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New Moon Restaurant

Los Angeles, California, 90015

Rated 3.5/5 (10 Reviews)
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Hours of Operation
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 10:30AM-5PM
Tuesday: 10:30AM-5PM
Wednesday: 10:30AM-5PM
Thursday: 10:30AM-9PM
Friday: 10:30AM-9PM
Saturday: 11AM-3:30PM

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New Moon Restaurant
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102 W 9th St
Los Angeles, California, 90015
United States of America
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New Moon Restaurant Reviews

Submitted by Balkis Balkis on 05/03/2022

Balkis Balkis 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Service was excellent, food was okay.

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Submitted by Chunx Domino on 11/09/2021

Chunx Domino 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I'm leaving 5 stars even though Zack took 86% of the lo mein noodles that we were supposedly splitting. Then he didn't even finish them and left half on his plate! He also ate more than half of the shrimp that we were splitting. He offered some of the noodles off his plate, but he's had a cold so I suspect he was trying to get me sick. Also Obed didn't want to split any dishes and got his own Mongolian Beef. Smart move. I tasted it. It was real good. Service was very good. Not cheap but very tasty! Would eat again, but I'd recommend getting your own dish so your fellow diners can't screw you.

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Submitted by George Chlazdez on 01/25/2021

George Chlazdez 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Usually I'm not too picky when eating out but I was ordering to surprise a friend and I made sure to ask for no broccoli as she truly hates them, and the meal still came with broccoli! I'm sure that they are busy with lots of takeout orders but this one made me disappointed.

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Submitted by Eilathi Siomes on 06/09/2020

Eilathi Siomes 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This is exactly what it should be. Assuming the owners are Cantonese by the high quality of the dim sum, but multiple generations with the immigrants take on some dishes (like the chiar su rice noodle wraps). It's OG San Francisco, with an aging dining room that harkens back to the early 40s China Town (but in the Mission). I really enjoyed all of the Dim Sum items I tried, they were very fresh!

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Submitted by Omari King on 02/10/2020

Omari King 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Recently had the biggest craving for Chinese food and decided to try New Moon! The service was exceptional the food is served in huge portions so I legit ate this all day long. As far as taste it was okay but everything else made up for that so I’d try it again!

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Submitted by Marie Osborne on 07/30/2019

Marie Osborne 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

It's a great little place filled with Japanese cuisine and culture. The plaza was much smaller than I expected. There were a good selection of shops, but the plaza I believe only really encompasses a couple blocks wide. It was naturally bustling with a lot of tourists. You can pretty much expect to finish touring the whole place in a couple days max. If you're heading to Los Angeles for the first time, this is a nice place to begin with.

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Submitted by Maisee Vang on 09/14/2018

Maisee Vang 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We stopped here for lunch when were on vacation, and it was our first time in LA. It was a horrible experience and a bad way to start my vacation. Yes, I went with 3 kids and my kids were having a bad day, so they were crying and acting up. I did my best to try to calm them down and not disturb other customers. Most restaurants I've been to would have came around with candy or tried to talk with the kids happily and try to calm the kids down. Instead, we were ignored, our waters were not refilled, and I could tell from the waitress's face that she was annoyed by us and wanted us out ASAP. She even had the guts to come tell us to watch our kids better. You never say that to a customer. I'm never coming back to this place, and I would not recommend them either. Their food was OK only. It was not the best and service was horrible. What's worse is that after we left, we didn't leave a tip. The waiter had the guts to come out and ask us to write a total as if she was expecting a tip. We told her we did not like the service and that is why we didn't tip. She didn't even apologize or feel bad. She just said, "okay, that's fine."

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Submitted by Veronica Aguilar on 06/05/2018

Veronica Aguilar 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

My favorite Chinese restaurant ever! All of the food is so amazing and delicious! A must try is the sesame chicken salad. Every single time I come to Downtown LA I have to eat here. The staff is always so nice also!

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Submitted by Nolan Cooper on 01/05/2016

Nolan Cooper 2 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I tried this place last friend when our office decided to order in some Chinese food. I looked at the Yelp page and menu and it looked decent and gave it a go to try it out.

I was disappointed in the quality and amount of food for the price I paid for. They say you can order a half of anything on the menu which logically to me and others in my office meant that it would be half the cost of the plate.....no that was not the case. They charge you slightly less than the full price, its off by a $1 or $2 so might as well get the full plate. That should have been my first red light.

Second I received my I ordered a half order of lettuce chicken wraps and won ton soup. The soup was decent, needed some added flavor to it and I added soy sauce to it. The chicken was minced, had bell peppers, onions and the was assembly yourself style so I got different containers and then had to arrange it myself.

I tried another co workers spicy chicken which was flavorful but it was out weight but all of the food that was a letdown.

And for being known for their Chinese Chicken Salad and boosting so much about it...that was a big let down. My coworkers said it was not fresh, didn't have all the ingredients on the menu (missing mandarins) and the flavor wasn't all that great.

Overall I would not try this place again, just too simple for me.

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Submitted by Lawrence Randall on 06/06/2015

Lawrence Randall 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Having worked and gone to school in the area I've found myself eating here a few times...mostly because my friend works in the building and is pretty well acquainted with the staff. I'm not crazy about the majority of the items on their menu but their Chinese chicken salad is pretty good. The prices aren't too bad for what it is so if you're looking for something quick and filling and you happen to be in the area you should give it a try.

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