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Cerritos, California, 90703

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Sunday: 10AM–4PM
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Ammo Brothers
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15979 Piuma Ave
Cerritos, California, 90703
United States of America
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Ammo Brothers Reviews

Submitted by Charles A on 04/06/2022

Charles A 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

short-staffed or customers taking really long to buy a firearm. I had a special order that I ordered last year that never came not only that I waited 6 months just to cancel it and get a refund. This is a "buyer beware" store nothing about this particular place is appeasing or satisfying, customer service is trash, information is bad, short staffed, long wait times and limited selection of firearms.

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Submitted by Lonnie Jones on 04/04/2022

Lonnie Jones 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Very knowledgeable staff and good customer service. I was there to help purchase a firearm for my daughter, but I'm definitely coming back for myself.

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Submitted by Anthony Torres on 03/12/2022

Anthony Torres 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The manager was awesome and so was the staff, found my new shop. Definitely recommend to anyone.

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Submitted by Kahuna T. on 12/27/2021

Kahuna T. 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

How to deal with a “manager” who obviously have never seen an Official (Sworn) Law Enforcement ID card before and had me not only verify my status, waiting for almost 25minutes while she called DOJ to get clarification while ignoring her subordinates trying to explain to her that I was legit….she ignored them being Over-zealous.

I stayed cool and kindly produced my official POST Profile online for her. She didn’t care.

Ultimately I had to produce a POST Certificate to substantiate the validity of my credentials for a 38 special S&W model 60 that I purchased off of Gunbroker from a Gun store weeks ago due to her Karen moment. I was told that if I did not produce my certificates to substantiate my police ID and my California drivers license I would not be able to pick up my firearm. I understand and respect the process but I have never been through this type of jumping through hoops before to purchase a firearm for personal safety.

This is the first time I have experienced this in my 25 years of gun ownership and in my profession.

This was the 1st and Last time I will ever buy a gun from Ammo bros or use them as my FFL and just continue buying from Proforce instead like before .

I shared my experience in detail with nearly a dozen current active law enforcement friends as well as retirees and they too as well were left speechless.
Unfortunately it’s expected from the current climate & negative attitude towards law enforcement. This BS we have been experiencing nationwide from similar businesses .
When this occurred, the first thing that came to mind was how Peace Officers are treated while giving business to franchises like Starbucks.

She, this… (mgr) was very “Blond”… literally.

The staff that had to work under her were very compassionate and apologetic . They told me that she had been selected by her relatives whom are the owners of their franchise/company, having no clue or experience in dealing with local law enforcement & she was clearly putting me through unnecessary mud.

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Submitted by Dennis Martel on 12/22/2021

Dennis Martel 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I'm sorry all I did was a private transfer here. Your customer service is a joke. You think your doing me a favor. Your staff is a joke. I had to listen to your band of jokers for 2 hours on a ten minute transfer to pick up a lower receiver tonight. Sorry I spent a dime here. Never again

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Submitted by Connor Cheney on 10/25/2021

Connor Cheney 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Big props for honoring the online discounted price for ammo when I went in store. It was more in store than the online price, but they adjusted it to the online price. Thanks guys! Good business.

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Submitted by Rockstar R6 on 10/21/2021

Rockstar R6 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Extremely terrible customer service and Unknowledgeable staff. I called 10/20/21 this past Wednesday to ask about a Surefire Warden, the female who answered the phone was to busy laughing that it took her a sec to say hello, not thank you for calling Ammo bros or something just straight HELLO I proceeded to ask for that part and she said what’s that is that a flashlight? I answered no its a muzzle attachment for the Surefire warcomp, right away she answers no we don’t have that, I replied are you sure because you didn’t know what it was about a second ago and now your so sure that you don’t have it, I said ok and without asking me if there was anything else I needed she hangs up! People like that give businesses a bad rep

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Submitted by Steve Calderon on 08/04/2021

Steve Calderon 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The staff is very knowledgeable. Was here with a friend doing a gun purchase. Very quick and efficient with all the paperwork. Was back 10 days later to pick up the gun and another smooth visit. Great job Ammo Bros staff. Deffintly coming back.

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Submitted by Ivan Martinez on 03/30/2021

Ivan Martinez 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I had gone into the store on 12/15/2020 to place an order on a Mossberg 590 tactical. After waiting 90 days and no response, I went back to the store on 3/19/2021 to cancel the order I had placed. Before I canceled the order, I walked around the store and I saw that they had a couple shot guns on display, I didn’t think much of it. After I finished cancelling the order I got in line and asked to see the shot guns on display only to find that the exact gun I had been waiting for was on display. I told the worker and he agreed it was their mistake. I proceeded to buy the shotgun again and start the ten day wait. When they charged me for the gun I realized they charged me $110 extra for the exact same gun. (When I placed the order on the shot gun I had payed $475 and when I bought the gun from display it was $585). When I came in after my 10 day wait, I told one worker about it and he said the price went up because “gun prices went up by 40% in early January, and the manager can’t do anything about it”. I think that response wasn’t valid because the price went up by $110 and that’s no where near 40% of $475. When I went to the registers, I asked to speak to a manager, either a lead or assistant manager helped me. I explained to him my situation and before I was done explaining, he said “there’s nothing we could do”. After continuing to try to explain to him my situation, he cut me off by saying “the most they could do is meet me half way for the refund”. I left the shop still paying $55 extra for a problem they had messed up on. After this, I really recommend going to Gun Effects instead, definitely worth the drive.

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Submitted by Mon E on 01/18/2021

Mon E 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

My experience in a gun store for the first time was great the person to help me today was Gary thank you so much for the friendly service! Will make sure to return!

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