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Noe Restaurant & Bar

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Los Angeles, California, 90012

Rated 4/5 (10 Reviews)
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Hours of Operation
Sunday: 5–11PM
Monday: 5–11PM
Tuesday: 5–11PM
Wednesday: 5–11PM
Thursday: 5–11PM
Friday: 5–11PM
Saturday: 5–11PM

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Noe Restaurant & Bar
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251 S Olive St
Los Angeles, California, 90012
United States of America
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Noe Restaurant & Bar Reviews

Submitted by Tecora Jordan on 04/17/2022

Tecora Jordan 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I’m providing a blended score of 3 based on food and service

The food brought the score up to a 3 as the service would have probably stalled this review at about a 1

Let’s start with the bad so we can end on a positive note

Our waitress was one of the most passive aggressive servers I’ve ever encountered and mind you I do food reviews on a regular basis.

One member of our party ordered French toast which came with roasted potatoes. She also asked for a side of hash browns.

Server responds your food already comes with potatoes

My friend responds she’s aware but would like hash browns as well.

Server responds
You’re going to eat all of that food because that’s a lot of food for one person to eat

Entire table just stared at her

I then ask if they have coffee and if they’re able to make a caramel latte

Server answers No
I ask no to which part
She responds again no

At this point it’s too early and I’m too tired and haven’t had caffeine so I wave over another server and he and I discuss my latte options

One of the girls stated she forgot something in our room and the new server states he can call someone to bring our items down.

Old server seems confused and our new server explains we’re in one of the top suites (added perk for me traveling so much and doing reviews) and it’s one of the nicest suites there

Now our old server is Miss Hospitality as she feels we now have money

Needless to say a caramel latte can all of a sudden be hand crafted and one appears

As the chefs have nothing to do with service I will say I had 0 complaints about the food. The food came out relatively quickly and everything was cooked to perfection.

The chicken and waffles was a fan favorite for the table. The chicken looks like chicken nuggets and we’re bursting with flavor. Dipped into whatever creamy sauce they created and it was pure bliss.

I ordered the breakfast sandwich which arrived on super soft brioche bread and the bacon was deliciously crispy. I also got Tater tots and found myself doing a happy dance which sipping my latte.

0 complaints on food
Service needs some work

Perhaps don’t judge what people are ordering
Offer options if something is not available
And treat everyone the same regardless of perceived wealth or not

That human standard goes a long way when it comes to service

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Submitted by Ben Sanchez on 03/12/2022

Ben Sanchez 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This place was very interesting, live piano player playing good music. Loud but not too loud. Great ambiance, good food , prices are 5 star reflected prices. Service was impeccable,

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Submitted by Wanda White on 02/24/2022

Wanda White 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

It's like...you are at your Sardinian friend's house whose family makes just the best food in taste and quality (like when my mom makes dinner and it's just the best Thai food anybody will ever eat -- even in Thailand). Every dish was sincere, earnest, balanced in flavor and texture.

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Submitted by Amanda Torres on 02/13/2022

Amanda Torres 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We started off with a seafood stew. The seafood stew was pretty good. The broth was flavorful and a bit thin. Had a good amount of seafood in it. I was glad it didn't taste fishy.

Next we had a pasta with roe and cheese. It was okay it terms of taste but it was definitely on the heavy side. Too much cream sauce but I did like the fish roe and bread crumbs. That gave it a great texture!

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Submitted by Claire Rodriquez on 02/11/2022

Claire Rodriquez 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Literally just a wine bar. Very very very mellow atmosphere. SMALL area. It's located a few miles from several other bars but unless you're into wine then pick somewhere else for the night. Professional staff, offer tastes of a few wines depending on what you like $11-15 depending on what you get (sparking, pink, white, red..) & glasses we ordered a cheese platter & it had variety you can pick from if you know how to pair cheese & wine. Overall, just CHILL place if you like your wines

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Submitted by Sharon Sanchez on 02/06/2022

Sharon Sanchez 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Overall a cute atmosphere but food is mediocre for a $150+ dinner.

Came here about two weeks ago, didn't have a reservation, but they had space at the bar (yay!) after waiting about 10-15 minutes. Very much a small Italian coastal family restaurant feel. When my partner asked where the bathroom was, the owner(?) asked him if he was dining here tonight, after he'd been waiting at the bar for about 10 minutes... cool. (Did we look that frumpy? :P)

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Submitted by Erika Curtis on 01/30/2022

Erika Curtis 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Love the concept....Check-in at the front w/ a credit card & get a card that is swiped as you request different wines or food, and pay on the way out. Even by walking by you would never know that it has a nice large lounge on the lower level. It's a genius idea. Prices are somewhat reasonable. I shared the artichoke dip and the truffle popcorn with my girlfriends - but weren't so great. Food can improve. The concept of this place and the selection of wines is why I'd come back.

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Submitted by Jonathan Kelly on 01/14/2022

Jonathan Kelly 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Aside from this, a nice place for a glass of wine. You can do tastings at the different stations, or order a glass from the station of your choice. You can also order food and wines as you sit in some of the lounge areas. Would love to come back again!

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Submitted by Guillermo Flores on 09/24/2021

Guillermo Flores 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Nice looking restaurant and bar. They offer brunch on the weekends according to a sign. The hostess is very nice. The only draw back the service was slow even though the places was practically empty. We order our drinks and asked for the bill because we were short on time. We then had to ask for the bill again and the server left before I could hand out my card to pay. We then had to wait again for the server to finally pay.

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Submitted by Jovial Opulence Enlightenment on 08/02/2021

Jovial Opulence Enlightenment 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The hotel stay was exceptional! To awake the next morning to a beautiful brunch was convenient and a refreshing change! The staff at the Noe was welcoming and provided excellent service! I had the veggie, egg-white omelette, my seed, the popcorn chicken and waffles. The fruit was fresh and the tea was like aroma therapy to my senses. The weather was delightfully mild and sunny which attributed to the relaxing outdoor atmosphere. Thank you for this experience!

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