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Deja Vu On Main Reviews

Submitted by Jason Callahan on 04/23/2022

Jason Callahan 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

20 bucks a drink lol ✨W I L D ✨

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Submitted by John Doe on 02/06/2022

John Doe 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

this place is a black strip club. very dangerous part of town. girls are attractive but very expensive. topless dance $40.00 plus típ . very few girls get totally naked mostly topless. vip is $300.00 plus tip. drinks are $10.00. if your bored and not scared don't mind being around gangsters and don't value your life come on down and waste your money you have been warned....

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Submitted by Adrian Devis on 01/28/2022

Adrian Devis 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Staff are high or drunk so they get pretty unprofessional and sloppy. I keep getting deja vu of the bad experience here! ????????

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Submitted by SirFrederick Christian on 11/11/2021

SirFrederick Christian 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

There's only one tall blonde girl in here that's worth your time, their is a short girl sausa, she constantly kept bothering me for a dance, I finally gave in, then I asked her if it was okay to touch her she said yes, when I did , she got angry and started charging me 100 after she gave me permission to touch her, horrible experience.

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Submitted by Fakegothgirl on 09/26/2021

fakegothgirl 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Don’t spend your money or waste your time here. This club fat shames anyone that isn’t a small. I’m a medium yet I was “too fat”. Management acts nice at first but they’re not, they switch up after they hire you.

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Submitted by Deja Vu Main St on 09/22/2021

Deja Vu Main St 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Deja Vu is back. We want to apologize to our customers and anyone else that had a bad experience during the last 3 months.
Please come by and give us another chance. We believe you will be happy with the new experience.

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Submitted by Tori Daniel on 09/10/2021

Tori Daniel 2 stars rating.

Overall Rating

To Dancers:

$50 for the audition. An additional $50 if you get hired and want to work the rest of the night. $100 house fee after 11pm for hired dancers. They say auditions are 10pm - 12am Tues., but didn’t start until 1am on a dry night. The only available parking lot is valet and it’s $40 everyday (yes, dancers too). They record/allow people to record. They will not hire you if you are above a size 8/10. You have to wear pasties/no nudity. The DJ was constantly on the mic complaining that the official strippers “aren’t working” and need to get on stage. No set stage rotation. There’s sweepers bagging your cash. 2 stages w/ 1 pole each. Unprofessional vibes overall. Security was nice. Club is on the smaller side.

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Submitted by Raquel Estrada on 06/17/2021

Raquel Estrada 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I was blown away on how elegant it is? Plus the bartender and I wanna say the owner cuz I had a nice respectable conversation. By the way thank you for my drinks!!! On audition night.

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Submitted by Vincent Kim on 02/08/2020

Vincent Kim 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This strip club is fair and the staff is fun and has a good time also. If you come to enjoy yourself and treat the performers well for their time dancing for you then you won’t have any issues. I always come back here specifically because they don’t hassle you like most clubs.

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Submitted by Riley Turner on 04/24/2019

Riley Turner 2 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This is just a little review for all my dancers. So, this club has been under new management since December. It's the same people that own Ace of Diamonds, and they have an audition process similar to the one that have at Crazy Girls. They have "Audition Tuesdays" and heavily advertise it on their social media. I just moved to LA not too long ago, and I have NEVER heard of these sorts of auditions before I moved to SoCal. Allow me to elaborate. I arrived to the club at 10 PM on a Tuesday. The vibe was weird, and there was no house mom, but I drove and didn't want to waste gas so I decided to stick it out. About 30-40 girls show up to audition... which is extremely strange. It's like everyone wants to be a dancer here. One of their promoters.. managers? Whatever, came up into the dressing room and explained the rules to us and when we would know if we were hired. Oddly enough, nobody told us how much dances were or anything like that. He told us we were expected to promote on social media and went on this rant about how no one would know we were at the club if we didn't post. Like um? Okay. So, once that was over, we go downstairs to the floor and sign up with the DJ to get on stage. In the meantime, I start working the floor. The club was DEAD other than a few business men and two different groups of college boys. If social media is so powerful, then why is this club not poppin??? Also, I tried to hustle the club promoters... whatever you call them. Whoever runs their social media. I had no idea who they were. I guess everyone else did? I don't know. But they were rude of course and it was especially weird. They record auditions for Snapchat and let people vote. Again, this is a very LA thing, and it's very weird and invasive. Some girls like it but this type of club is not for everyone. They rely heavily on social media promos, but from what I've seen, it's not really popping yet. I have no idea how you actually get hired here. I stayed the whole night and worked, did 3 stages sets and multiple dances and a VIP, and managed to walk out with $700 despite it being a very dead night. They talked about wanting girls with a strong hustle. That sounds like a strong hustle to me... yet I never heard from them. So just a heads up! This is NOT a regular club. They are social media based and if you do not want to be posted, don't audition or try to get a job here.

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