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Ktown Kush 20 Cap Reviews

Submitted by Bodala Staimma on 04/28/2022

Bodala Staimma 5 stars rating.

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Marie Antwanette 3 stars rating.

Most of The bud tenders are ALWAYS rude ! It’s like no matter the time of the day they always have attitudes ! They hardly ever wanna ACTUALLY HELP you ! I go here because it’s convenient and the prices are good but the customer service sucks ! It’s only one nice lady , with all the tattoos ! Everyone els needs to be replaced !

Submitted by Marie Antwanette on 05/02/2022

Monicasimona Garcia 5 stars rating.

The girl was so helpful and friendly, she knew exactly what I wanted.

Submitted by Monicasimona Garcia on 04/18/2022

Bryan Garcia 1 stars rating.

Their top shelf is every other weed shops' mid shelf.

Submitted by Bryan Garcia on 04/03/2022

esteban andrade 1 stars rating.

The weed no es bueno , no good. had me reminiscing good weed already tasting the difference thinking that it was the shelf, went back to try more expensive shelf, It hit but not the good hit. Like the after taste , was mad guacala , I didn't even like the smell of the hotbox. And the smell of the hotbox really do determine the quality, no good. Saw the reviews right now , should've done it before.

Submitted by Esteban Andrade on 03/06/2022

Premium Kat 5 stars rating.

They showed me mad love, my man with the gold grill hooked me up!????

Submitted by Premium Kat on 11/30/2021

zoli 1 stars rating.

Sketchy place, very bad weed. One of the worst dispensaries I've ever seen. 5 star reviews are either fake or people have absolutely no standards

Submitted by Zoli on 11/25/2021

Edwina Rangamar 5 stars rating.

It was alr8ght I got what I wanted and more ???? so I can say "satisfaction guaranteed " and I love it ???? gre8t stuff ???? it sure is "chronic" ???????? it's the ????????????????

Submitted by Edwina Rangamar on 11/23/2021

Avix X 1 stars rating.

Don't be fooled by the rating, I went here because it was convenient and I regret it. I bought a blunt (only thing they had apart from straight bud) that they knew nothing about, pretty sure it was straight CBD. Place is tiny, only jars of bud, no prerolls. Also really sketchy. Go literally anywhere else.

Submitted by Avix X on 11/05/2021

Nav Thystle 5 stars rating.

Amazing! First off, the dudes outside helped me find it because it's low key hidden. Once I got inside- the staff, product and price was great. My new favorite spot in LA!

Submitted by Nav Thystle on 07/02/2021