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Universal Studios Hollywood Reviews

Submitted by Ryan Clevenger on 04/18/2022

Ryan Clevenger 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Had a great time. Got 90% of the rides in. The lines are about an hour wait but still enjoyed it. Plenty of shopping too! Food is expensive as expected. We stayed at hotel down the street so parking wasn't an issue.

Definitely get on all the rides if you can.

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K C 5 stars rating.

Really cool place for all ages. I particularly liked the Studio tour, while my kiddo loved the Water park show. All rides are cute and updated. Thrill seekers might enjoy the Mummy ride and the Harry Potter ride.

Submitted by K C on 04/25/2022

Eugene Lin 4 stars rating.

We did the VIP tour and it was incredible! I would highly recommend it if you don’t want to spend the entire day waiting in lines. Our tour guide was very nice, and took us on every one of the rides in the park with zero weight. Note the weights even in the express lines was 30 minutes for some of the more popular rides. We had a couple of hours before and after our tour to wander the park on our own. We were able to ride all of our favorite rides multiple times. Even though the VIP pass is supposed to put you into the express line when you were not on the tour, our experience was at the staff lots of VIPs to the front of the line even when they’re not on a tour. In the entire day we waited less than five minutes in line ever. The buffet lunch was also very impressive. Much better food that he would normally get in a park. Add to this included breakfast in valet parking, and the VIP pass is a great deal compared to the express pass. You can save money and spend the entire day waiting in 70 to 90 minute lines, or you can get the VIP pass and do everything you want. On the back lot tour we were able to get off the tram and walk around through some of the movie sets. It was really fun to see the set of the good Place, as well as one of the crash scenes from war of the worlds.

Submitted by Eugene Lin on 04/22/2022

Amit Somani 5 stars rating.

I love this place! They always keep updating the attractions. There is a significant variety of food options to choose from. I would definitely try to avoid going there on the weekend if possible, especially during spring break. It gets super busy. But the thing that I love the most about this part is how efficient everything is. Compared to other theme parks such as Magic Mountain, the people that work here are very good at making sure everything stays organized and moves quickly. Customer service is outstanding, if not exceptional. Everyone is very friendly. I would definitely recommend getting an express pass, especially on the weekend. It will save you a lot of time and misery, especially in the summer. Definitely recommend visiting here

Submitted by Amit Somani on 03/26/2022

Steven Díaz Zalduondo 5 stars rating.

This was my first time in this park and it was an amazing experience. We had a lot of fun in it. We got there early as soon as they open. It rained the whole afternoon and night. Either way we had a great time.
We were the first group to do the Studio Tour.
All the areas were impeccable. The decorations in each world were just FANTASTIC.
We enjoyed all the rides but our favorites were Jurassic World, Secret Life of Pets and The Studio Tour.
I can't wait to go back.

Submitted by Steven Díaz Zalduondo on 03/17/2022

Alejandra Luna 5 stars rating.

Best experience ever. My son had a perfect early birthday celebration. We loved it ❤️. Enjoyed the shops first and finished the day with almost all the rides. Missed some but hopefully next visit we can cover those. I personally LOVED the Harry Potter ride.

Submitted by Alejandra Luna on 03/12/2022

Brandon Vaquiz Alvarado 5 stars rating.

Always come here to enjoy the park, yes it could get repetitive with the rides but you can also just visit just to hang out if you have a pass. Many good food choices as well and sometimes not as packed. Great location for tourists and a good mark to visit if you're a first timer in Hollywood Los Angeles.

Submitted by Brandon Vaquiz Alvarado on 01/24/2022

Cassandra Bell 5 stars rating.

I say Christmas is the most wonderful time of year to bring your family. The lines for most of the rides were pretty fast, but be prepared to wait. The food and drinks were delicious and pricey so be prepared to dig deep into your pockets. And please wear your sneakers. Overall I had a freaking ball!

Submitted by Cassandra Bell on 01/11/2022

Corby B. 5 stars rating.

Loved my day here. It rained the entire day. Never fear we came with our rain gear. Water proof shoes, pants, and jacket. We had no problem with the rain. We were able to ride all the rides. Some we went on several times. Super friendly staff, professional at their jobs. Ate at the Three Broom Sticks at Harry Potter Land. Very good. Loved the Hot Butter Beer. I think it is better than the Cold. Had a great time.

Submitted by Corby B. on 01/02/2022

Toluallii Nielsen (KoD7085) 5 stars rating.

Holiday decorations were plentiful and all around very well done. While I can't fit on most of the rides at Universal the ambiance and overall feel was awesome to walk around and enjoy. The blocks of time for nighttime tree lighting and Hogwarts displays were done very well. Really helped make it so you didn't feel like you'd miss anything. To maximize the day I'd recommend arriving at park opening, just allows a few quick near walk-ons in the opening hour.
Food options a plenty and can be had on a whim for the most part. Mobile order? Who needs it, if you're hungry just walk up and grab food (well save for some popcorn stands and Starbucks). As a quick-tip if you're looking for the Minion holiday popcorn bucket, head to Minion Cafe and get it there, then take the receipt to any popcorn cart to get filled.
For safety stuffs: Security and Vaccine/Negative test checks were easy and quick (though still thorough). I'd say most guests were masked and in general all around very pleasant. No fuss, no issues, it was an all around chill atmosphere with everyone enjoying.
All around 10/10 - if you want a holiday theme park visit this fits the bill nicely.

Submitted by Toluallii Nielsen (kod7085) on 12/23/2021