberate low blows to gain leverage over the disagreement. 


A relationship is a partnership. A partnership takes two people to work. 

This means couples are faced every day in situations that may favor one partner over the other. 

In a healthy relationship, there is an agreed-upon understanding that each partner does not always get his or her way, and compromise is necessary. 

When partners settle for less than they desire in a particular circumstance, they are showing the other how much they love and care for them. This perpetuates an environment of love and acceptance between two people. 

Healthy relationships

Happy relationships


A relationship without communication is often filled with unnecessary arguments, or confusing disagreements that seem to never end. Many conflicts between couples are a result of miscommunication. 

When those circumstances are never talked about, tensions can rise and bubble right below the surface. As time goes on and communication remains broken, these small disagreements build up until one day they explode.  

This is because communication between partners is one of the most crucial aspects of a healthy relationship. 

Healthy communication allows one partner to effectively share their feelings, thoughts, or behaviors with the other, without fear of rejection or retaliation. This creates space for two people to openly talk about problems they may be facing, and work together to fix them.


It’s important to remember that a relationship is meant to enhance a person’s life - not become the entire thing. 

Individuality in relationships is extremely healthy and often encouraged by both family and relationship counselors alike. When each partner has a life outside of their relationship, it avoids the trap of codependency and allows the couple to continue to pursue passions and hobbies they once had when they were single. 

Individuality is a clear indicator that a relationship has a healthy level of trust and communication. 

Life Is Too Short for Unhealthy Relationships

Whether you’ve been in one personally or have had a loved one in an unhealthy relationship then you understand just how incredibly draining they can be. Spending every day in arguments, catching one another in lies, and always having to keep tabs on the other person is no way to live. 

Healthy relationships are entirely possible if both partners are willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. 

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