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Sunday: 11AM-9:30PM
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4255 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, California, 90020
United States of America
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Zzamong Reviews

Submitted by Brian Hahn on 04/21/2022

Brian Hahn 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Fast and efficient service, good food. I tried various dishes for my first time. Been looking for a good 중화 place. Hoping to come back.

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Submitted by Camz Rose on 04/15/2022

Camz Rose 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

They apparently had vegan jajangmyun so i ordered that sand the vegan chow mein. They were both delicious! I just wish they had a 2nd location in South Bay cuz it's super traffic going to ktown

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Submitted by Alice Shin on 04/15/2022

Alice Shin 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We came in around 530 and had super fast service. We got the stir fried jjajangmyun and it was delicious! Imagine having jjajangmyun with that hot wok flavor you get with the best fried rice. The sauce is more savory than sweet in this version. Not necessarily better than the classic jjajangmyun you'll get at a good food court, just different, and a nice change up. The noodles are great - fresh, really takes in the aroma of the sauce, and perfectly chewy. They also seem to resist the immediate bloating that plagues the noodles at most standard jjajangmyun joints.

The seafood jjamppong was also pretty great, the broth tastes clean and not msg heavy. Some might prefer a heavy hand with the msg when it comes to jjamppong, so if that's your jam, you might not vibe with this version.

We got the tomato chili shrimp, and when it's piping hot and fresh the shrimp are perfectly cooked, plump, and sizable. The breading was a little thicker than I'd like and the sauce a tad sweeter than I prefer. But once it cools down and soaks in the sauce, it somehow tastes better? And you can taste the garlic better. And the sweetness is less overwhelming. I still prefer the kkansho shrimp at other more traditional places, but I like that they carry a version of it on the menu.

Where they really shine with the sides is the sweet and sour pork. The pork is crispy and stays crispy because the sauce is served on the side. It has the perfect amount of breading and the best part is the pieces of juicy pork inside. 9 times out of 10, I usually don't order the tangsuyuk because the pork is hard, chewy, and dry by the time it comes out of the fryer at Korean Chinese places, but not here at Zzamong!

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Submitted by Ange C on 03/27/2022

Ange C 2 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Food was tasty but the 2 stars is for the giant cockroach that was crawling next to my foot after finishing my meal. Surprised that this place has an A rating for cleanliness. When we notified the server he quickly stomped on it and picked it up. No apologies, no change to our bill. Wish I had taken a picture of the cockroach but I was too preoccupied with keeping my feet off the ground and away from it.

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Submitted by K C on 03/06/2022

K C 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Food is good for the price, I’ve been here over the past couple years. Top picks for me are the zhajiang noodles, jjampong, and sweet and sour pork. Please note though that this place is quite popular and the staff seems limited recently so don’t order takeout during peak hours unless you want to wait an hour for your order, especially in the evening.

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Submitted by Michael Lee on 01/17/2022

Michael Lee 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We ordered a delivery order here and found a metal wire in our jjampong noodle soup. Incredibly dangerous!!! Looks like something that wraps around vegetables not sure but thankfully I found it before biting into it. Please ensure better food safety, I could have swallowed this.

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Submitted by Lee Montenegro on 11/12/2021

Lee Montenegro 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I had the jompong and my partner had the black noodle. My food wasn't lil Korea standards but it was still tasty. The soup was savory and the black noodles was flipping delicious. It had a hint of sweet but it was made to perfection. The service was outstanding as well as place was clean and the people there are super chill and friendly. It's also kid friendly. There's dine ins right now due to covid but they do spacing and leave the door open so bring cardigan.

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Submitted by Jules on 11/11/2021

Jules 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Went check this place out after hearing so much about it. We all got an order of jjajangmyun and an order of tangsuyuk for us to share. Food did not disappoint and was absolute delicious. The noodles were chewy and grabbed onto the sauce. Portion sizes were generous given the affordable price. Service was outstanding and our server showed us his magic tricks. Will definitely return to try out other items on the menu!

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Submitted by S G on 07/24/2021

S G 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great noodles to match a classic much loved dish in JaJiangMien! The noodle itself besides the sauce makes or breaks it.

The sauce was thick but not too thick and not overpowering. Extra seasoning is provided to darken and deenen and aalten your noodles if so desired.

The ingredients in the sauce were fresh vegetables consisting of zucchini and onion.

Overall a great dish.

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Submitted by Dora Guerrero on 03/18/2021

dora guerrero 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The first time I tried Korean Black Bean noodle was when I was in college. The thing is, it came from an instant noodle bag so I’ve never got to try the real thing but have been curious ever since. I had Zzamong on my radar for a while, and was waiting for the right time to finally try it.

It’s been years since that day, but I finally got to go! My friend who already dined at Zzamong knew what to order, so I let her do all the ordering for me and boy did we do it big! She ordered us Combo B, which came with jjajangmyun (black bean noodle), jjampong (spicy seafood noodle soup), sweet and sour pork, and dumplings!

The black bean noodle was delicious, nice soft and bouncy noodles, with a yummy thick sauce. The jjampong was a bit spicy for my taste, but bearable enough to eat. I enjoyed the soup broth and noodles, which was perfect for a chilly afternoon. The fried dumplings were also good, and the sweet and sour pork was nice and crispy.

Service was very fast and super friendly. The man helping us was amazing, and also a magician! Will be back for some delicious food and magical service!

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