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Galerie Michael Reviews

Submitted by Monica Martinez on 02/23/2022

Monica Martinez 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

A hidden gem in Rodeo Drive. They had a great collection of artists works displayed. I was surprised to see a few Picasso's, Rembrandt, and Matisse. It's a pretty big gallery and the art was exceptional.

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Taylor Pursley 5 stars rating.

Not really in the art but they have some really fine pieces here one of a kind

Submitted by Taylor Pursley on 02/27/2022

Sameh Shehata 5 stars rating.


Submitted by Sameh Shehata on 11/16/2021

Cristina F 5 stars rating.

The highlight of my Rodeo Drive stroll. They change up the art collections quite often, the staff is very knowledgable, and always eager to explain and answer any questions. I specially enjoy their impressionism art pieces and sculptures.

Submitted by Cristina F on 10/18/2021

Elmar Compans 5 stars rating.

Wonderful gallery. I was particularly interested in pictures and lithographs. Very good selection of impressive art. Personnel was very knowledgeable and responsive. I would not hesitate buying there again.

Submitted by Elmar Compans on 08/22/2020

MotoG 24208 5 stars rating.

Amazing!! I couldn't believe that they have so many beautiful original paintings. Dalí, Picasso, Miró, Matisse, and many others. The staff is very knowledgeable and give you so much great information on the paintings and the artists. It is a fantastic place to visit!!

Submitted by Motog 24208 on 11/09/2019

Darren Eisnor 5 stars rating.

Great art, and the owner is a real quality gentleman! Funny, too.

Submitted by Darren Eisnor on 11/06/2019

Amy Prindle 5 stars rating.

Wow, I just couldn't believe the selection of artwork here. Original Salvador Dali drawings, Chagall, Picasso, Rembrandt, and one of my personal favorites Renoir. For me, this had a better collection than LACMA, in that there were more historically famous artists.

Submitted by Amy Prindle on 08/21/2019

Lisa Sutherland 5 stars rating.

Really beautiful done. The gentleman hosting the gallery was friendly and knowledgeable. Great collection!

Submitted by Lisa Sutherland on 08/17/2019

Blaine Buckingham 5 stars rating.

First visit to new space. So many beautiful pieces as you walk through spacious galleries.

Submitted by Blaine Buckingham on 07/23/2019

Virginia MacGregor 5 stars rating.

Great talk on Picasso working with Mourlot lithography by Eric Mourlot. Top notch. Michael had a lot to add to the talk. Great artwork. Charming staff.

Submitted by Virginia Macgregor on 04/02/2019

Matt “rodentracing” 5 stars rating.

Very expensive obviously but the staff were great. Not stuck up at all. Loads of Dali prints when I was in. All outshone by some of the oil paintings on display. Lovely gallery to spend some time in.

Submitted by Matt “rodentracing” on 03/24/2019

Amy Yutani 5 stars rating.

Your gallery is spectacular! I visited with 3 friends and we enjoyed the many Picassos on display as well as Miros, Chagalls, etc. The free 2 hour valet parking underground made it convenient and your staff is professional and welcoming. We enjoyed John and your owner Michael who spent time with us too.

Submitted by Amy Yutani on 03/02/2019

JG Alcantara 4 stars rating.

I was just there to see the Piccaso exhibit. I found my expierence educational and very pleasant.
It was a very impressive exhibit and a pleasure to speak to the owner who also gave us his time to tell us some interesting stories. I would certainly hope everyone would enjoy the quality exchange I did .

Thank you .

Submitted by Jg Alcantara on 02/28/2019

Rai Tff 5 stars rating.

Amazing artwork from many important artists, specially XXth century ones. The staff is very nice.

Submitted by Rai Tff on 05/14/2017

Ermelinda Wood 5 stars rating.

When you want go to a museum but you don't! Even better than a museum, the whole gallery is one great big gift shop! The staff is wonderfully welcoming! Jesse, an art historian was my consultant and guide! He showed me many wonderful pieces, in all price ranges, shared lots of history about the pieces, and never pressured or rushed me out! The gallery is impressively curated with a number of great artists. The framing of the pieces are beautifully done. I didn't walk in to purchase, but couldn't resist! I've been in many art galleries, and this is my favorite! I can't wait to go back!!! ooxx

Submitted by Ermelinda Wood on 03/02/2017

Ernes Iglesias 5 stars rating.

Amazing art gallery which is actually a museum. They had paintings of Dali, Miro, Picasso for sale. The attendants seem to be art specialists, and are so kind to answer any of your questions, even though you'd not interesed on purchasing. One of the most interesting places I visited while in LA. They ship art overseas.

Submitted by Ernes Iglesias on 09/18/2016