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Submitted by SULFUR STEVE on 04/11/2022

SULFUR STEVE 5 stars rating.

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Have you ever seen a movie take place where the characters are at a super cool underground seemingly abandoned warehouse in the sketchy part of town on the other side of the bridge with the bathroom covered in tags. And you think there's no way such a cool place exists well you're wrong this is the super cool place in the movies you always see

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Carolyn Morris 5 stars rating.

It was a great venue for an epic show! Hypocrisy is a band I didn't know if I would ever see live, but I did. Drinks are expensive, but no big shock on me...clean with great bartenders that have definitely got their craft down. Patio are for smoking...never went into the restrooms but was told they were okay by my friend. Will definitely go to this venue again for more shows that catch my attention.

Submitted by Carolyn Morris on 05/17/2022

Jorge 3 stars rating.

Parking situation is horrible, lots of homeless people outside in the area camping or lurking around. Inside the sound is good. Downside is it seems like they have no AC or fans going at all. Feels like 100 degrees in there. Very humid ????

Submitted by Jorge on 05/14/2022

Robby Boucher 4 stars rating.

Its a cool venue, very intimate. The stage is touching distance. As others mentioned the parking is absolute garbage and you pretty much risk getting broken into. So far on two shows we've been lucky. Drinks are a bit pricey but they at least give you large pours.

Submitted by Robby Boucher on 04/29/2022

Ruby Walker 4 stars rating.

I had a nice time here, parking was easy right down the street and the sound system was good. HOWEVER they did not check our vaccine cards and I'm 99% sure somebody here gave me COVID. It was extremely packed to the point where I was actually afraid of getting crushed at one point. There were also super drunk girls literally falling onto the ground and onto other ppl. I would avoid going to another sold-out show here. If you're looking for SAFETY there are definitely better places to party.

Submitted by Ruby Walker on 04/17/2022

mic 4 stars rating.

went to see se so neon :))
some things to keep in mind:
VERY sketchy area!! i would not plan on parking near the area, especially if u have a nice car. if you can park further away, theres a paid parking area a couple miles from the venue if you want, and uber the rest of the way there. even better if u can, have someone drop you off.

BRING EARPLUGS! they dont carry them in the venue (i suggest they do! it gets very loud )

the sound could be better in all honesty, the bass is poorly mixed and the mics arent great, tho obviously you dont really care about all that when you're there to have a good time. but if thats something you care about then there it is~

security guards are insanely nice!! most venues (especially in LA) have the nastiest guards who seem to have the shared goal of ruining your time lol, not these guys! super kind :)

everything there is overpriced, $7 for a bottle of water???? yeaaa no, but its what can u expect from any venue right. if you're lucky, there was a street hotdog stand after the show right outside the venue and u can get some water there for less money.

not sure if this was just my show or if its the norm, but they didnt take card at my show for merch! have cash, venmo, or paypal i believe. and the obvious is to bring your ID

the inside of the venue is really nice! theres a whole dining area and everything :) all in all it was a great experience, dont let the sketchy area drive u away haha

Submitted by Mic on 04/13/2022

Blazonry 5 stars rating.

Great little venue in a less than stellar part of LA! Its always a little sketchy traveling here but once you're inside its great. Good selection of tap beer and alcohol. Sound is great here and the security is on point.

Submitted by Blazonry on 02/24/2022

Nidia 4 stars rating.

The venue is very spacious and holds a lot of people. Arrive early and stand near the stage to enjoy your favorite performer up close.There are a few chairs and tables to side of the stage if you don't want to stand but again limited and to the side of stage. Alcohol and even water is sold at a very high price. Neighborhood is very sketchy and should arrive early to find parking closest to venue. A person attending the venue had their car window broken so definitely don't leave valuables in the car.

Submitted by Nidia on 01/03/2022

Percy C 5 stars rating.

First time here and absolutely had a great time with the DJ lineup. I ordered a pineapple/grapefruit drink...$8, so be ready to pay much moolah for alcoholic drinks. Spacious room with tables and chairs and two large bars.

Submitted by Percy C on 12/04/2021

Crystal Vega 4 stars rating.

Good spot to catch a show! Amazing bartenders. By the end of the evening it got super crowded. A bit suffocating.

Submitted by Crystal Vega on 08/17/2021