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Monday: Closed
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+1 213-265-7107
107 W 9th St
Los Angeles, California, 90015
United States of America
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Submitted by Jon S. on 02/20/2022

Jon S. 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We were really excited to try Wood Spoon since a few friends had recommended it. When we arrived for our reservation we checked in and were told it would be a few minutes, we stepped outside since the restaurant is small and waited—they forgot to grab us and after 10 minutes we went in to check and were told they forgot. They immediately sat us only to have us sit there 20 minutes with no service—not even water.

Once they came to the table to take our order we were ready and ordered our drinks, apps, entree and sides to ensure there was no more delays. Drinks came out within 5 minutes, entrees came out within 15 minute but no apps or sides. We finished our meal, which was good, and again waited till I grabbed a waiter for the receipt and had to remind them to remove the extras since none of it came out. We waited another 5 minutes for a correct receipt and had truffles brought out as an apology for forgetting 1/3 our order.

Overall, we enjoyed our food and the ambiance and the staff was kind, however the the constant waits and missing food really dampened the experience thus I removed one star.

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Submitted by Alex Yu on 02/07/2022

Alex Yu 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We've gotten take out twice and dined in about eight times. We had the mixed plate (x7), chicken pot pie w/ hearts of palm, corn, and olives (x3), Minas favorite tropeiro beans (x5) (the beans and collard greens with a fried egg on top make an excellent breakfast next day too), carne de panela (x3, stunning), chicken and yuca fries, almondegas (meatballs), chicken and okra stew, moqueca (coconut seafood stew x2), costelinha (pork ribs over grits), feijoada (x3; with yucca fries, collard greens, and rice--it was my absolute favorite), aus wagyu picanha with yuca fries and collard greens, red sangria, white sangria (x9), passionfruit mousse, coconut flan (x2), coconut clove beijinho (x2), rice pudding, and chocolate truffles (best truffles ever). I've loved every item! I think one of my new favorites is the tropeiro beans which is a type of toasty-cassava-beans-pork dish originating from Minas Gerais. It is very unique to Woodspoon. Everything is unique (if you haven't really had Brazilian food before, especially from Minas Gerais) yet everything seems familiar. My s/o said that the carne de panela was a "ratatouille moment" which gave him a flash back to his childhood even though he never had that dish before. My ratatouille moment was eating the feijoada, it reminds me of stews my mom made growing up. I liked how the ambiance was very pleasant but not stuffy--I could pick the meat off the bones and not feel completely embarrassed. Woodspoon isn't another Italian or sushi place and as a result makes a memorable date night. The chef and owner Natalia is very friendly and made us feel like we were having dinner in her home. She came up to our table and pointed out the items in the mix plate and at the end I remember (embarrassingly) that she said "lime only goes on the kibe" after I sort of juiced it on all of them (oops lol). The dining experience was probably one of the best I've had in a very long time. I can't wait to come back and try more items (picanha and grelhas are next!). A note: when you get take out, I'd reheat some items (especially the mix plate & pot pie & yuca fries) in the oven/convection/"air fryer". I love this place so much I bought a passion fruit tree and collard green tree just so I can re-create some items at home.

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Submitted by Kallissa Revolorio on 01/08/2022

Kallissa Revolorio 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I LOVED THIS PLACE!! Definitely would go again. It was my first time trying Brazilian food and I got to say, that experience will stick with me. The food was not only delicious but the waiters were so sweet and insightful. It’s a cute restaurant and I definitely had such a nice experience

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Submitted by Getty Ramirez on 12/07/2021

Getty Ramirez 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Fantastic food in an authentic atmosphere. The staff is very professional and greeted my party right away. The restaurant is meticulously clean and well kept. The food is tremendous and well prepared. The price and portions were very reasonable. My highest recommendation. Getty

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Submitted by Joshua Yuan on 11/26/2021

Joshua Yuan 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Pretty small restaurant that gets pretty busy during peak hours. Their menu feels very authentic and their water even is not normal water.

I think their portion sizes are really good and filling and some of the food will be pretty heavy. My group ate family style and enjoyed our dining experience a lot.

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Submitted by The Fall Guy on 11/21/2021

The Fall Guy 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Excellent experience from top to bottom. The food and service was fantastic. Take the opportunity to visit if you're in town.

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Submitted by Princess Lea on 10/30/2021

Princess Lea 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

My review is based on service not the food. It was a busy night so I can understand the confusion, but I would think that with the errors our waiter made they might offer a discount or free appetizer but, they didn't.

We were on the waiting list which was going to be an hour so we ended up eating next door. When woodspoon called us, we decided to try dessert there. I explained that we were only going to order dessert and drinks so the waiter could prepare to help us accordingly. I told him that I'd be taking the sample platter to go. So he took the menus and went to serve others. After about 15 minutes he came back to take our orders. We ordered. He came back and told us there was only one flan left. Ok. So we took what they had. He brought out orders and missed a drink but that was ok.

They brought the bill and they missed the sampler platter so I asked him if it would take too long. He said no just 1 or 2 minutes. They revised the bill and I paid for it.

After about 40 minutes (we were talking and playing games so we lost track of time ) I asked them what was going on with the platter and they had forgotten and given the platter to someone else. I asked him if it would take a while because I'd just take the refund. He said no, that he'd bring it right away.

After about 5 minutes he brought the order out. I attached a photo.

Throughout all this, they never offered to refill our water jug, or coffee. They didn't give any extra appetizers for the inconvenience.

I'm sure the food is lovely and the dessert was tasty. The people were all very nice.. But I hope next time, they'll think to offer guests some incentive to return, or discount for the inconvenience. We were there for my son's birthday and had fun anyway, but it was a little frustrating to receive a tiny box in the picture after an hour of waiting for it. ($12 for a sampler platter)

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Submitted by JoEllen Elam on 09/29/2021

JoEllen Elam 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This place feels like home! First time trying out Brazilian food, I wasn’t sure what to expect but now I can say I love it! Order the chicken pot pie and sangria ????

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Submitted by Erin Griffin on 08/17/2021

Erin Griffin 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Simply the coziest and most wonderful spot. All the food is so thoughtfully made and everything is delicious. I could eat the pastel portuguese every meal for the rest of my life, probably. Sangria great too.

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Submitted by Sendhil Kolandaivel on 06/06/2021

Sendhil Kolandaivel 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Food, service, and ambiance is excellent! This is one of those restaurants, where you are thinking about when to visit again as you are leaving.

The mix plate appetizer sampler was yummy! The beet salad was amazing, and so was the Branzino. The sangria tasted great.

The restaurant is small and cozy - perfect for a party of 2-4 people. Can't wait to go back again.

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