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Horror Escapes LA

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Los Angeles, California, 90015

Rated 4.5/5 (10 Reviews)
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Horror Escapes LA
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1041 S Olive St
Los Angeles, California, 90015
United States of America
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Horror Escapes LA Reviews

Submitted by Priyank Shah on 05/01/2022

priyank shah 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Fun experience. Would definitely recommend to visit here. I personally will try other adventures they have to offer

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Submitted by Brian Hastings on 12/12/2021

Brian Hastings 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

One of the most fun and unique experiences in L.A. Bite is a perfect mix of strange, funny, and immersive. The actors are great and are talented singers as well as engaging improvisers. It's a night you'll remember for a long time and a memorable way to hang out with good friends.

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Submitted by Christina Hind on 11/22/2021

Christina Hind 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Giving this a fair review due to the great Groupon price and the novel idea for this comic shop to open escape rooms. It's a good budget option for locals. However, if you're an experienced escape room enthusiast or it's a bit of a commute, I wouldn't recommend it. You get what you pay for, I've done over 30 rooms and thought these were in the bottom 5. If you do go, I enjoyed the "Intermediate" Zombies one more than the "difficult" Office. But each room was low budget and following a very familiar formula. I'm not sure why others mention live actors, we didn't have any so maybe that would have made a difference.

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Submitted by Darrell Bryan on 08/27/2021

Darrell Bryan 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Rachael the owner is incredibly helpful friendly and professional. She accommodated us after a 30 minute late arrival a d gave the VIP experience. I highly recommend supporting this local small business for an amazing escape room adventure.

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Submitted by Sean Perez on 08/16/2021

Sean Perez 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Doing the zombie lab it was quite fun, we took a small group of 4 I won't recommend more than that. Once there we were greater by very professional staff who allowed us to look at comics after. Unfortunately one of the locks was damaged but staff quickly fixed it and allowed us a few more minutes due to this interruption. I'd recommend it for a started escape room hoping to go back to do more soon.

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Submitted by Lil.Wanderers Cinny on 08/14/2021

Lil.Wanderers cinny 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We did the zombie escape room and it was SO challenging yet fun! We had to look under microscopes, vials, and decipher the periodic table. There are lots of things to look at. Not too scary honestly! Super fun to do with a big group. The outside of the venue is very low-key. The building is black and the windows are all blacked out but come on time and you will be greeted at the door. You must sign in via their website/ scan the QR code and submit your email info.

They have lockers for your bags and coats. The front is a large comic book store and it is SO diverse! They also sell a few snacks which I thought was cool to have. There is a bathroom inside but try to get there early so that it does not waste your game time.

Good luck! We made it with 2 hints. You only get 3 hints lol.

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Submitted by Belle Gonzales on 07/30/2021

Belle Gonzales 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great experience for my first escape room! I was paid for by a friend so I cannot attest to the value for the price, only the actual event itself.
We reserved a Wednesday, 6:40pm time slot and Dr. X room with 4 people (1 pro, 2 novice, and me as the newbie).
The storefront is painted black + blacked out windows so it’s easy to miss without actively looking for it. You wait outside until someone lets you in, making sure you sign the waiver and have your whole party there. Inside, it’s a dimly-lit comic shop with some seating. There’s also a single bathroom (the black napkins were very “quirky?”). There were 2-3 employees who were all very nice and personable. Looked like there was another group going alongside us but we never heard or saw them past the lobby. After placing our stuff in provided locker cubbies, we were briefed of the story, rules, etc. then led down a really dark, long hallway. As someone who is deathly afraid of the dark and still sleeps with a nightlight, this was already nightmare material for me. Once inside the small room, it was barely lit and it took us a while to get going on a good puzzle solving speed because of how dark it was. Without spoiling the room, it’s definitely something I’d go and do again! It’s scary if you immerse yourself (like I did) but otherwise, my group found the horror amusing overall.

My recommendations:
1. Wear something breathable or layered: the rooms get very hot even with the AC unit, especially with body heat.
2. Wear gloves or have hand sanitizer for hygienic reasons: it’s a popular room and sweaty, curious hands are evident.

