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Griffith Park Trails Reviews

Submitted by Larry Carino on 02/10/2022

Larry Carino 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

There are many trails You can go on. They are all free. It's great exercise and great views. A lot of Free parking. On clear days You can see the ocean. Try it some time and enjoy Yourself. On 5-13-21, I saw this baby Hawk trying to leave the nest. It didn't attempt to fly off. P.S. One of the best places to observe the Hollywood Sign is Lake Hollywood Park. Free Parking. The hole in the wood post is to try to throw a rock through.

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Leonardo Adan 5 stars rating.

Beautiful view, wasn't as crowd on a holiday weekend as I would have thought.

Submitted by Leonardo Adan on 03/02/2022

Andy Pennington 5 stars rating.

Griffith Park was awesome! The trails will get your blood pumping and beautiful views will take you breath away!

Submitted by Andy Pennington on 02/15/2022

Xplor Fitness 5 stars rating.

Came here for a 11k race starting near the golf course. Very scenic the whole way. Lots of parking and restrooms.

Submitted by Xplor Fitness on 02/07/2022

Daniel Chung 5 stars rating.

It's been awhile I haven't been to my previous stomping ground, which I went few times since when I was born here. I was traveling around and exploring out here and there, trying to go to see new places. Honestly, Griffith Park was also a go-to for frequent activities with the church. Therefore, last time I was here was four years ago but while I was gone at LA, I have been exploring everywhere until one day I decided to go again on a rainy day. It's a humbling experience and someone once said, "It's good to look back." It might be impossible to backpacking especially on a rainy day, but when I was there, it's barely raining. Though it was quite muddy, if anyone reading this, I recommend taking hiking boots.

Submitted by Daniel Chung on 12/30/2021

Greisi S.C 5 stars rating.

Great trail to get a good workout and relieve some stress...first time I went I couldn't walk the next day..lol..Highly recommended, beautiful views guaranteed.

Submitted by Greisi S.c on 12/02/2021

Muhammad Khalid Syed 5 stars rating.

Griffith Park is a great place to visit, if you want hiking or wana go through trails, you will find many here.

Submitted by Muhammad Khalid Syed on 11/22/2021

Pao Vero 4 stars rating.

Nice trails different ways to go with different challenges depends of your abilities..
This time we went all the way to the observatory on the way back we took a different path and had a nice view of the houses and downtown ????

Submitted by Pao Vero on 05/17/2021

DriftZalot Scott 5 stars rating.

Different trails from beginner to challenging...its a must if you live here or just visiting from out of town... my typical Sunday consists of 5+ mile hike to get the best image of the All Famous HOLLYWOOD sign... ????

Submitted by Driftzalot Scott on 05/02/2021

Elias V. 5 stars rating.

Always a good hike. I'm one of the crazies that likes to wake up really early, before the sun rises. You'd think it'd be scary but a lot of people are already here by that time. Parking is simple and easy to find so I never worry about that. For me, my preferred route is starting in the lot next to the Greek Theater. The hiking trails from this point are my favorite!

Submitted by Elias V. on 02/16/2020