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  • Sunday: 5-9PM
    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday: 12-2PM,5-9PM
    Wednesday: 12-2PM,5-9PM
    Thursday: 12-2PM,5-9PM
    Friday: 12-2PM,5-10:30PM
    Saturday: 5-10:30PM
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The Factory Kitchen Reviews

Submitted by Burner Wallet on 04/24/2022

Burner Wallet 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Pasta portions are very tiny for the price. Tables are super close together, zero privacy. Bathroom is single use for 200+ capacity restaurant meaning constant lines. Overall not that great of an experience.

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Submitted by Gardenwinenfun on 03/21/2022

Gardenwinenfun 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The place is very simple, but the food is very good.
Mushroom focaccia a must, it has this creamy delicious cheese that melts in your mouth... Yummy!!!!

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Submitted by Victoria on 02/21/2022

Victoria 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Phenomenal dining experience. Worth every penny. The beets appetizer, all the pastas (mostly the gnocchi), the bread pudding - perfect. Insanely delicious. Great service. Perfect for special intimate dinner.

Came back a second time and removed a star. The beets appetizer is still phenomenal but not all the pasta dishes are that great. Would pass on the ravioli and the other clams pasta. The pizzata was OK, sorta soggy. The prosciutto appetizer and duck entree were boring and uninspired.

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Submitted by Lindy Ambion on 02/04/2022

Lindy Ambion 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Everything was really good! Some dishes were a bit salty for my personal taste but the quality was there. This was my second time here and I'm definitely coming back for more!

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Submitted by James Johnson on 01/17/2022

James Johnson 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Killer pastas made by hand. The prosciutto to share is also excellent. Indoor and outdoor seating with valet service. The casonzei is a favorite. The Michelin is well deserved!

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Submitted by Jeremy Sussman on 12/22/2021

Jeremy Sussman 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

As someone who only had only 48 to try all that I can at LA I am glad to say this is one of the places I was able to go. The factory-like setting was a fantastic blend of open air design and modern dining. The service as well as the food was a dream and the experience itself set an energetic and vibrant mood for me and my friends.

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Submitted by Colleen Slattery on 12/18/2021

Colleen Slattery 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I had the casonzei pasta and it was, zero hyperbole, the best pasta dish I have ever had in my life. My waiter recommended a great wine to pair with it. I really liked the ambiance as well: low lighting and appropriate music. Also, the service was so incredibly warm, giving and glad to be there!!! I highly recommend dining here!!!

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Submitted by Joe Vraneza on 10/17/2021

Joe Vraneza 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

You have to love the cool, chic, industrial factory-type open feel of the place here. They do almost everything correct... the service at the door... even while frantic on a Saturday night... is cool calm and very professional. We were seated exactly on time for our reservation.

The bar, while small is very comfortable and offers a full menu if you feel like that’s more of your jam. with the open feature of the restaurant you could sit at the bar watch the dining room, and the kitchen at the same time.

The overall vibe of the place is great also... with a house soundtrack that will keep the energy of the room high and a few times you could even hear people singing along.

They have a signature sheet pasta with a homemade pesto sauce that is truly one of the best dishes in the world and a must-have. They also have porchetta that is the best I’ve tasted in the United States.

Unfortunately, I had to take a star off because they were out of two of the five entrées offered that evening. I was left with a choice between the liver, red snapper, or a big steak... And while certain times any of those options may have been fine I was disappointed that I ultimately couldn’t order what I came to eat.

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Submitted by Takeshi Matsuda on 09/25/2021

Takeshi Matsuda 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I wish as other mentioned they would do something special especially for a birthday celebration. I was truly disappointed..........nothing at all......

Overall, fantastic Italian food, good service and ambience.

Parking is available on the street or valet.

Ample and spacious seating outdoor and set nicely indoor also. Outdoor seating in front of the restaurant did not have any lighting except the street lights.

Top summer apps:
insalata - wild arugula, shaved fennel, oranges, taggia olives, lemon-chili dressing
pomodori - heirloom tomato salad, red onions, cucumbers, tomato coulis, olive oil, capers dust

main dishes
mandilli di seta - thin handkerchief egg-pasta, basil-almond, olive oil, ligurian style pesto
gnocchi malfatti - ricotta&semolina pillows, slow roasted duck sugo, tomato passata, reggiano

BOTH are amazing with their fresh handmade pasta its fluffy and super soft!

Cannoli - ricotta filled homemade cannoli shells, orange marmalade, pistachios

father cantucci - makers mark bourbon, amaretto, absinthe, bitters
madre mia! - madre ensemble mezcal, rye whiskey, amaro angeleno, bigallet

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Submitted by Anne on 09/14/2021

anne 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We ordered several different pastas, but I recommend getting the Mandilli di seta (pesto pasta) one the most.

- Mandilli di seta (pesto): I know it just looks like a green blob and doesn’t look very appetizing, but it is a heavenly, thin pasta blanket doused in pesto sauce. I’ve never had this type of pasta before, but it was really good! It was super delicious, silky, and so saucy. Highly recommend as this is what they’re known for!

- Carsonzei (pork sausage and beef filled egg pasta): a yummy, Italian “dumpling”-like pasta. However, idk if it was because the pasta cooled so quickly or maybe it was because of the cheese, but after a few bites in, the pasta started tasting dry, but oily. Past the buttery, oily surface, everything else tasted dry.

- Modenesi (prosciutto filled egg pasta with truffle) I was most disappointed with this once because despite the price, it was my least favorite. The menu emphasizes that this pasta truffle butter AND summer black truffle, but there was no truffle scent or flavor. Also, because it was a prosciutto filled pasta, it was a bit too salty for my liking.

Service was a bit slow and our server was just so-so in friendliness. Parking is OK.

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