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The Los Angeles Gun Club

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Los Angeles, California, 90021

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Sunday: 11AM–11PM
Monday: 3–11PM
Tuesday: 3–11PM
Wednesday: 3–11PM
Thursday: 3–11PM
Friday: 11AM–11PM
Saturday: 11AM–11PM

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The Los Angeles Gun Club
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1375 E 6th St UNIT 7
Los Angeles, California, 90021
United States of America
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The Los Angeles Gun Club Reviews

Submitted by Funning on 04/27/2022

funning 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

A real good range with pretty fair ammo prices and a huge selection of rentals. It’s the most amount of guns to choose from that I’ve ever seen at any gun range.

Great customer service and it’s pretty straight forward. Sign the waiver, pick your ammo, guns(unless you brought your own) and you’re ready to go. When I went there was someone from staff that was on range at all times which is great for preventing inexperienced shooters from unintentionally messing with other patrons.

Just fyi, Targets don’t have clips for the bottom edges of the paper so that means the bottom can possibly swing back and forth when you shoot at it. Also I love that you can shoot your shotguns here with their ammo slugs & I believe target has to be at least 7 feet from muzzle.

The range technology is very old school but still reliable. Parking was somewhat limited, but it was wide open on a mid day weekday. Overall great experience and I’ll definitely come back again.

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Submitted by Lars (Lars344) on 04/26/2022

Lars (Lars344) 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We were a bit nervous about our first shooting experience but the staff in the LA Gun club was very helpful and explained everything very detailed to us so that we knew how to operate the weapons safely and right. The staff was friendly and as I said very helpful. Price wise it was okay 120$ for a rifle with 20 shots and a pistol with 50 shots.

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Submitted by Aaron John Sabu on 03/27/2022

Aaron John Sabu 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Probably the most unique thing I've done in ages! Totally worth it and it didn't cost too much since there were 5 of us!

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Submitted by CJMax London on 02/25/2022

CJMax london 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

What a wonderful experience. I have visited a few gun ranges in the US, and honestly, this is one of the best.. Very friendly staff and my man and the person I would recommend is Mario ????. After initial paperwork, you will have a massive collection of guns from hand guns to snipers. Pick your guns pick your ammo, and you are good to go. You do not need any experience to try this, and you will be surprised how entertaining this is. The staff will teach you the basic gun handling if you haven't fired a gun before, including how to load ammunition and use the gun. It was a little expensive compared to the other gun ranges I have visited in the US. But hey, this is Los Angeles, so everything is expensive. But not crazy or stupidly expensive, it's reasonably expensive. Mrs had a very fun time, too. We both used the same lane. Mario was such a nice gentlemen, and since we were visiting from the UK, he let me try a 2nd World War, a Brtish militery used gun. Also, a shot gun, I was a bit nervous at first to use but really loved after firing and can't wait to fire again. Overall a fantastic place, really friendly and welcoming staff. If you are in LA, make sure you try The Los Angeles Gun Club. You will love it. Make sure you follow all the gun safety lows and wear your ear defenders and eye protection.

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Submitted by Rho G on 12/09/2021

Rho G 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Good selection of guns, they have almost everything. pricy bullets. Enjoy it. I recommend this place.

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Submitted by Percival Gonzaga on 12/01/2021

Percival Gonzaga 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This is my grandfather's most favorite hobby back in the Philippines. His weapon of choice? the 38 and the 45.

Entering from E 6th st., parking is kinda weird, but look at the back first where its free, otherwise, you park at the front of the lot where you pay a machine.

Everyone is really friendly and they are ready to teach you how to use your gun. My grandfather and I were already trained back home, so we skipped the tutorial and we were given our assigned spot. There is about 15 spaces. and they fill up pretty quickly so I recommend coming right as they open.

The rental comes with a headset, earplugs, a set of rounds, one magazine, a target and of course, your gun of choice. You can buy more rounds and you can also buy different targets at any time.

When we used the range, there were some dark spots further out towards the edge of the range, but maybe that'll be fixed soon. There is also a range master that goes around to make sure the rules are followed or if you need help with a jammed gun.

Do understand that there are patrons that also come in with their own guns - some with much larger calibers than what youre used to; and it can get really loud. If there is still space you can ask the desk to move you to a different booth. Many times, moving just one booth over makes a big difference. When approaching the desk or being transported, always make sure that your gun is empty, with the magazine out and in the tray. Overall, I get to see my grandfather smile and he has some memories to take home with him!

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Submitted by Adam King on 11/29/2021

Adam King 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

As a visitor from the UK I was unsure what to expect here, but I could not have been made to feel more welcome. We were dealt with by a chap called Mario who was excellent, as well as a lady on the register who was also great although I didn’t catch her name!

I have only fired live weapons a couple of times before so I was very much a novice. I have a high respect for gun safety but Mario confirmed everything with me and was able to watch me through a trial with an empty chamber and no mag. He was full of character and couldn’t do enough to help, answering any questions we had and offering his own advice without being condescending or patronising in the slightest.

On the range, I had a great time. It was a great experience to be had. There were others in their own lanes. I could tell some were tourists themselves but from what I could tell they also respected the safety themselves.

It was an enjoyable experience. It was about $6-10ish to rent a handgun with $20-30ish for 50 rounds, plus the lane rental of $30 for two people. The rifles etc are a little more. You get an hour and a half per lane and can fire as little or as much as you like. Not sure on how the prices compare, but for the experience in general I would say it’s worth it. Especially for someone like myself where it’s not something I can do at home.

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Submitted by Emerson Luis Pereira Alves on 09/24/2021

Emerson Luis Pereira Alves 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The best experience at a gun club in California, fair price, plenty os variety of guns, super well orientation, I'll definitely come back

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Submitted by Jermaine Be on 07/09/2021

Jermaine Be 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Friendly staff (which is always hard to find in LA lol), helpful staff that will happily assist and answer questions. Parking can be tricky but that’s LA in general. Will return!

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Submitted by Sergio Luis Gomez on 03/10/2018

sergio luis gomez 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Fast service. Over 100 guns to rent from 5 to 20 bucks. Take your own gun, gun was check for safety. No paper work check. No lane charge or timing as long as you keep buying ammo. Range is not that deep but good enough. Free ear protection and free rental of safety glasses. Parking is not huge but there is a 3 dollar parking place right next to gun club.

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