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Evolve Pole & Dance Studio Reviews

Submitted by ISLA Xxx on 03/05/2022

ISLA xxx 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The studio was beautiful and the staff is amazing. I got to meet melody and she helped me out wonderfully. Super clean and private. 10 out of 10 experience and I look forward to booking at evolve dance studio again in the near future. If you’re looking for a spot to go and get your pole fitness on then this is the place for you babe. ????????

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Tahira Aliya 5 stars rating.

This is such hidden jewel!!! Amazing and friendly staff. Beautiful studio with view of Hollywood Hills and legendary sign. Instructors are patient and encouraging. My new home ????

Submitted by Tahira Aliya on 03/19/2022

Tikvah H. 5 stars rating.

Amazing studio with experienced instructors and overall friendly staff! This studio is helpful for beginners AND intermediate/advance level students! I also bought some cute comfy heels from them. Looking forward to going back!

Submitted by Tikvah H. on 03/14/2022

Dana Williams 5 stars rating.

I scheduled my friends bachelorette party at Evolve. The instructor Candis was everything!! My friends and I loved that she was fun, patient, encouraging, sexy and played great music. Don’t hesitate to schedule a party at Evolve or take group classes. I’ve taken a few classes and it’s been a fascinating experience. All instructors and employees were professional, kind, and accommodating, and the facility is clean. My friends expressed that it was the best bachelorette party ever.

Submitted by Dana Williams on 02/04/2022

Alisha Westerman 5 stars rating.

I did a private lesson with two other friends. It was so fun and I would definitely recommend! Candis was our teacher - she brought positive, professional energy to our class. She told us a bit about herself and why she loves pole dancing. She taught us a few foundational moves and then how we could combine them together. She was clear and thorough on how to set up the moves so that we could do them right (hand positions for example.) We also had plenty of time to just play on the poles and get familiar with it. She also offered helpful info about safety, what to keep in mind about safety anytime you take a class anywhere. She had us clean our poles before and after we used them. The location is easy to find and there was parking out front. The location was clean and well ventilated. Check it out!

Submitted by Alisha Westerman on 09/21/2021

Janell Winston 5 stars rating.

Bachelorette group had a blast here! Lessons were for everybody at every level of expertise. Plenty of space! Pictures and champagne toast were a plus!

Submitted by Janell Winston on 08/30/2021

Natalie Marrero 5 stars rating.

I went to my first pole class yesterday and LOVED IT! I reached out for a one on one due to COVID and was instantly communicated to by the owner.

The owner was prompt in her response and communication to ensure I received just the service I was looking for.

The instructor Candis was a joy. She made my first experience full of joy and although it isn't easy, she supported me to ensure I was learning while having a great time.

I am so thrilled to have found Evolve Studio and look forward to taking many more classes in their location and supporting this local buisness!

Submitted by Natalie Marrero on 03/31/2021

Jenny Graves 5 stars rating.

Great studio. Excellent instructors. Lot's of street parking. The instructors are patient with students, but will also push you to try something new and challenging. I'm so glad that I found Evolve, they are helping me take my pole training to the next level!
I learned some cool new shapes at class too! It was worth the drive from Burbank to take the class!

Submitted by Jenny Graves on 05/03/2019

Kaylah Mathis 5 stars rating.

I love it at Evolve. I had a month pass for the studio so I got to experience a lot of different classes and many different teachers. I really liked them all. All of they're teachers are there to actually teach the art of pole dance and not just shaking your butt. They make sure to give you the basics so that you don't injure yourself and are still present in class enough to realize when they're students are evolving into great more experienced dancers. They try to challenge you no matter what level you are so that your learning is never stagnant and you continue to grow. It's a great workout and id recommend to students that are more serious about they're training as well as those just looking to have fun and get a great workout in. The only thing I would like to see, and it's not that serious just more convenient, is if the studio sent automatic updates on your class schedule (cancellations, waitlist acceptance, instructor changes,etc.) straight to your phone instead of your email since I personally don't check my email often enough. Other than that, two thumbs up!

Submitted by Kaylah Mathis on 10/20/2017

Jen Coffey 5 stars rating.

This studio is amazing!!! Super cute and quaint, tucked away upstairs off Pico and Fairfax, I was greeted by a warm gal named Alisa (or Alicia, sorry if I am spelling it wrong!) and she was adorable. I didn't realize that I hadn't officially signed up for the class I wanted and though the class was full, she still offered to squeeze me in at no extra charge. What a peach!!

I took Intro to Aerial/Silks by Leigh. She was just phenomenal. Very personable, friendly, direct, confident and helpful. Warm up was great, I felt it pretty good and my muscles were nice and warm before we began climbing on the silks.

She taught us the basic beginning silk moves as well as some fun tricks... she even let us take cool photos with our phones! She made sure that every girl got to get up a couple of times, try the moves, etc. and was very positive with feedback for each individual. I didn't feel like my form had to be perfect or anything, she just kept it fun and simple!

I will DEFINITELY be taking her class again and I'm bringing my girlfriend as well! Not to mention, Leigh also teaches beginning Lyra/Hoop and I will also be trying that when the time comes. Thank you Evolve for assisting me in EVOLVING into the best dancer/performer I can be!!!

Submitted by Jen Coffey on 09/02/2013