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Airsoft N More
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3962 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90065
United States of America
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Airsoft N More Reviews

Submitted by Josh on 12/31/2021

Josh 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Girlfriend and I ordered 12 guns for her kids for Christmas...money was taken off the card we used but no guns have been shipped and the order is being held up for fraud suspicion...upon calling to find out what was going on and was told to reply to an email that has not been sent to us yet...it has been over a week and no email...now I can't get them on the phone either...I just want the money back at this point. I would not use this company ever again their customer service worthless at best.

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Submitted by Tim on 10/27/2021

Tim 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Good people! It's obviously a small local business and they do their best. How about I get useful email responses from them and not that big store from Alhambra. I would buy from them first when they have what I need. I had bought 2 G&G M4 from them since my son had gotten into airsoft. Fast shipping!

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Submitted by Justin Griffis on 09/20/2021

Justin Griffis 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I purchased an airsoft gun that my son wanted for his birthday. Airsoft N More had exactly the right gun for a great price. Shipping was fast. We will definitely shop here in the future.

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Submitted by Victor Edwards on 07/10/2021

Victor Edwards 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I placed an order on their website and several days later received a suspicious email from AirsoftNMore requesting that I email them a photo of my driver's license and credit card so that they could verify my purchase. They claimed that my order was flagged for fraud, however, after contacting my credit card issuer, there was no fraud hold on this transaction. The fraud prevention representative told me that this behavior was highly unusual and unprofessional. I emailed AirsoftNMore back with my concerns and have not received any response in the last week. My credit card issuer has advised me to file a chargeback dispute.

This transaction has been a headache and a huge waste of my time. I will never shop here again.

UPDATE: Apparently the customer service is very quick to respond to credit card disputes. Within exactly 34 minutes they responded to the dispute case and refunded my order. I only wish they could have answered the phone or emailed me back during the previous week.

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Submitted by Alfredo Carratala on 03/05/2021

Alfredo Carratala 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I actually purchased this bag to complement a firearm that I located from another vendor and was very excited upon its arrival. The delivery process itself was a little lengthier than I expected but since I was waiting for an FLL transfer for the firearm it didn’t really phase me at all because I wasn’t waiting just for that I was waiting for the firearm as well. What did upset me though was when I finally did arrive the plastic where you put a name card information area was ripped. I instantly emailed and sent pictures showing the company what had transpired. I was then told that I could return the item and get an exchange since it was just received and it was already damaged. After some back-and-forth emailing I realize that their policy is this would be at my expense. I don’t mind the charge but I don’t like the fact that I was sold an item that came damaged from whatever supplier they sell it they sent it to me from and now because I want one that’s not ripped I have to acquire I have to accrue more expenses if I want that to happen. For the most part if somebody sells you something and it comes damaged they do what they need to do to make it right I wasn’t looking for any kind of discount I wasn’t looking for any kind of freebie anything of that sort, I was just looking to get a new non-ripped bag which is what I paid for when I ordered

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Submitted by Eric Reyes on 02/19/2021

Eric Reyes 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This place is a joke. Nothing is in stock. Literally nothing. I went in person only for them to tell me I need to place an online order for pickup and stand around the parking lot for 30 min I was told . It was 40 min. I got inpatient so I went back in because I didn't receive a text nor call that my order is ready. So the guy then makes up a lie saying I called you but it didn't go through to tell you we don't have the flashlight that we advertise online as 100 in stock. So not only did they waste an hour of my time. I have to wait for my refund to come through my card. And I'm not even local to the store. So add another hour of driving around. Thanks airsoft nmore!!!!!! You're the best!!! And if you have read this comment you will see the owner constantly makes up excuses and blames their customers when they run into problems .

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Submitted by J on 02/19/2021

J 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Ordered two items on the 1st of January... A simple email asking the status. They tell me due to "COVID" and holiday rush they're backed up. My order should update soon™.... This has been 3 weeks since that said email. Status still unfulfilled... I sent another email just asking to cancel and refund me, no reply what so ever.

I find it hard to believe that. I order other items from various of places and they get here in a timely manner from evike, several tactical stores, etc...

Edit: Finally received an email back on my cancel request... simply got "You got it, canceled." No apology or any explanation.

Edit in response to owner... I certainly "care" about the well being of others. I waited patiently for approximately a month with zero communication. Only an email saying *expect update soon"... 3 weeks later nothing still, only to ask again no reply. Then instantly got a reply to my cancel request. Again when other places ship out with no problem, there really isn't an excuse! Also I've been putting myself in "hams" (harms) way since the beginning of this "pandemic" and I'm fine along with everyone else around me! ????

Shop elsewhere!

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Submitted by Jimmie Ervin on 01/13/2021

Jimmie Ervin 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great prices. I like that any order over $99 ships free. Good customer service too, I ordered an airsoft gun about two weeks ago and it hadn't shipped yet. Called the staff intermittently to check on my order and each time I had a pleasant conversation. The last time I called, the staff member even bumped my order up in the list because I had been waiting for so long.

I am knocking off one star because it did take 2 weeks and 3 calls for my order to ship. My item wont arrive for another 5 business days, so that's waiting almost 3 weeks to receive my order. Amped airsoft has shipped my orders out the door in 3 days or even less, even at the height of covid-19.

If you don't mind waiting and you're paying more than $100 for something, airsoftnmore is a good choice.

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Submitted by Feng on 07/30/2020

feng 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Good store, shipped and delivered in a good amount of time considering the virus and distance. Came neatly packed and with everything I ordered. Would recommend and will definitely be ordering from them again. Also, they were the only store to have the gun I wanted in stock, so that’s a plus.

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Submitted by 5150 Designs on 11/27/2017

5150 Designs 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I've been here multiple times. And it was great. Now they just lost my business. Ordered 6 sniper magazines off them and they said they would pick them up at Evike and would be there same day, got too busy and never went to get them. The next day i show up and no mags. And they said he didn't remember me saying when I'd be here. Just order your gear online. This place lost mine and a friends business because of this.

Edit: a friend of mine bought a "prowin" hop up from them and seems to be a fake version(found out it's the 2nd gen). Top was purchased from here. Bottom was purchased else where.

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