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Los Angeles, California, 90027

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Sunday: 10PM–4AM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10PM–4AM
Wednesday: 10PM–4AM
Thursday: 10PM–4AM
Friday: 10PM–4AM
Saturday: 10PM–4AM

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4600 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90027
United States of America
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Cheetahs Specialties

Cheetahs Reviews

Submitted by Lea M on 02/15/2022

lea m 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Came to find out more about working here, got yelled at by valet and security that I could not park there instead of any real answers. How else would I be able to find out information if I didn't stop for a second to ask them. Urban bikini club and I would not bother unless it's what you are looking for. Staff would not be this rude at any other club to potential employees.

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Submitted by Leroy Porte on 11/10/2021

Leroy Porte 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

BE ADVISED! $20 audition fee, $25 for robe if you didn’t bring one, $130 house fee if your selected but does not mean you got the job.

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Submitted by Scottie Shetley on 09/10/2021

scottie shetley 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

i had An amazing time and the atmosphere is so positive and fun!! def need to come here

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Submitted by Donta Johnson on 03/31/2020

Donta Johnson 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

My cousin went to this place and left a open tab , one of the bottle service girls got her card information and made $800 worth of fraudulent charges with her card . I would not recommend anyone to leave a open tab with them. They are fraudulent people.

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Submitted by Juan Roque on 06/25/2018

Juan Roque 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The venue is ridiculously small. Not a lot of room or seats. Bar staff was friendly. Bouncers were friendly as well. Pushy at the end to get you out but I get it, they want to go home too. Stage is set up bizarre where dancers have to hop up from the front. Dancers were diverse to put it nicely but no full blown hotties like Vegas, Detroit or Phoenix which boast gorgeous topless women who are friendly and will come talk to you. I saw only one dancer actually sitting with a customer at the stage. The rest appeared and disappeared as the night went on and would not even look us in the eye or even smile. We were there to see our friend perform as DJ so I can't say I hated it but this was a one and done.

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Submitted by Ryder Shelton on 05/17/2018

Ryder Shelton 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

First off, Cheetahs is a bikini bar meaning no nudity whatsoever. Just so visitors are not mistaken it is a bikini bar but it is one of the much higher credentials than most. A very cozy club with plenty of comfortable seating to enjoy your evening with an extremely talented collection of performers to occupy your eyesight. I would consider this bar a perfect go-to for people of any walk of life to visit while in town or as a regular as it is a prime setting for a nice evening out.

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Submitted by Xoxmonkeyxox Entertainment on 06/30/2017

xoxmonkeyxox entertainment 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This is a cool place. Different, with classic pole dancing striper personality unlike the others in a setting that allows a bit more of a venue for the enjoyable creative cliches of erotic female dancing entertainment.
Of course I would recommend it. Have fun.

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Submitted by John Ohkuma Thiel on 05/14/2017

John Ohkuma Thiel 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Why you should go:

Cheetahs features non-nude, exotic dance performance in what is otherwise a reasonably priced, local bar. More risqué than Hooters, but certainly not a strip club. Not so much adult entertainment as a place for grown ups who rather not go to a full blown strip club.

No cover charge, and a bottle of Dos Equis beer cost a reasonable $6.

Yes, girls will come by and offer you lap dances for $20, or ask you to buy them a drink so you can enjoy their company for under $15. Personally I think the latter is well worth the price as I've lived in the Tokyo area many years where a comparable experience could easily cost you a hundred dollars in total, or more. As it was my first time in this sort of place I was cautious but enjoyed my time there for a mere $12 for two beers.

Save your tips for the performers, and do tip whenever you see something you like. It ends up being about the same as you would spend in a cheap regular bar, so why not.

The staff are all very friendly and there is no pressure to do anything in particular. I was able to go in, sit down, socialize, and be out of there for a very reasonable price.

In terms of attractiveness and sex appeal, all the performers were good, and there is decent diversity amongst them.

Why not go:

Don't go if you're expecting full nudity or even flashing. If you're really looking to get pushed into doing something outside your comfort zone this is not the place to go.

Also, I felt only one of the performers really danced to the music, and that's the only reason I'm giving four stars instead of five. A lot of women enjoy pole dancing, so of course I expected the pros would be more impressive.

Bottom Line:

I will definitely go there again instead of a bar when I'm on my own. Reasonable prices, and friendly staff are key here. I enjoyed it.

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Submitted by Ameen El-ashqar on 11/21/2016

ameen el-ashqar 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We had a fun time here. Dancers were friendly and there was some great talent! On a side note my debit card has escaped my grasp. If anyone at your establishment finds it I'd be so happy if you'd hit me up!

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Submitted by Alexander Michels on 08/11/2016

Alexander Michels 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I spent $100 and didn't see a single nipple; I guess I missed the whole bikini bar thing and must have sounded like a drunk ass pointing this out to every one. The girls were nice and the beers were flowing though; I had a good time.

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