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Submitted by Alanpartyservices on 07/07/2021

Alanpartyservices 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I been sometimes to Rain before but yesterday was completely different more professional and the attention was amazing with (Vlad) promoter
And my friends and family was completely happy with his attention not comparing with the other promoter Rain has was rude unprofessional to us. Vlad made our experience at Rain service amazing. Thank you Vlad staff

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Submitted by Jeannette Copeland on 10/30/2020

Jeannette Copeland 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This place is de finely for the high rollers..., i had a blast at the anniversary party! It was great .... It was taking pictures on the red carpet. Talented beautiful dancers and very classy . Nice club.
I highly recommend this club.

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Submitted by CLEOPACXTRA Stay Golden on 03/24/2019

CLEOPACXTRA Stay Golden 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The best Strip Club In California
The women are beautiful and fun Star is my favorite Dancer She is very positive unique and if Fun is what your looking for she definitely has the energy

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Submitted by Dead Hunter on 06/06/2018

Dead Hunter 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

An amazing outstanding owner and his outstanding partner pay the price at the end of the day due to stupid uneducated hires.
No one talks about arrogant entitlement, the mind of an uneducated person and how in just one snap of a finger, a business which in this case Silver Reign pays the price for the hire that lacks basic customer service etiquette. Customer service ETIQUETTE is not the same as CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Utterly ignorant on every level, and unlike the other hired staff at Silver Reign, Queenie the waitress is UNEDUCATED but she has the nerve, the arrogant display of a mind that lacks the humility to say the word sorry, the bold dissonance to DEMAND her end of gratuity from a customer, a customer that chooses to spend his money at Silver Reign, she has the BOLD dissonance to EXPECT her end of tips from the dancers hired at Silver Reign and that paycheck.

As a business and as a brand you TANK, because supporting such a person who gets to collect the same rights as your utterly respectful, deserving staff and some dancers that have EARNED that right is an INSULT and the finger TO THEM and to all the other businesses in the city of Los Angeles.
You TANK as business/brand when a business glorifies, celebrates, and supports stupid careless employee's when such an employee should've been FIRED. Fired is the REALITY and the consequence of the employee that lacks tact, lacks customer service etiquette, HER RIGHT to DEMAND AND EXPECT the same tips and benefits of personal that do not display that lack of humility, that lack of grace and level of disrespect she does.

To empower stupid people is a faux pas. The stupid person that does not have the civilized mind and the humility to say the word sorry is utterly dangerous and catastrophic for any business.
Queenie's employment at Silver Reign TANKS YOU as a brand/business because the way she sounds and behaves then changes your tone as a classy, impeccably mannered business to match her tone because you celebrate and accept that class of employee.
Queenie sounds like she sells seafood and noodles in an open air market in a third word country.

A waitress that has the audacity to throw a temper tantrum when her utterly unacceptable customer service etiquette/mistake was pointed out to her is in short STUPID to realize that her mistake was catastrophic, and simply unacceptable.
Queenie gets to live it up, and collect her paycheck/tips despite the fact that she used the word 'SLAVE' to describe the way she is treated by THAT PERSON WHO POINTED OUT her unacceptable COSTLY mistake.
She gets to interfere and influence customers coming into Silver Reign (which now crosses the line in the legal sense) to spend their time and money on the dancers that serve HER tips against the girl that got served her temper tantrum, the word choice of SLAVE, the person who rightfully gets to REFUSE HER THAT RIGHT of tips and a 'pass'.
She has reached that audacity due to the fact that Silver Reign has done NOTHING to reprimand her unacceptable conduct and use of language/choice of the word SLAVE in a very sensitive still racist America.

Silver Reign you do owe it to the other businesses in the City of Los Angeles, on YELP and on the other numerous business review sites to NOT spearhead a movement and to NOT unconsciously start A TREND where it is perfectly OKAY to hire and empower imbeciles that fail to understand the meaning of the word 'humility', the word sorry, the mindfulness, the manners and the deportment of anyone living and working in a civilized world.

