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Michael Levy Gallery Reviews

Submitted by James Conn on 05/15/2018

James Conn 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Diverse artists and styles of art. Numerous pieces by well known artists. I recommend coming in and seeing what they have

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Anthony Joseph 5 stars rating.

Quality pieces and many admired artists and sculptors from estate sales. Chagall, Calder, Miro, Tamayo, etc..

Michael Levy is a true professional who really knows the world of art and where exceptional value lies.

Submitted by Anthony Joseph on 03/08/2020

katherine glancy 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Katherine Glancy on 11/13/2019

Deborah Lewis 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Deborah Lewis on 03/19/2019

Tim Beary 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Tim Beary on 02/24/2018