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Posted 05/07/2022 in Family

How About Happy Stepmother's Day!

How About Happy Stepmother's Day!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and I was thinking to myself how great stepmothers do not get credit for all their hard work. Being a stepmother is not easy but there are plenty of great stepmoms staying in the trenches, putting up a great fight, raising other people’s children, and making a big difference in the world.  

Jamie, my wife, and I met in 2015. We dated for a bit and became committed. We shared an eternal connection right away. It just seemed like I had known her since the beginning of time. She was pretty, amazing, kind, loving, and trustworthy. I decided to introduce my daughter to her within a short time. My little one was 7 at that time. Visit us at pufs.com for more interesting blogs like this.

I remember we went horseback riding, on a hot summer day, from my daughter’s birthday. Jamie fit right in. And it seemed like my little one fell in love with her right of the bat. My parents, family, and friends were amazed by her. Everyone was happy for us.

Though Jamie has always been amazing, it took me many years to ask her to marry me. I’ve always been afraid of failure. Getting into a marriage that would fail has not been an option for me. Just imagine starting over at my age, lol.   Jamie, throughout the years, has been nothing but a great example to my daughter. She practically raised her. She has taught my little one to be kind and loving. She has cooked food and bought her things. She listens to my little one, helps her with things, and has guided her throughout the years. Jamie has been nothing but a blessing.

It is not easy being a stepmom, trying to raise someone else’s child. I’m sure that not every stepmom, no matter how lovely she is, is always welcome in the household by the children. It might even be tougher when the children are in their teenage years. Stepmoms rarely get credit for all their hard work. I think, there should be a day dedicated to great stepmoms. Letting people like us, who really appreciate their presence, thank and spoil them.

To all the stepmoms in the world, including my own wife Jamie, I salute thee. Your work, your love, and time is greatly appreciated. Happy Stepmother’s Day.

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