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Submitted by Mar Vy on 01/26/2022

Mar Vy 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The ambiance is modern and classy. They don't serve any food, just-drinks. A nice place to enjoy their crafted cocktails and listen to the loungy music.

We made reservations to sit outside. There were two chairs, a couch, and a small table. There was also a heat lamp to keep us warm. Below are the drinks we ordered, we liked all of them. Drinks are pricey and unique but the alcohol content is lower than average.

~Navigator: Dark & White Rum with Blackberry, Beet, Sage, Ginger, Lime, Coconut Milk, Cinnamon, and Orange Zest

~Greenseer: Tequilla, Mezcal, lime, Habenero Bitters, Honeydew, and Micro Bulls Blood

~ Tierra Del Fuego: Reposado Tequilla, Orange Passion, Coconut Cream Lime, Bitters, Honey, and Sea Salt

~My Universe: Mezcal, Concord Grape, Blueberry, Marjoram, Lime, Cayenne, and Bitters

::Customer Service::
The staff was friendly and welcoming

The staff wears a mask

-Call for reservations
-Sit by the bar so you can see the bartenders make the cocktails

-Street Parking

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Luiz Ricardo Lopez 5 stars rating.

Libations on the menu are all amazing. I've explored the menu on various occasions with friends. Anytime I take someone new here they are blown away by the experience, the decor, and mixology in the cocktails they've created. Go with an open mind and a fun crowd! Preferably before peak hours to maximize your visit even more!

Submitted by Luiz Ricardo Lopez on 04/12/2022

Flora Graves 4 stars rating.

Driving by you can miss this pretty hidden gem in the heart of NOHO arts district! This is great bar/ lounge with a full bar and best part the ambiance is very low dim light making for a quite intimate place with personal tiki style booths! Come and enjoy a great personally made drink! Cheers

Submitted by Flora Graves on 03/07/2022

Dixie Willis 4 stars rating.

Very chill vibe. This is a good place to come and have a good place and talk and actually hear each other. Drinks are fun and music is good.

Submitted by Dixie Willis on 03/07/2022

Meredith Norris 4 stars rating.

I do enjoy this spot for its pina coladas. They don't have a kitchen and it's very minimalistic, but it's cute, dark and quaint. If you like that for a quick escape, check it out! Prices aren't bad either.

Submitted by Meredith Norris on 02/27/2022

Annie Peterson 4 stars rating.

What a fun place! I came here for my birthday and has such a great time. The drinks are strong and the music is good. It's really small so make a reservation to get a table, it will get packed. Between 5 of us 3 scorpion bowls was too many. Great prices, some other tiki bars charge $55+ for scorpion bowls. I will definitely be back to try their other specialty drinks.

Submitted by Annie Peterson on 02/25/2022

Pamela Vega 4 stars rating.

Should be APOTHEKE LA Yes. Would be better if there wasn't so much natural light coming in. APOTHEKE LA bar with windows? No gracias. But I made it in for happy hour on a hot September afternoon and it hit the spot. Refreshing and comfortable. Guessing nights and weekends are a different story...?

Submitted by Pamela Vega on 01/13/2022

Lorena Tyler 4 stars rating.

Love this place! Super friendly! Drinks are the real deal! And it's gorgeous inside. Bonus is the smoking patio with a cozy fire.

Come to NOHO! We have rum and fun!

Submitted by Lorena Tyler on 01/09/2022

Cesar Vazquez 4 stars rating.

Apotheke is located in Dogtown amongst several warehouses. The location is very lofty with an outdoor lounge. I tried the Behind The Times (Old Fashioned) and the High Plains Drifter. The OF was ok. It was served with small cubes of ice instead of the larger artisan cubes found in other upscale lounges and bars. The HPD did not have a pleasant flavor at all. After a few sips, I ended up leaving it on the bar top. Each drink was $17. Definitely not worth it. The service and ambiance was excellent though, hence the 4 stars.

Submitted by Cesar Vazquez on 02/27/2020

pompberry 4 stars rating.

The ambiance, decoration and styling of this bar is honestly unmatched, unfortunately the cocktails were very disappointing. They tasted very one dimensional. You couldn’t taste all the different ingredients (in Land War in Asia you could only taste gin and lime. Absolutely not even a hint of matcha or milk tea.

Submitted by Pompberry on 02/15/2020