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Grandmas Deli Babushka Reviews

Submitted by Anton Kucher on 02/15/2021

Anton Kucher 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Food is very expensive there. Be aware of co-called fresh salads. They not fresh at all cuz they mixed up with leftovers from previous day. You will get stomach upset or even food poisoning. As soon as you walked away from that store, you will never get refund. This is the worth place to spend your money in area!!!

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Sergii Chupryna 3 stars rating.

Pretty expensive with a touch of Russian attitude served you right. The cashier’s attitude is like giving you a favor serving you ready to eat food. Not cheap, but got some stars because food is tasty. PS owner replied that it’s Odessian not Russian, but as we are Ukrainians are known for hospitality especially if it’s grandma’s place ????????

Submitted by Sergii Chupryna on 05/14/2022

Yasha 5 stars rating.

Best Russian deli round . Good fresh food.
Friendly people. ????% recommend.

Submitted by Yasha on 01/21/2022

Elena Akinshina, International Realtor California 5 stars rating.

Very nice and clean place. Delicious Russian food.

Submitted by Elena Akinshina, International Realtor California on 12/21/2021

Emily Dimant 5 stars rating.

Amazing Russian comfort food & nice staff :) I love the katletki and cheese salad. Great store!!

Submitted by Emily Dimant on 11/20/2021

Alexa Romanov 5 stars rating.

Babushka is a great place that my family and friends use for years! I don't get those who write negative reviews. Delicious food, friendly staff, the store is clean and has beautiful/contemporary decor. What else is there to wish for!! Oh.. and their Napoleon is to die for!

Submitted by Alexa Romanov on 11/10/2021

Mikhail Bezrukov 1 stars rating.

Omg! It was my worst experience ever. I got meet and potatoes expired date. Staffed bellpaper was older than owner of this place. I highly recommend you don’t come to babushka store!!!!

Submitted by Mikhail Bezrukov on 11/01/2021

Marina M 5 stars rating.

That's my go to place for Russian food. Their culinary is simply the best and they have wide variety of dishes from salads, to cakes. I love their Napoleon cake, and herring under coat salad.
The personal is always welcoming and polite.

Submitted by Marina M on 05/31/2021

Onur Tasan 5 stars rating.

Just picked up some cheese bourek, meatballs and stuffed cabbage and they were all delicious. Very reasonably priced. Pleasantly surprised that all of them tasted very close to my mom's cooking. If you are from eastern europe or middle east, you will enjoy their home cooked food. If you are from Europe or US, Babushka will wake you up to many different flavors and ways of cooking. Cant go wrong with this place. Will definitely be back!

Submitted by Onur Tasan on 11/18/2020

Carli Schoenleber 5 stars rating.

My husband and I come here every week. Everything is delicious. If you’ve never tried Russian food, this is the place to try it. You don’t need to be a fan of Russian food to appreciate the high quality cuisine served here. We love the chicken meatballs, homemade dumplings, salads, and baked goods (literally everything is great). Spasibo!

Submitted by Carli Schoenleber on 11/08/2020