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Animal Restaurant Reviews

Submitted by Daniella Nuncia on 02/06/2022

Daniella Nuncia 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Coming from Jersey this place is insanely great. I miss LA so much and hope to be back soon. The staff is SUPER nice. We last went before shut down in march 2020 & since then they’ve been closed we miss it so much! We had a waiter from oregon who was super nice. Wish you guys can bring animal to NJ!

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Submitted by Amber Spencer on 11/16/2021

Amber Spencer 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

the grilled turkey leg w/ white bbq sauce, lamb shoulder steak with some sort of hot sauce, and duck confit were delightful. you have to get the tres leches cake for dessert, which we ended up ordering an extra.

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Submitted by Glarence Zhao on 02/17/2020

Glarence Zhao 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

One of the modern classic institutions in LA by Jon and Vinny. Ten years later, it’s still going strong and if you can’t get a dinner reservation at Jon & Vinny’s, head over and eat here instead. The menu is, unsurprisingly, full of plenty of meat dishes with eclectic global takes on classics or mashups. All the sourcing is from seasonal farmer market fare like the other JV places. I recommend for starters getting the chicken liver toast, beef tendon chips with pho onion dip (like dipping spiced chicharron in an Asian french onion dip), the pig ears served fried like heuvos rancheros, melted p’tit basque with chorizo and cheese is good although the cheese wasn’t exactly a melted texture so there had to be some knife cutting. We chose the charred cabbage for a vegetable fish which was very smoky, fragrant, and crunchy coming from crushed peanuts. For more main dishes, the grilled turkey leg w/ white bbq sauce, lamb shoulder steak with some sort of hot sauce, and duck confit were delightful. And you have to get the tres leches cake for dessert, which we ended up ordering an extra.

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Submitted by Quynh Dao on 10/14/2019

Quynh Dao 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Animal deserves a 5 star review! One of the best restaurants I’ve been to in LA. To be honest, the menu had interesting flavor combinations that I wasn’t sure about... but it was amazing in every way. Can’t wait to come back here! It’s been on my bucket list for awhile and I’m elated I had the opportunity to try it. Ambience was chill. Loved the hip hop playing in the background and their service was great. Favorite menu items were foie gras biscuit, sweetbreads and pig ears. Unique, distinct flavors that just work well together. Now just thinking of another excuse to come visit again...

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Submitted by Hari Narayan on 07/16/2019

Hari Narayan 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Animal has been one of my favorite restaurants in L.A for the past 5 years. While this is a great place for the Carnivore and as much as I have indulged my carnivorous sensibilities here, the irony is that my favorite dish here is the Tres leches! It's the most moist & sweet Tres leches I have ever had and it gives me a foodgasm every single time. While that was the standard order I placed for my dessert, decided to explore the rest of the menu this time. It didn't go as well as I would have liked. I will be staying away from the oxtail poutine in the future, found it a bit too heavy and the tamago scramble was ok. The Prawns though was absolutely stunning and the chicken liver toast was outstanding ????!!

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Submitted by Myrjam Hannah Mercado on 05/21/2019

Myrjam Hannah Mercado 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I realise it's been a while since I came here (the loco moco isn't available anymore) but I'd still like to share my experience with Animal..

Ambiance and service, were of course, excellent. Food was incredible. We ordered the poutine + oxtail gravy + cheddar, chicken liver toast and of course the foie gras loco moco. Everything was sumptuous. The foie gras was incredible. I love my foie gras and I'm so happy they were generous with it as most places, for obvious reasons, are selfish with the quantity they give out. Since everything was so savoury, we finished off with the absolutely simple but incredibly divine tres leches + dulce de leche. Would definitely come back here to try out more of the food.

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Submitted by E LB on 03/24/2019

E LB 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Absolutely enjoyed our brunch here. The space is spare and modern but naturally well-lit. The service was informed charismatic. Only have beer and wine, however, how we the selection is varied and esoteric. We adored the bodega sandwich, the avocado toast was my favorite ever. The cheese and chorizo was a melty delight while the poutine was a rich, unctuous revelation. The hamachi tostada was a perfect counter with its sharp acidity, salty, sweet and fatty notes. While we didn’t think we could eat anymore, the cheesecake pudding guava passion fruit graham was the highlight of the meal: cool and cold; creamy and crunchy; sour and mildly sweet. Highly recommended.

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Submitted by Perry Kalmus on 03/04/2019

Perry Kalmus 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I eat at every new restaurant in LA and yet Animal is one of the very very few that I will return to on a several-times a year basis. I accidentally walked into Animal on opening night 10 years ago and I have been one of their most loyal customers ever since. I must say the innovation and bold flavors here make it, in my opinion, the pound-for-pound best meal in LA. If you're adventurous, the pig ears are fantastic. The Boner Burger (off menu) is the best burger I've ever had and the Turkey Leg makes me never want to have turkey anywhere else.

No joke, these guys have ruined thanksgiving for me. The turkey leg is unreal. Also the pork belly sliders are just insane. pretty much anything on the menu is phenomenal. GO GO GO GO GO. Don't bother with anywhere else. And the cheese cake pudding with Guava ice is one of the better desserts you'll have in your life. I could go on and on with this place. It's THAT good and THAT innovative with it's offerings.

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Submitted by CeeCee Peng on 02/02/2019

CeeCee Peng 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

It’s a cool place! Servers are friendly and professional. I feel like they change their menu daily as I saw the date on the menu paper.
We got the special truffle toast that cost $33, but it’s so good!
The roasted turkey leg is fun and delicious as well!
Not a big fan of the poutine as it’s too salty for me.
We did not make a reservation so we sat at the bar, where they do the wine glasses cleaning and drying stuff. It’s a bit too noisy.
Over all it’s a super nice restaurant on Fairfax. :)

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Submitted by L S on 01/27/2018

L S 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Went here for dinner while I was in town and it was fabulous!! We went with quite a few plates to share and took the waiter's recommendations...marrow, chili shrimp, duck confit, pig ear and hamachi... everything was delicious!! Amazing flavors. Great balance. One of the best meals I have had in a while!

Parking isn't easy so Uber if you can.

Plenty of seating if you come early but probably best to make a reservation.

Trust the staff...they have an excellent understanding of the dishes and all of their suggestions were on point!

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