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Posted 04/05/2022 in Cigar Lovers

Top Reasons Why You Should Smoke A Cigar

Top Reasons Why You Should Smoke A Cigar

With so many people criminalizing smoking in general, why would you consider becoming a cigar smoker?   Perhaps you have walked past an individual who was smoking a cigar, and you thought that the scent was sheer perfection. If you’re thinking about joining the ranks of the cigar smokers of the world, here are a few reasons to reinforce that thought.  

Smoking cigars is cool. What would Clint Eastwood’s career in Westerns have been without him casually lighting a cigarillo in desperate times?  How cool would Al Pacino have looked in “Scarface” if he hadn’t been smoking a huge cigar in the hot tub of his mansion?  Many of the most influential characters of the last 200 years have been cigar smokers.  Men such as Winston Churchill and Mark Twain were devout cigar smokers. Cigars are an indication of affluence and class, but thanks to significant price drops, cigars are now more accessible than ever, even to those who aren’t rich.  Light one and imbibe a few puffs to look like one of these discerning gentlemen who have preceded you.  

When you smoke a cigar, you are forced to sit down and take some time to relax.  Cigars can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to smoke, and taking this time gives you a break to collect your thoughts.  There are many different sizes to choose from, each with its own particular burn time. The process of preparing and then smoking a cigar has been proven to lower your heart rate.  

The glands in our mouths serve as conduits for nicotine to permeate. Cigar smoke generally is not inhaled, but you still get a nicotine rush from smoking them thanks to these glands in the mouth.  While there are some health risks involved with introducing nicotine to the cells of the human body, the pleasant effects of nicotine have been keeping people smoking for centuries. 

Many people are of the opinion that cigar smoke smells great.  Obviously, if you’re considering becoming a cigar smoker, it’s safe to say that you don’t find the aroma obnoxious and probably actually enjoy it. This is one of the differences between cigarettes and cigars. Most people who are not cigarette smokers dislike the scent of cigarettes, but many people who don’t smoke cigars still appreciate the aroma of a burning cigar. Cigars have a wide variety of aromas depending on the type of leaf and curing process.  Additionally, cigars are stored in Spanish cedar humidors, which help infuse the cigars with a pleasant cedar aroma that manifests in the smoke that the cigars produce.   

There are health risks associated with smoking, but if you don’t mind defying those medical warnings, cigar smoking might be for you.  You may even be the next George Burns and live to be 100 despite smoking several cigars every day.           

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