The rightful consequences to the UNFIT employee Queenie at your Silver Reign gets this review deleted.

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Submitted by Walter Macalma on 12/10/2015

Walter Macalma 2 stars rating.

Overall Rating

What a way to almost end a night? Roll up and pay a premium to get in and at this point I'm not sure what kind of club this is (full nude or just topless). I guess there was a drink minimum and this is where I figured out it was full nude because my request for an ocean of alcohol was denied, so coke was purchased. I should have come better prepared and found change for all my 20's, but like a tourist I didn't treat it like my local spot and was swarmed on. When you've already been to clubs, lounges, late night bars and then this you're a little burned and with VIP booth's all around it's really designed to maximize the private dances. Many strip clubs have an odor or a mix of perfume and cologne on the upholstery or cigarettes, but this place has good ventilation. The music was pretty weak, my local place is where my DJ friend spins and always has the new new, . Classic strip club announcer gets annoying fast. Everyone will say one they have the best or worst of this and that and blah blah blah, but there is always remorse. Sure you might get a nice dance from someone, but that ever revolving door of strippers is long and only worth enjoying for the moment.

Small stage, lighting is too dark and although I never made it outside 1 booth, I'm saying it's tiny. Sitting across from a Staples and next to a Quiznos I've had better. I'm a sucker for going, you're a sucker for reading this and even the guy just thinking about going her is a sucker.

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Submitted by Katy Hernandez on 04/04/2014

Katy Hernandez 2 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This place had more black girls than other's get some variety!!! Get latinas and white girls . The day time is DEAD ..they need to promote something in the day that's for sure. As for the night get more variety of pretty girls not just any bodies your a strip club act like all you want is pretty smart girls not cheap ho's!!!

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Submitted by C Bowman on 06/30/2013

C Bowman 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The MOST DISAPPOINTING EXPERIENCE EVER at a club. My buddy and I went early evening on a weekday. Three bouncers in suits and two girls were there and NO customers.

Two hours 45 minutes went by and each girl danced ONCE. TWO TOTAL DANCES!!!!

If that wasn't bad enough - they only danced topless!!!!! You pay the cover, buy your drink, and expect some hotties stripping on stage. The only way you are seeing all nude is to pay $40 for a VERY short lap dance.

We did and it seems they chose the shortest songs ever.

It seems their business model at Silver Reign is to under-perform so you put more money in the meter so to speak to keep the girl dancing. ABSOLUTE RIPOFF.

The girl we spoke to was cool. BUT WE BOTH FELT COMPLETELY SCAMMED!!! ALSO they do a bate and switch on you just before the lap dance you have to buy the girl a drink !!!!!

WHY NOT make the only two customers in the place feel special? WHY NOT put on a show so they come back??? WHY RIP PEOPLE OFF AND BE SHOCKED WHEN NOBODY COMES TO YOUR CLUB ANYMORE?

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Submitted by Gabby Soranos on 03/21/2013

Gabby Soranos 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I went here with my girl friends last night. Its a tiny little place. Other than the location being kinds small, the girls were surprisingly sexy. Not too many people there so I got a lot of attention which was nice. Note: Make sure you drink before you go in since they don't serve any alcohol.

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Submitted by Jesse Brooks on 03/21/2013

Jesse Brooks 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I use to go here a couple years ago but I recently was in the area and I had some time to kill so I checked it out for a bit. I usually don't write reviews for these kinds of places in general but after my visit, I had to write this review. I must say, this place had some remodeling done from my last visit and the girls were worthy of my review. Very hot girls! Seriously. I don't know why not too many people go here, but if you are in the area and want to check out a low key spot, this is it. Its small. Its intimate. and it was a "Pleasure".

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Submitted by Jason Tomar on 03/13/2013

Jason Tomar 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Like some of the other reviewers this place has had its bad days but last week a bunch of my friends got together to give it shot just for the hell of it. It looks like they changed the layout a bit and "recycled" the girls. Long story short, we actually had a lot of fun and the girls were not bad at all.

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