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The Dark Art Emporium Reviews

Submitted by Markos Moreno on 02/05/2020

Markos Moreno 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I stumbled upon this place while I was visiting the Long Beach area and I was not expecting it to be so cool. It's not a large gallery maybe a little over 1000 square feet, but it's packed with all sorts of cool, out of this world, and very macabre pieces of art and merchandise. The employee that was present was very courteous and when asked if I could take pictures of the pieces, was very encouraging of me doing so. I really took my time with everything because as soon as I thought I had seen the whole exhibit, something brand new caught my eye. If you love dark, twisted, and, of course, awesome art, don't hesitate to pop in.

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not today 5 stars rating.

Lots of cool stuff

Nice priced art for sale also

Submitted by Not Today on 03/06/2022

Beverly Sage 5 stars rating.

The employees are great, the art is fantastic. A wonderful l place to swing through on a date.

Submitted by Beverly Sage on 10/15/2021

dyslexic dog 5 stars rating.

Love you guys and miss you at the elm address I go by 4 horse but never go in

Submitted by Dyslexic Dog on 10/11/2021

Grren Stone 5 stars rating.

Rad art. Decent prices. Owners are chill.

Submitted by Grren Stone on 09/17/2021

Sara Pilchman 5 stars rating.

Incredible art from established and emerging artists. Not afraid to share a strong point of view while remaining financially accessible to collectors of nearly all income levels.

Submitted by Sara Pilchman on 06/06/2020

Dick Von ZombieSlayer 5 stars rating.

One of the best Galleries in all of SoCal! Along with their monthly art exhibits they also have a salon style wall of rotating pieces, books, oddities (including human specimens), and much more all for sale for a wide range of budgets.

Submitted by Dick Von Zombieslayer on 01/12/2020

Craig Macaulay 5 stars rating.

Excellent spot with fantastic dark art. It's all in the name. Offerings rotate on a regular basis. Definitely worth a visit.

Submitted by Craig Macaulay on 12/01/2019

evan laird 5 stars rating.

A very straight forward beautiful niche of a business..a few blocks from my house and the art and oddities this place displays is impressive. It is just getting better with age.. and letting us dark artists shed some skin.

Submitted by Evan Laird on 11/16/2019

Pika Chew 5 stars rating.

Great collection of odd items

Submitted by Pika Chew on 04/13/2019

Monica S 4 stars rating.

First time coming here and really enjoyed the strange and cute stuff, nice staff, great art work!

Submitted by Monica S on 03/24/2019

Terry McCleary 5 stars rating.

Amazing and Unique place! Definitely worth checking out!

Submitted by Terry Mccleary on 04/07/2018

Jason Taggart 5 stars rating.

Great night tonight. Excellent artists showing off their talents. Exhibition is over, but the place remains open. If you like a taste of the dark side or are curious, stop by anytime they are open and come take a look for yourself.

Submitted by Jason Taggart on 04/07/2018

Patricia Gagna 5 stars rating.

This place is so ghoulishly cool. I enjoy going through every part of this place so I don't miss a thing. A goth girl's place, for sure. Read the book titles they have for sale, they are entertaining and the taxidermy is fun.

Submitted by Patricia Gagna on 04/06/2018

Patricia L. 5 stars rating.

I was an out of town visitor and this store showed up on my phone map as a point of interest so tried it. Interesting place, beautiful art work, displays of some animal skeletons (goes with the macabre theme), but I found humerous paintings (loved Frankenstein on a motorcycle chopper style).

Submitted by Patricia L. on 03/02/2018

Roger Timm 5 stars rating.

Amazing gallery of oddities, art and collectables. Truly an experience for your senses. Exciting events and classes, this a true original in the city of Long Beach. It is a must visit for any art enthusiast.

Submitted by Roger Timm on 02/16/2018

sharyonda 5 stars rating.

Great art can't wait to go back and get more items for my newly renovated apartment in Downtown Long Beach.

Submitted by Sharyonda on 02/08/2018

Foxy Mopar Lady 4 stars rating.

This place is so intriguing! Went for the first time today.
Many neat things, from the human skulls beautifully carved..too the art work.
Presentation is on point.
The vibe is good, walking in, you feel drawn to enter more.
The art work is impressive.
Have a open mind.

I would of gave 5 stars but I was not greeted or asked if I needed assistance.
I was intrigued by the gallery of oddities and knowing more would of been a delight.

However when I did ask questions, he was kind and knowledgeable.
I will be returning!!

And bring a few bucks...
10 bucks will get you a couple cool things !

More money the better though becsuse this place has some original stuff!

Submitted by Foxy Mopar Lady on 11/21/2017

Robert Decker 5 stars rating.

Interesting and unique selection of taxidermy, art, and figurines... many items are from local artists. Don't bring your children.

Submitted by Robert Decker on 06/30/2017

Ed Matyk 4 stars rating.

Weird !
Street parking
A lot of the items on display are also on sale
Staff is super cool and great to talk too . May not be great for kids
Kinda small if you want more art check out the exhibit across the street

Submitted by Ed Matyk on 03/22/2017