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Brea Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Stephen Lashinski on 08/01/2017

Stephen Lashinski 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I recently participated in a group show at the Brea Gallery. They used the space really well for the exhibition. Opening night was awesome, to add to it, great food, drinks and a live musician.

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Cassie 5 stars rating.

Nicely curated art gallery. Some very interesting pieces. Well stocked gift shop

Submitted by Cassie on 03/03/2022

RivailsLogan 5 stars rating.

I didn't know there was such an impressive gallery in Brea. I enjoyed art with the children. It's a place I want to recommend to my friend.

Submitted by Rivailslogan on 02/23/2022

Robyn Price 5 stars rating.

Best Art Gallery and exhibits in ???? County. Heather B. Is a genius and a gem!! ALWAYS such an enriching experience!! You must go!

Submitted by Robyn Price on 10/29/2021

Franklin Martinez 5 stars rating.

I thought the Brea Gallery was cool. It had neon lights, braided ropes, and lamps. They were all so unique and different.

Submitted by Franklin Martinez on 07/25/2021

Ankit Patel 4 stars rating.

Situated in nearby Brea, the Brea Art Gallery is a large space filled with beautiful art from around the world.

Since the early 1980s, the gallery has been showcasing traditional and modern art created by both local and international artists.

Once you are finished admiring the art in the on-site galleries, you can head outdoors and check out the 163 sculptures that are located around the city as part of the museum’s affiliated Art in Public Places Program.

Throughout the year, the gallery hosts various events, such as workshops, presentations and lectures. A gift shop selling art, books and souvenirs is also on site.

Submitted by Ankit Patel on 06/24/2021

Crystal Jean Baranyk 5 stars rating.

Keep in mind I am biased because I'm currently an artist who has artwork hanging in this gallery for Made In California 2021 show.

That said, from my perspective, they are super professional to work with, and very friendly as well.

The way they curate art is top notch, and I'm really excited by all of the amazing art currently hanging, not just my own.

There is free parking in the civic center underground lot and the location is nice.

I highly recommend checking it out! You won't be disappointed.

Submitted by Crystal Jean Baranyk on 04/25/2021

sscannelli69 5 stars rating.

Beautiful galley CPss exhibit was fantastic

Submitted by Sscannelli69 on 08/12/2019

Nada Gliwan 1 stars rating.

unprofessional management , all they want is MONEY then No one will contact you , and the people who works there very rude.

Submitted by Nada Gliwan on 04/06/2019

India M. Clamp 4 stars rating.

Professionally staffed and managed located in Civic Center across from the Curtis theatre and next to the Brea Police Department. Despite warnings no headless horseman here at the time of this review.

During my visit music was playing as I walked in. Viewed artwork, talked to the artist (who was on-site) and photographed from floor/above. New exhibition is “Immersion.”

Here all the lights were on, the floors shined and awards were given to artists. Brea Art Gallery left a "Je Ne Sais Quoi" aftertaste that had me dreaming of Dorothy of OZ. Visit, visit, and visit!

Submitted by India M. Clamp on 03/20/2019

Richard Spielberg 5 stars rating.

Great local city Gallery. Very interesting exhibits.

Submitted by Richard Spielberg on 08/21/2018

Eri Flo 5 stars rating.

Went here with my class and then on my own. It's a really great space and the director has some great ideas. Can't wait to go back.

Submitted by Eri Flo on 06/11/2018

Jennifer Martinez 5 stars rating.

I loved this gallery. A ton of fantastic art in a variety of different medias. There's something for everyone who visits.

Submitted by Jennifer Martinez on 04/29/2018

Marlene Craig 4 stars rating.

This was a pleasant place to spend about an hour. You can stroll at your own pace and the art when I went with quite impressive. Park in the underground parking and take the elevator up to the first floor.

Submitted by Marlene Craig on 03/18/2018

Cynthia Lujan 5 stars rating.

Great exhibition space!

Submitted by Cynthia Lujan on 03/17/2018

Mindy Lu 5 stars rating.

The admission fee is already cheap, $3, and it's cheaper if you're a student, $2. The lady at the front desk was really kind. She also gave me information on how to submit my work to the gallery. It's a great place for local artists like me to visit. ????

Submitted by Mindy Lu on 02/20/2018

BertaArt Studio Gallery 5 stars rating.

Love the Brea Gallery and the work they do, in fact this year is the 32nd annual Made in CA exhibit opening on May 6th and I am very excited to participate. They have an amazing selection of artists and it is a juried show.

The gallery is very impressive and they do an amazing job of promoting the show!

Submitted by Bertaart Studio Gallery on 04/18/2017

Paul La Capria 5 stars rating.

Nice neighborhood gallery. But lacking any real works that would draw people from all around.

Submitted by Paul La Capria on 03/01/2017

Gene Cantwell 5 stars rating.

They have just finished their remodel. Looks great and fresh.

Submitted by Gene Cantwell on 02/18/2017

Jackie Bowers 5 stars rating.

Ease of parking, beautiful artwork, pleasant atmosphere

Submitted by Jackie Bowers on 11/11/2016