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Posted 04/11/2022 in Cannabis

Led Grow Lights - Which Are Best for Cannabis Cultivation?

Led Grow Lights - Which Are Best for Cannabis Cultivation?

LED grow lights are revolutionizing marijuana cultivation. This is especially exciting with recreational use legalization sweeping the country. LED technology has evolved rapidly since the lights first appeared in pocket calculators and remote controls during the seventies. Because marijuana growers must cope with unique problems that more conventional farmers don't have to face, they must be creative and adaptable when establishing their growing operations. One of the most fundamental problems faced by cannabis cultivators is light. They need an indoor, full-spectrum light source that doesn't suck a lot of power. LED grow lights do both, which is why marijuana growers across the country are switching to LED grow lights for all types of growing operations.  

Cannabis grow lights

The Basics

Grow lights emit light in an electromagnetic spectrum which stimulates photosynthesis. They are typically used when naturally occurring light is insufficient for robust plant growth such as during winter or for growing indoors. Growing marijuana, even where legal, is probably not a crop you want in your backyard garden. There are many variables to consider when choosing to grow lights.  What type of plants are you growing?  Where are they in terms of their life cycle, i.e. germination or flowering? How much water and plant food are the plants getting? To put it in technical terms, marijuana is a flowering annual herb with serrated leaves and it has very specific light needs.  It requires a regime of 16 - 24 hours of light and 0 - 8 hours of darkness per day. There is some debate as to whether a "dark period" is necessary. That decision is up to the individual grower. Experienced cultivators say long light periods are good for vegetative growth while extended darkness is needed for flowering.  

Light-emitting diode (LED) grow lights produce artificial light through an effect called electroluminescence. Depending on how a diode is constructed, each one can produce light at different wavelengths on the light spectrum. They can even produce lightly invisible to the naked eye including ultraviolet and infrared. Each diode is less than one-millimeter square. LED lights are many diodes put together to make one light. Typically, an LED light will produce light that is blue, green, red, infrared, and white.  Scientific studies of photo-morphogenesis show that varying combinations of green, red and blue light have positive effects on plant growth, root formation, and flowering. However, no one has been able to pinpoint the best ratio for marijuana growing. Each individual cultivator must find what works best for their plants through trial and error. Please don't forget to visit PUFS Inc. . 

Cannabis grow lights

LED lights have distinct advantages for cultivating marijuana over traditional grow lights. LED lights use less than half the electricity needed to power incandescent lights. They last longer. LED lights average between 50,000 and 90,000 hours of use. They are cooler, which is not to imply that they are trendy or stylish. LED lights maintain a lower operating temperature than even fluorescent lights. This eliminates the need for an elaborate cooling system for indoor growing facilities.  Because the cannabis plant needs light spectra which change according to their life cycle stage, many growers like LEDs because they include the correct spectrum ranges. The higher-end LED lights allow one to adjust the spectrum during each phase of the growing season.  

The downside of LEDs is the upfront cost. Although using LED light for growing marijuana saves money in the long run, the upfront investment is significant. Hence the need to purchase the best quality lights possible when setting up the growing facility.  For growers in northern climates LEDs, coolness can be a disadvantage since many rely on the heat generated to control the plant's environment. However, the money saved is significant enough that the cost of a couple of space heaters shouldn't be a hardship.  

Best Quality LED Brands At PUFS.COM

Within any given price range LED grow lights are very similar. As one grower put it, "What's the difference between a GE light bulb and a Sylvania light bulb?  Not much." One LED brand might have better reflectors; another might not include infrared diodes, but each will grow plants. Nevertheless, there are differences and discerning growers will search carefully to find the right lights for their operation.  

GalaxyGro is a well-known brand sometimes called the "Dell computer" of grow lights. One of the oldest companies in the LED grow light business, GalaxyGro lights provide a full spectrum, which is ideal for the entire life cycle of the plant.  Lightweight and easy to mount, they can be connected to each other as your growing operation expands. Each light comes with multiple fans and an average life span of 50,000 hours. GalaxyGro lights are ideal for small to mid-sized crops and for beginners.  

The Mars Hydro Reflector series is a great choice if you are an experienced grower with a medium-sized facility. Their compact reflector system makes the Reflector series the most energy-efficient LED grow lights on the market.  However, it is important to note that while Mars Hydro lights are full spectrum, they do not include ultraviolet or infrared. However, those spectra are not usually needed in cultivating marijuana.

For the professional grower planning on a large harvest, the only choice is Vipar Spectra's Reflector series. The lights range from 300W to 900W. These great-looking lights allow you to regulate the spectrum to suit each stage of the growing cycle. Each light has both its own cooling fan and heat sink. They are easy to hang and quite durable. Furthermore, they have a three-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Many customers feel the Vipar Spectra lights accurately mirror the sun's natural radiance more than any other artificial light available.  

Cannabis grow lights

LED technology is evolving all the time and LED grow lights will evolve with it. Who knows what invocations will be on the market in five years or even one year from now. Whatever the future holds, marijuana cultivators will continue to be on the cutting of edge of technology. With their full spectrum light, low energy cost and cool operating temperatures, LED lights will remain the first choice among marijuana growers across the country.  

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