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Executive Suite Reviews

Submitted by Rave Booty on 01/16/2020

Rave Booty 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I visited the suite two weeks ago with some friends and I had a great time. It's really a nice place when you walk in and the music is not lame at all they even have drag shows. The vodka cocktails are the best!

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Catherine Le 5 stars rating.

Very fun bar, went to see a drag show here featuring queens from Rupaul's Drag Race, and it was great! I ordered the "Adult Smoothie" and it was delicious! Great atmosphere, and very friendly staff. I recommend it and I can't wait to go again.

Submitted by Catherine Le on 05/09/2022

David Thomas 1 stars rating.

I try to order a water and was told $3. They're selling beer for a dollar. Great deal. I'm not allowed to drink because I have seizures. And if you look it up it is illegal to sell alcohol and not give out free water. I went to the liquor store to grab a water so I can take my medication. Look it up. They where doing this to everyone who bought beer too.

No free water from the sink.

Look it up on Google. If you serve beer. Tap water has to be free.

Submitted by David Thomas on 02/03/2022

Benjamin Diaz 1 stars rating.

Terrible. I ordered a drink and a busboy took it, refused to admit he did, and the bartender wouldn't serve a new one. Stingy attitudes like this are what's going to cause businesses like this to go under. I spent $11 on one shot and didn't get to enjoy it. It's completely unreasonable to not refund or repour. Unacceptable and will never return. I wouldn't recommend coming here at all

Submitted by Benjamin Diaz on 02/03/2022

Rita “Redondo Rita” Loy 4 stars rating.

This was my first time to visit here. I found the experience to be very satisfying and I will be back again very soon.

Submitted by Rita “redondo Rita” Loy on 01/29/2022

Julia Gutierrez 5 stars rating.

Came here for the Saturday night drag show and had an absolute blast! The staff was so nice and it was obvious that they really care about their clients and putting on a great show. I didn’t try any of the food but the drinks were out of this world! I highly recommend the pink Starburst - it’s almost too easy to drink!

The queens were so fun and the setting is pretty small so you feel like you get 1 on 1 attention during every number. I haven’t laughed so hard or cheered so much in a long time.

Do bring a jacket though since the show is completely outside right now. It gets a little cold. Also, the owners made a huge point about mask wearing when you go inside (which is great!) but I did notice some staff members with their masks below their nose and other guests in the club not taking the mask wearing very seriously. So I wish that had been enforced more.

Also, it takes a VERY long time to check out at the end. I’m talking 20-30 minutes with no recognition from our server (who was so kind and awesome up until this point so I will give him a break!) so if you need to get home to a babysitter or anything, try to settle your bill early.

Those are just small notes though because truly, this was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a long time and I can’t wait to come back!

Submitted by Julia Gutierrez on 05/02/2021

Zachary Cieszinski 5 stars rating.

This place is fun, love Furry night and karaoke. Drinks are pretty strong. Wide variety of music and people actually dance instead of just standing there or trying to grind on people. Love the double bars, the outdoor area serves fresh tacos.

Submitted by Zachary Cieszinski on 10/30/2020

Handy Mann 5 stars rating.

It's a nice place and the staff is friendly. I went Thursday night for drag nite and the performers put on a good show. The beer was especially crisp I had got a Stella. It was fun I had a great time, I will be back tonight for more.

Submitted by Handy Mann on 07/11/2019

Ivette Hernandez 5 stars rating.

I've had the best times here. Great atmosphere. The owner is very friendly and makes sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Karaoke night, street tacos, and furries!!! My friends and I left our jackets and purses in their downstairs floor and were happy our things were just where we left them. I felt safe and happy. I visit here every time I'm back home.

Submitted by Ivette Hernandez on 03/09/2019

Adam Applebaum 5 stars rating.

I really like this place a lot. I come around when I can and I always discover new drinks I never heard of because their bartenders aren't afraid to experiment and know I am good for at least a couple of them if I come in late or a lot more if I come early. The Karaoke is wonderful and I absolutely love Tail.

Overall they are very reasonable and always happy to have you there. Keep in mind though, they are a bar, so buy a drink or two while you are enjoying karaoke especially if you come before cover charge time. They still need to keep the lights on and you gotta pay to play in life.

Submitted by Adam Applebaum on 01/28/2018