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Bronson Canyon Playground Reviews

Submitted by Juan Cardenas on 07/01/2018

Juan Cardenas 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Place has amazing views, just have to hike a bit.
Also be very careful when doing so.
All I know is that their we're people in some weird attire that made them look like they were about to worship something rather weird.
But besides that, it was fun.

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Daniel Santana 5 stars rating.

Went up to see the Batman cave from the 1966 tv series. No issues parking, short hike . Me and my son were the only ones there. Loved the peaceful atmosphere yet so close to the city. Hiking trails nearby.

Submitted by Daniel Santana on 04/07/2022

Xplor Fitness 4 stars rating.

The cave is fenced off but you can still hang around the area

Submitted by Xplor Fitness on 11/17/2021

Dalila Mesa 4 stars rating.

Is a nice place. You have to walked up a hill for about 30 min to get to that bench which i found it was the best view for the Hollywood sign. The experience is fine. But there are better places to get a view of the famous sign

Submitted by Dalila Mesa on 04/04/2021

Ronnie Salazar 5 stars rating.

Amazing place to go for an actual Sunday hike and not just a leisurely walk. Careful though, as the hike up to the top is slippery with loose dirt and plenty of winding trails that are right on the edge of the hill. If you make it to the top there is a panoramic view from Griffith Observatory to the Pacific Ocean and well worth the treacherous climb.

Submitted by Ronnie Salazar on 11/08/2019

nancy cote 5 stars rating.

Arrive early and enjoy this place all to yourself! Parking fills up quick. Tons of nature abound to include owls and coyotes here and there. Caves are amazing. Yeah, you can also see the Hollywood sign from here too.

Submitted by Nancy Cote on 08/16/2019

Laurel Clark 5 stars rating.

A very serene walk. Definitely check it out if you want a peaceful place to walk. It's not a long walk to the caves. There is a meditation circle made out of rocks. If you stay quiet you can hear pebbles rolling down and birds flapping their wings.

Submitted by Laurel Clark on 12/17/2018

Luke Tyhurst 5 stars rating.

Depending on your attire and mobility, you can experience a few things at Bronson Canyon. If you are with your family and you don't want that strenuous of a walk, the tunnel itself is a quick walk up a wide, easily traversed dirt road. I believe that you could even get a wheelchair to the tunnel with a bit of work (it is up a hill and there are bits of gravel here and there). If you are, however, willing to put in some hard work and are wearing clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, Bronson Canyon has one of the best panoramic views of Los Angeles up the sharp incline surrounding the tunnel. You are able to see the Hollywood Sign, the Griffith Observatory, the ocean, downtown L.A., and surrounding cities. It's also quite peaceful up at the top. It's quite strenuous, so not many people do it. I've been twice now and it has been totally worth it. I will repeat, though, do not do this if you aren't ready for sharp inclines, being next to a cliff face, or sliding back down next to the cliff face when you're done. Although I have done this in shoes that did not have any traction, I do not recommend it. Overall, it's an amazing place that can be experienced in different ways by all kinds of people. Have fun!

Submitted by Luke Tyhurst on 12/18/2017

L C 5 stars rating.

I wish I had arrived earlier as the park closes at sunset and opens at sunrise. And they lock the very tall gate at sunset and you do not want to be stuck there after night fall with wild coyotes. You can either park for free in the park at the parkinglots provided or outside the gate on the street. The park is beautiful and has a few trails that lead very far. I was trying to walk an hour and a half to the Hollywood sign but I did not have enough time. Lots of families go there and there and people with pets. Its a very pleasant place to hike at or just hang out. I cannot wait to return and explore the trails further.

Submitted by L C on 11/13/2017

Sovatha 4 stars rating.

Easy hike with about 2.5 miles to get to the Hollywood sign. The first part is pretty steep but it eases out in the second part. We went on a Saturday morning and arrived at the tail head at 7:00am when there was plenty of parking spots. When we get back down around 10, the parking was overflown even out on to the street. Recommend arrive early if you don't wanna deal with looking for parking.

Submitted by Sovatha on 04/01/2017