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Nightingale Plaza Reviews

Submitted by Jamie Barren on 12/20/2021

Jamie Barren 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Los Angeles with the complete package! Experience a Live Performance by BIA ("Whole Lotta Money"), the best music by DJs Orator & Nitrane, luxe decor, and a beautiful, fashionably loud crowd on Dec 31st (10 p.m.) at Nightingale Plaza. Come dressed to the nines as you leave 2021 behind and enter the New Year in West Hollywood's luxe party epicenter with both cash bar and open bar options available at nightingaleplazanye.com

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elizabeth Quintanilla 1 stars rating.

Our friends and I attempted to go this nightclub for the 1st time this past Saturday. The nightclub opens at 11pm to begin with. The host in the front door is extremely rude stating you can only come in with bottle service. We ask for prices and she proceed for say rudely 1k plus. She dismiss us before we could answer. Take in mind there was like 10 people there. Furthermore, there is no parking but just a tiny parking lot service by a few valet staff. Your car will mostly be moved around. This club lacks customer service and Is not LGBT friendly. I would not recommend this place at all.

Submitted by Elizabeth Quintanilla on 02/21/2022

Josephine Anderson 5 stars rating.

Love this night club on Sundays for hip hop music. It’s best to go in a section because the dance floor is quite small.

Submitted by Josephine Anderson on 02/10/2022

donshea Jones 5 stars rating.

I had an amazing night… I met some HELLA DOPE pplz/celebrities. I left out of the club going across the street and seen a jerk truck, we ended up spending $70 on some bomb Azzzz oxtails. So tender and flavorful I had some for the next day when I woke up and it was like a second meal. I advise you to check it out if you’re ever around it’s totally worth it and experience.

Submitted by Donshea Jones on 02/02/2022

Ty Heredia 1 stars rating.

2 of my debit cards where falsely charged here on a Tuesday morning, they aren’t open Monday-Thursday. Tried contacting management multiple times through email, phone, and in person just to be blatantly ignored. Don't waste your time/money here

Submitted by Ty Heredia on 10/16/2021

Sebastian Sang 1 stars rating.

DO NOT COME!! They ANTI-VACCINE & SCAM YOUR MONEY. I went to this place, and the security asked for my ID, I thought he would checked my VC too, and then there was another woman employee just laughed at me like “Who will get vaccinated?!” Like I was doing something wrong, and I went by myself, they told me entrance will be $5 but they charged me $10, I found the receipt on my Amex app, it said they charged me for 2 person. Definitely going to dispute it.

Submitted by Sebastian Sang on 10/10/2021

Malcolm Adams 1 stars rating.

I went to this location 6 months ago. Nothing to rave about. The interior was nice. However the staff was a bit rude. Especially the front door staff. They seem very cold and unfriendly. Not very inviting. I had a so so time. Months later, I look at my credit card statement and these people charged my card again. I attempted to call, no answer. I tried to leave a voicemail and their VM system does not allow anyone to leave a message. I had to contact my bank to file a dispute. It is a shame that people have to get to that point because this place is unresponsive. I am very upset that they have no way to reach someone yet have the ability to misuse someones credit card like this. Please beware using your card at this place. Shady Shady Shady.

Submitted by Malcolm Adams on 09/15/2021

Dazire Matthis 1 stars rating.

Robby was very rude to me, my cousin & my friends on my birthday. When we first got there he took awhile to let us in he just kept starting at us then letting everyone else behind us in. Me & my cousin went to go change our shoes and when we tried to go back inside Robby said we couldn’t get back in his reason was because of our sandals, but other girls that HE let in were wearing sandals, tennis shoes & jeans. While I overheard my cousin & him
talking i overheard him call us racial
slurs! That was very uncalled for. We left shortly after that. We told some other employees what had happened they were very confused with his actions.

Submitted by Dazire Matthis on 07/12/2021

Aries gresham 1 stars rating.

My friends and I were super excited to visit this establishment for the first time! Upon arrival, once we reach the bouncer, we were told “one second I have to filter through you guys.” That initially led to confusion as he left the first half of my group in, other women in, and after waiting about 10 minutes he let us in. It was then it was made clear that this nightclub determines top tier and second tier, and bottom tier based on physical attraction. As women who go out to have fun and to enjoy a vibrant environment and to be told “hold on we are going to let those who we think are prettier than you in first,” is the most blatant disrespect to have ever been received by an establishment and is the first and last time that that will be accepted. After that it was hard to have an enjoyable time here. While as a woman I value myself and do not need validation from a bouncer at a 3-star facility, it is unacceptable that this situation occurred and this is the basis of letting those who are willing to spend money and have a good time in. Will not be back, thanks

Submitted by Aries Gresham on 06/28/2021