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Submitted by Mario Garcia-Gillespie on 01/03/2019

Mario Garcia-Gillespie 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This escape room experience was fantastic. We did the Dr X Office escape which comprised of multiple rooms and many clues to find and solve. The owner/host was great and set the mood and scene for the well built story. The clues are not all straight forward and require multiple people to find the solution within the time. There are hints provided if you need them. The rooms are large enough for groups to move around freely and there are plenty of clues for everyone to solve/stumble upon at least one. The price here is terrific and makes for a great team building experience.

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Submitted by Shato Lee (GypsieNerd) on 06/27/2018

Shato Lee (GypsieNerd) 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We went here looking for a really good escape room wound up having a amazing experience the story was really good the room was pretty challenging and fun I will say this was one of the best that I've been to so far I am definitely looking forward to the new room that they're going to be launching soon I can't wait I also must add that the vampire escape room that is next to this one is a must you will get caught up in the story from how amazing it is and well-thought-out I gave both of these Escape rooms 5 out of 5 they're both challenging fun and very enjoyable a great place for friends and family very reasonably priced

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Submitted by Kayla Hoffman on 05/30/2018

Kayla Hoffman 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

UPDATE:Came back to try out the Doctors Office (their hardest room). The set design for this one was still on the bland side but I did like it more than the Zombie Lab room design. The actor in this one was good, still not scary, but I liked the incorporation in this room better than the other one still. Our game master (GM) Landon was very good in helping us along and suggesting to us that we not take a clue since we were not he right tracks. I'm still not a fan of the GM's walking in the room for time checks and clues, it brings us out of the escape room mode. As suggested previously, this could be fixed with a simple walkie talkie system. We finished the room with 15 minutes to spare and my group found this room to be even easier than the Zombie Lab. *We've done 20+ escape rooms*
Overall, we felt our experience at Horror Escapes LA was worth our Groupon cost. I still take off 1 star for the hint/time check system, lack of horror, and bland room decor.
I recommend this place for escape room beginners and first timers. If you are more experienced and looking for a challenge, I'd skip this place.

ORIGINAL: Just finished the Zombie Lab tonight and let me begin by saying, the pervious reviews hyped the room so much, but when we got there it was a big dissapointment. I am an escape room enthusiast and this was my 19th room.
First off parking is hard to find but I suggest trying to find it on the street or at the lot at 11th and Olive. If you pass by that it will take to about 10 minutes to circle back around due to the one way streets and traffic.
When we got there the host was by the door which was very nice because we were slightly unsure where to go. We entered and were told that there were going to be 6 other people in the room with us (randoms).
Our first impression for the room was that it was fairly bland and lacking in decor. We got through the room fairly quick but we escape with 8 min to spare because we got hung up on a puzzle and because one of our locks was being finicky (The Game Master(GM) had to come in and help us with it since we had the correct combination in it and it still wasn't working). This room is a Gen 1 room, meaning the there is no technology puzzles in the room, just combos, locks and keys. The Zombie aspect of the room was one of the most hyped in the reviews but when we experienced it was sub par. The whole "encounter" is probably about 3-5 minutes since the zombie ends up leaving through the door (which didn't make sense in the plot line). I had thought that the zombie would be super scary and be with us until the end of the game but I was wrong. The actor playing the zombie did a good job for the time that they were in the room, I just wish they would have stayed in the room instead of leaving.
The Hint System:
You get 3 hints in this room, if you so close to take them. The are offered at the 30min mark, 15 min mark and 10 minutes mark (if i'm remembering correctly). During these time checks the GM would open the door and say "The doctor will see you in ___ minutes." I did not like that form of hints/ time checks at all, it really takes you out of the zone and pulls you out of the game mode. I think it would be so much better if they either had a screen with the clues and timer on it or a simple walkie talkie system.
I give this room 3 out of 5 stars because I felt like they could do so much more. The decor in the room was lacking and I honestly feel as though most of the room was wasted space. There were such few actual puzzles to solve in the room and the atmosphere in the room could have been better. The actor should stay in there room for longer, even stay the until the group escapes as that would add a element of rush and fear to the game. The hint system needs to be improved. I would only recommend this place to people who have never done an escape room before. After doing so many I just wasn't very impressed with this one.

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