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9575 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90035
United States of America
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Bicyclette Reviews

Submitted by Scott Griest on 05/12/2022

Scott Griest 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Did a business dinner for two and sat at the bar so we had a great view of the open air kitchen. Great atmosphere at this sub-terrain restaurant and good service. Overall was solid French food served in a great atmosphere. Started off with two Negronis.

Appetizers were definitely the highlight of the meal. Started off with the duck liver mousse and baguette where were both outstanding. Moved on to the onion tart and sea scallops (tart was very good and scallop was solid.). Then moved onto the escargot which was amazing.

For mains did the salmon over leeks and potatoes with smoked trout roe & Sonoma duck, salmon was good and duck was just okay.

Accompanied meal with two glasses of nice burgundy and one more cocktail. With tax and tip the total bill was $288. Giving a solid four stars.

Not much parking around so uber/lyft or valet is a must.

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Submitted by Zan Lee on 04/20/2022

Zan Lee 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I have tried Replublique many times and have heard Manzke upstairs is a wonderful meal so naturally Bicyclette has also been on my list for a while. Last night was my first time dining for dinner and I don’t plan for it to be my last. As the name gives away it is a French bistro with a set list of classic dishes and also revolving seasonal dishes. They offer valet parking but I was able to find street parking very close by for my 6:30 PM dinner. It has a really welcoming vibe on the inside and the light bouncing off all the wood tables made it feel like we were in a totally different town during dinner. Our server Julia was also exceptional and really added to the meal as well.

For my starter I had to go with a Steak Tartare as it’s one of my personal favorite dishes to start with. The potato chips with it were a wonderful change from bread and it was perfectly mixed. This one went fast. For my entrée I went with Julia‘s recommendation and also the dish I was thinking of getting, the Bouillabaisse. I have been to Marseille a few times and have had Bouillabaisse in the city it was invented so I feel I can judge the dish well and this one tasted very authentic and delicious to me.

It is a bit expensive for a bistro, but due to the interior and food quality I would be willing to pay the up charge. I would say it’s ideal for a date, or casual meal with friends or family. I plan to be back and would recommend.

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Submitted by Elliot Woo on 04/16/2022

Elliot Woo 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great ambient French bistro vibe in BH adjacent. Great friendly service. Cocktails are amazing. Baguette and butter to start is a must. Escargot is not for everyone but I think their version is nicely balanced not too buttery and with nice puffy pastry. We had the duck confit and short ribs. Both are nicely prepared, a bit on the salty side for my personal preference but very well done. Would love to try the upstairs fine dining one day!

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Submitted by Ryan Sokolowski on 02/24/2022

Ryan Sokolowski 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Not easy to get a reservation but worth the wait! Can't go wrong with anything on the menu. I would try the oysters and make sure to order the Salmon.

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Submitted by Paul You on 02/21/2022

Paul You 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Everything. Just everything was perfect. I was having a serious conversation with my date, but every time a dish came out and we ate it, we were so elated and would go on a tangent on how good the food was. I mean, even just the baguette, that was the best bread I’ve had since Paris. The $75 pre fixe on Sundays is so worth it. Service is impeccable. Enoch, the wine guy, is the man. Ambience is just right with a cozy + elevated feel. Def coming back here for my next special occasion!

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Submitted by Jon Peterson on 02/06/2022

Jon Peterson 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Bicyclette is one of the rare spots that actually lived up to the hype. From the friendly service to the excellent food (highly recommend the soft egg with caviar) I loved this spot. But what really impressed me was both the surprisingly creative and extensive cocktail menu (roughly 16 unique drinks of their own creation).

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Submitted by Paulie Bear on 12/21/2021

Paulie Bear 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Absolutely amazing! The food was superb! The staff friendly and knowledgeable! We had the duck and the the short ribs. As they both melted in your mouth, they took you on a layered journey of flavor like none I've had before! Make reservations!

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Submitted by Zak Lazowski on 11/26/2021

Zak Lazowski 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Walking down the steps into the restaurant, we were welcomed into a cozy and bustling space. The establishment is quite small but, in my opinion, this really worked well for the environment Bicyclette was trying to achieve—A tucked-away French bistro. Nonetheless, I highly recommend booking a table in advance.

The Front of house greeted us immediately all while helping other guests either book a table or get seated. The tables were close together offering a sense of community but far enough away to feel like you had your own space. A large, wooden cabinet housed drink-ware, which reminded me of my grandparents’ furniture and felt very familial. We were fortune enough to be seated directly across from the kitchen. I would argue that this is the best table in the whole bistro (especially if you enjoy watching chefs at work).

It was obvious that Bicyclette wanted to show off their kitchen. The dynamics of the staff were truly mesmerizing and the cleanliness of the kitchen was impressive considering the amount of food coming out.

So now we get to the food and honestly it speaks for itself. I couldn’t name a single flaw in anything that was served to us. We ordered the pistachio cocktail, soft egg in the shell, onion soup, onion tarte tatin, baguette with butter, duck with braised cabbage, gnocchi, braised short rib, and the chocolate raspberry tart. For me, I would say the absolute “must-haves” are the soft egg in the shell, onion soup, and the braised short rib. I see a lot of reviews mention the onion tarte tatin and while it is very good, the flavors for the prior items recommended were just so exceptional they eclipsed the tarte tatin altogether. But that being said, everything on the menu is wonderful.

Our food took a little while to come out of the kitchen after hor d'oeuvres, but this did not go unnoticed. We were given complimentary ice cream (which was exceptional) and a slice of plum tart for the long wait time.

Take some time to visit Bicyclette. You will feel warm and satisfied leaving the small, picturesque bistro.

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Submitted by David Schwartz on 11/18/2021

David Schwartz 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Trendy sub ground level french style bistro with a busy buzz. Went for the fixed price Sunday dinner. Overall this food was above average, no particular dish blew me away but the standout was the caviar with egg. Also the baguette was top notch.

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Submitted by Elizabeth Brady on 08/03/2021

Elizabeth Brady 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Just a small introduction, will be back for the full experience but my quick dinner at the bar was amazing. From the very warm and welcoming host, excellent creative cocktails and superb French onion soup, I can only imagine what the rest of the experience is like. Will be back shortly.

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