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Los Angeles, California, 90005

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Eight Korean BBQ Reviews

Submitted by Daniel Jeong on 02/20/2022

Daniel Jeong 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Solid Korean BBQ place in K-Town if you want to like Pork Belly! My favorite flavor was the Red Pepper Paste and the soup was amazing! The wait isn't too long because there are so many Kbbq places in K-Town that goes dumb... But don't sleep on Eight because they're pretty solid too.

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Submitted by HyCh J on 12/31/2021

HyCh J 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Neat and okay place to have a casual meal. Table space was little bit small/crunched. Overall food quality is not high. If you are really expect to have a good quality pork/meat, this is not the place. Presentation and way the marinated meat served is interesting, but it just lacks in meat quality. Service was good and attentive.

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Submitted by Leah Dick on 12/30/2021

Leah Dick 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Fantastic service, delicious food, generous serving sizes. Four of us split combo C (3-4 people estimated serving size) with plenty still left at the end and we all have decent appetites. I could have the kimchi stew every day, it's so delicious!

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Submitted by Nick W on 10/17/2021

Nick W 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This place constantly provides good quality meat and food, and the service is really good. We ordered the Combo A having the signature 8-flavored pork.

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Submitted by WebWorks Agency on 04/19/2021

WebWorks Agency 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

There are probably a thousand kbbq spots in ktown but I'd consider Eight to be in my top 5.

The food is consistently good. The quality of the meat is always always great. The side dishes and soups also are delicious. And also the price is really reasonable.

This last time I went, I shared the combo C with 3 others and it was the perfect amount of food. We were actually stuffed at the end! The combo C comes with brisket, bulgogi, thin sliced pork belly, and thick pork belly. It also comes with a stew, which they use to make fried rice at the end. All of the meats and sides were lovely.

Service is always good when I come to eight which is one of the reasons why I love this place. Servers are always attentive, polite and really friendly. The service is what makes me want to keep going back.

They also have a ALL YOU CAN DRINK special right now. It's all you can drink soju and beer for a dollar per person. How amazing is that!! The catch, there's a 45 minute drinking limit and each person has to spend $25 minimum on food. Other than that this is a amazing deal so I'd say go while it lasts.

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Submitted by ぼくサノス on 03/08/2020

ぼくサノス 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The Los Angeles food scene is quite remarkable; a microcosm of the world. One can find cuisines in LA from the furthest regions of the planet. This definitely includes long time favorite of Angelinos, Korean BBQ. The Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles has numerous establishments to choose from. While All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurants dominate the scene, the pork-fest known as Eight Korean BBQ has chosen a slightly different route.

Eight Korean BBQ is a full-service Korean BBQ restaurant that specializes in pork belly and other premium meats. Normally, the cooking is mostly up to the customer to cook, but at Eight Korean BBQ, the friendly waiters are expertly trained to do all the cooking for you.

They proudly use pork from the Mangalitza Pig, commonly referred to as the Kobe Beef of Pork because of the quality of the marbling.

We started off with a bottle of Soju. This rice wine beverage is a favorite of Koreans and is often enjoyed with friends over a delicious meal.

The Combo A is the star of the party and features “Eight” flavors of pork belly. The flavors include Wine, Original, Black Sesame, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso Paste and Hot (Red Pepper Paste).

All flavors of pork belly are uncoiled on to a tilted flat-top grill that allows all fat to drain, similar to a George Forman grill. Kimchi and Bean Sprouts are also cooking away as well.

They also place mushrooms tops down on the grill which allow the moisture within the mushroom to pool. This provides us with the pure essence and flavor of the mushroom.

Whatever is left in the pot of seafood stew along with the well cooked Kimchi and Bean Sprouts are used as the base for Eight Korean BBQ’s remarkable Fried Rice seasoned with green onions and seaweed.

The Eight Korean BBQ experience is made all the better with the full-service attention. All of the work is done for the customer so everyone at the table can truly enjoy the show. Eight Korean BBQ has filled a niche in the competitive world of LA’s Korean BBQ scene by showcasing the highest quality of pork belly and other excellent meats. Be sure to visit Eight Korean BBQ and enjoy this fantastic foodie endeavor.

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Submitted by Tiffany Ban on 11/06/2019

Tiffany Ban 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Really good service, they help you cook the bbq! Love their flavors and uniqueness. Their 3-4 definitely is more on the 4-4.5 side! They have so many flavors and so much to eat. Highly recommended here than an all you can eat.

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Submitted by Jo on 01/01/2019

Jo 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great service, the food was delicious.

I love how they gave rice paper as a side dish. It paired well with the different meats we ordered. I really liked the pork belly and the beef slices. The beef slices were very tender. The seafood Stew was also pretty good.

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Submitted by Stanley Moy on 12/12/2018

Stanley Moy 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The specialty or what is famous here is their 8 flavors of Pork. Each has unique flavors and taste. Must try, it is a lot of food, especially for a party of two. The kimchi fried rice they make for you at the end, is good. There wasn't much wait, if you come early, after it was super packed. Lack of customer service, took a while to get seated.

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Submitted by Van N on 01/15/2017

Van N 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The food & service were awesome! They cook the meat for you at your table. We had the 8 Flavors Of Pork Belly and the meat was very flavorful & tender. I really liked the wine, garlic, miso & red pepper paste flavors. The seafood soup was good as well. The bf & I had the combo and had so much left overs. It definitely feeds 4. We'll definitely be back.

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