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Artists Corner Reviews

Submitted by Artemis Arthur on 03/01/2019

Artemis Arthur 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Truly excellent artwork at this venue! The live music showcase was amazing as well.

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D.J.W. Words and Sounds 5 stars rating.

I've been in Artists Corner for a few events, and it's always an engaging experience regardless of what is taking place.

Submitted by D.j.w. Words And Sounds on 12/24/2019

Can Wight 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Can Wight on 03/23/2019

justin A 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Justin A on 02/16/2019

Adri 4 stars rating.

Cute little venue for shows. Went to see my friend. It’s a tight squeeze. It’s a good location for a show to start off your artist career!

Submitted by Adri on 01/03/2019

Bryce Caster 4 stars rating.

Went to see my friend's show in this small art gallery. $10 entry fee was a bit steep and the lighting wasn't great on his pieces, but overall it was a nice venue.

Submitted by Bryce Caster on 08/20/2018

Cynthia Basinet 5 stars rating.

Cool spot handcrafted made in la gifts

Submitted by Cynthia Basinet on 08/19/2018

Joel Walton 4 stars rating.


Submitted by Joel Walton on 08/17/2018

Jack Zinkiewicz 5 stars rating.

Incredible atmosphere with people that have heart

Submitted by Jack Zinkiewicz on 01/11/2018

Lori Estrada 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Lori Estrada on 01/01/2018