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Posted 06/03/2022 in Cannabis

Legalize Marijuana to Reduce Crime!

Legalize Marijuana to Reduce Crime!

Cannabis has become a hot topic. More and more people are beginning to see the benefits of cannabis and its therapeutic uses. However, some people are still against cannabis due to the negative connotations that come with it, such as crime. But what if I told you that federal legalization of marijuana could actually help crime prevention?

Currently, cannabis is illegal on a federal level. But this has to change.

In this article, we will be discussing how cannabis prohibition negatively impacts our society and how federal legalization of marijuana can help reduce crime.

The History of Cannabis

Cannabis has been used for centuries. However, it wasn’t until the 1900s that cannabis became illegal. The criminalization of cannabis did not happen overnight. It took many years and a lot of hard work from those against cannabis.

One of the first states leading this charge was California, which outlawed marijuana in 1913. By 1930, 28 other states had done the same. The federal government did not make cannabis illegal until 1970 with the passage of the Controlled Substances Act.

Even though cannabis has been illicit for quite some time, it is still widely used today. In fact, cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States. It is estimated that there were almost 50 million cannabis users in the country in 2020 alone.

Legalizing Marijuana

Crime and Cannabis Prohibition

The criminalization of cannabis has a harmful impact on society. One of the biggest problems is that it has resulted in a significant increase in crime.

When cannabis is illegal, it creates a black market. The black market is a thriving industry run by gangs and organized crime groups. These groups are responsible for much of the violence we see in our communities.

In addition, cannabis prohibition results in disproportionate arrests for minorities and the poor. Enforcement of marijuana laws is not enforced equally across races. Nationally, African Americans are almost four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than Caucasians. This is despite the fact that whites and blacks use cannabis at similar rates.


The War on Drugs

The war on drugs has also hurt police-community relations. When police officers are focused on arresting people for minor drug offenses, it takes time away from investigating more serious crimes. This can result in a feeling of distrust between the police and the community.

When people fear the police, they may start to take matters into their own hands. This can result in even more crime and negatively impacts communities without strong ties to the police.

The Bottom Line

Federal legalization of marijuana would help reduce crime. It would take the cannabis industry out of the hands of gangs and organized crime groups. This would result in less violence in our communities.

Crime prevention is more important than ever, especially in minority communities. Federal legalization of marijuana would allow police to focus on more serious crimes and improve police-community relations. This would make our communities safer for everyone.

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