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Posted 05/09/2022 in Sex

How to Have Great Sex

How to Have Great Sex

Great sex has been the topic of songs, movies, and books for generations. What makes it so popular? It's a common desire. Everyone wants to have mind-blowing sex. No couple's goal is to remain mediocre in the bedroom. So, how do you take your bedroom escapades from okay to earth shattering? Below, you'll find a few tips and tricks to help you ramp up your sex life. 

Be Confident 

Confidence is hot! Before you engage in sexual activity with your partner, look in the mirror and admire yourself. Don't focus on your 'flaws.' Don't think about what you can change. Focus on the aspects of your body that you love. Compliment yourself. Boost your confidence so that you walk into the bedroom with your head held high and your body on display. Don't hide by turning out the lights or covering up. Showcase your beauty. Make getting naked part of your foreplay. Move slowly, sensually. Dance if you want to. Walk slowly towards the bed, make each step deliberate, and let your partner take in the sight of you. Don't be scared that they're focusing on your flaws. They're not. They want to have sex with you, therefore it's safe to assume they find you attractive. Let them enjoy the sight of you, and enjoy their attention. Look for more articles like this at pufs.com. 


Express Yourself 

Don't be quiet. Speak up. Let your voice be heard. Moaning and talking during sex is a huge turn on because it helps show your partner that you're having a good time. If you're new to being vocal in the bedroom, start with a few low moans and work your way up to more passionate statements, such as "Yes, yes, yes" or "Right there, don't stop." Whatever comes naturally to you, do it, say it.

Add Some Excitement 

If you've been with your partner for a while, the sex might have become predictable and slightly dull. That's not a sign that there's something wrong with your relationship; it's just the natural progression of a relationship over time. But fear not, there are ways to spice things up. Talk about your fantasies and see which ones you have in common or would be willing to try with one another. Make it as simple as adding toys during foreplay, or get bold with a roleplay scenario. 



Communication isn't just the key to a happy and successful relationship, it's also the key to a satisfying sex life. Never make your partner try to guess what you like or read your mind; doing so only adds to their stress and reduces your pleasure, because they'll rarely get it right by chance. Everyone is different and no two people enjoy sex the exact same way. So, when you're exploring each other's bodies, especially in a new relationship, you need to communicate. You don't have to be bossy, unless you're into that. You can simply guide them and give them clues along the way so they're not wandering around in the dark. It's easy to communicate what you like, start by saying things like "right there," "harder," "faster," or "up a little." Clues like these will help take some of the guesswork and stress off your partner and help you both have a good time. 


Don't overthink it. Just have fun. Enjoy yourself and let yourself be totally in the moment. Don't put pressure on yourself to perform perfectly; there's no such thing. You don't have to do everything right or say all the right things to be a bombshell in bed. Most of the time, if you're having fun, so are they. Give yourself the permission and freedom to be completely yourself and have a good time.

Don't Focus on the Orgasm 

This tip is crucial to having a good sexual experience. If you and your partner are fixated on reaching the big O, you'll miss all the fun and excitement that sex can offer. Sex should never be treated as a race to the finish line. Sex, from the moment you start to the moment it's over, can be intense, beautiful, sensual, filled with pleasure, and fun. Yes, orgasms are great, but if you focus entirely on making sure you or your partner finish, you'll miss the wonders of the journey. So, next time you're in bed with your partner, take it slow. Enjoy each other's bodies. The orgasm will happen when it happens. 


Sex shouldn't be stressful or complicated. To truly enjoy your sexual encounters, it's important that you get out of your head and into the moment. Use the helpful tips listed above to help you unleash your passion, your goofiness, your confidence, your fantasies, and explore the fun and carefree side of sex that makes the act so mind blowing. 

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