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Hellada Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Jaxs Fiero on 02/20/2021

jaxs fiero 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

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Eva Sciuba 1 stars rating.

Nice art gallery ,however, bad return policy. I was unable to return a necklace, l bought. I was under impression that is 30 days but it is only 7 days from the date of purchase. I am disappointed, because l really liked the place and was looking for future business but not in that case. I asked for exchange of the product and was denied.

Submitted by Eva Sciuba on 07/26/2021

Terry Lee Gray 5 stars rating.

Art show was great.

Submitted by Terry Lee Gray on 05/31/2021

John Doe 5 stars rating.

The most amazing art gallery I've seen in a long time reasonable prices beautiful jewelry as well plus the hospitality is incredible made me feel special and welcome

Submitted by John Doe on 05/21/2021

Richard Shimizu 5 stars rating.

There's always something interesting at the Gallery.

Submitted by Richard Shimizu on 05/03/2021

C Medvin 4 stars rating.

The art may not be one hundred percent of the time top notch. The Hellada gallery has a lot to offer. Especially on second Saturdays, from 4 p.m. till 10 pm. Ask around for other events they usually have. A terrific place for interacting with and meeting other like-minded artists.

Submitted by C Medvin on 03/30/2021

Silvia F 5 stars rating.

I was welcomed into this place with genuine smiles from the owners. They are wonderful people providing an extremely valuable service to the community. We all need real art more than ever today and a place that happily promotes it. I enjoyed an artist reception on a Saturday night with live music. I learned so much at the free art class on Sunday afternoon and look forward to the open mic on Wednesday evening. I am overjoyed to have stumbled upon this place. This is one of the top places you must visit in Long Beach!

Submitted by Silvia F on 07/13/2020

Jenny Brown 5 stars rating.

This place is so niiiice and quirky (I love the poem on the bathroom door hehe and the history on Mr. Crapper?), I went here for one of DavetheRainbow's blacklight burlesque shows and the staff was so welcoming. Thank you.

Submitted by Jenny Brown on 02/28/2020

Ylenia Mino 5 stars rating.

Amazing gallery, space, and community! I highly recommend it!

Submitted by Ylenia Mino on 02/27/2020

Joseph Amir 5 stars rating.

I will be back, FOR SURE

Submitted by Joseph Amir on 02/05/2020

Manisha Dhanak 5 stars rating.

I love love love this gallery. The owners are such cool people.

Submitted by Manisha Dhanak on 07/21/2019

Thomas Seibert 5 stars rating.

very professionally managed art gallery and event venue

Submitted by Thomas Seibert on 06/14/2019

Daniel Carlos 5 stars rating.

While I enjoyed many venues during the art walk, the highlight was definitely the atmosphere at Hellada Gallery. There was live music, ample food and drinks, the opening of Tom Scherschel's new painting show "Clouds" ( excellent), and a fascinating show of young people's art in the back gallery. A stimulating and diverse set of offerings. Hellada, a community treasure for over 20 years, is a true center for the local art community, and a testament to its tenacious founder, director Marek Dzida. A memorable night.

Submitted by Daniel Carlos on 05/12/2019

Abbas Nabegh 5 stars rating.


Submitted by Abbas Nabegh on 11/04/2018

jaxs fiero 5 stars rating.

Amazing art, beautiful jewelry, safe place for all

Submitted by Jaxs Fiero on 08/26/2018

Taeri da PsychedelicUniPopokiFly (Pysces62) 5 stars rating.

One of the best open mics in Long Beach! And the art doesn’t suck either.

Submitted by Taeri Da Psychedelicunipopokifly (pysces62) on 07/26/2018

Joseph Condé 5 stars rating.

The art exhibition opening night by Jaxs Fiero at Hellada Gallery, which runs from September 5th-30th, is a refreshing experience for the initiated in art appreciation. Talking to her makes you want to dig into this chemistry teacher's life experience in order to understand her art. Her artistic expression is bold, ethereal, stellar, hopeful, and engaging.

Submitted by Joseph Condé on 09/09/2017

Maya Rodgers 4 stars rating.

Great people, beautiful art

Submitted by Maya Rodgers on 07/22/2017

Louis Frayser 5 stars rating.

I've been to a few shows and parties here. The staff is very friendly. It's a large place with lots of exhibits. Come by during Second Saturday Artwalk

Submitted by Louis Frayser on 12/24/2016

Angel Ramirez 5 stars rating.

I have portraits there... for sale

Submitted by Angel Ramirez on 03/10/2016