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Submitted by Walter Moran on 11/10/2019

Walter Moran 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Went here earlier this week, Marco was so cool, Very helpful. chill and relaxed store. Thanks dude!

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Casey Sansbury 5 stars rating.

The guys working here are the best!! Love this place it's my personal vape shop!!!

Submitted by Casey Sansbury on 01/30/2022

Roy Limon 1 stars rating.

They sell overpriced fake products and the people that work there are very mean and rude

Submitted by Roy Limon on 06/23/2021

Ronald McCormick 5 stars rating.

Very nice shop. Great selection. The staff are always so nice when I come here.

Submitted by Ronald Mccormick on 06/15/2021

Pascal Cerbon 1 stars rating.

This store sells FAKE VAPES and the service is downright laughable

Submitted by Pascal Cerbon on 05/15/2021

Kevin Kevin 1 stars rating.

They sell fake vape pens and refuse to exchange or refund

Go to other shops, you’ll get better service and legit products

If you don’t believe me read all the negative reviews they have on Yelp

Submitted by Kevin Kevin on 04/22/2021

chesky klein 5 stars rating.

Good selection and fair prices.

Submitted by Chesky Klein on 11/18/2020

Youssef Bayrem 3 stars rating.

It says it's open til 10pm on google map. Walked there and got there at 9:45pm and it was closed

Submitted by Youssef Bayrem on 08/26/2020

Burke Louis 4 stars rating.

First time I went I was buying from this really awesome helpful girl. Then I went in tonight and the guy I was buying from was kind of rude, he really didn’t care about what I wanted, he was condescending and ended up wasting a lot of my time for no reason. He was very unhelpful!! And seemed most likely stoned

Submitted by Burke Louis on 10/20/2019

Ocsuperman714 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Ocsuperman714 on 05/21/2019