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Artspace Warehouse Reviews

Submitted by Cesare Safieh on 11/20/2015

Cesare Safieh 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Artspace it a terrific place to see new and emerging artists.
I always find new pieces and a variety of different mediums displayed.
Found myself drawn to some amazing textured pieces. Vivid colors that really move you.
Its great to attend events and meet other people who enjoy art like I do.
Claudia the owner brings a European touch to West LA Art.

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Arlene Foster 3 stars rating.

I don't know that much about art, and museums aren't usually my idea of a rocking Saturday afternoon, but my boyfriend and I had a blast here! The art is very cool and contemporary, and I loved learning more about the artists.

Submitted by Arlene Foster on 03/03/2022

Krystal Drake 4 stars rating.

I visited Artspace Warehouse on a small trip around Los Angeles. This art museum is awesome! Definitely a place to take pictures and social media worthy. We had so much fun walking around and discovering everything they had here. It's a beautiful building inside and out.

Submitted by Krystal Drake on 03/01/2022

Sven Wenzel 5 stars rating.

The team is amazing! It was a spontaneous visit the day after Super Bowl LVI to find a little nice souvenir. I got it! Thank you so much! See you next time when being in LA ;-)

Submitted by Sven Wenzel on 02/24/2022

Dickson Wong 5 stars rating.

They have a great selection of art from a diverse group of artists. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. The buying and shipping process is very easy and quick.

Submitted by Dickson Wong on 02/09/2022

Iris McLister 5 stars rating.

Such a stellar place to check out LA art! The gallery feels both modern and rooted in all the wonderful history that makes southern California such a unique art destination. Super genuine staff with zero pretension!

Submitted by Iris Mclister on 01/20/2022

Antonio Constandinou 5 stars rating.

This is a must visit in Los Angeles. The diversity of artworks/artists and the service are top notch. You will not be disappointed.

Submitted by Antonio Constandinou on 12/08/2021

Stephen Nicholas 5 stars rating.

Art piece were amazing ,and mesmorizing.

Submitted by Stephen Nicholas on 11/30/2021

shelly wells 5 stars rating.

The Artspace team is amazing! So knowledgeable and fun to work with. This was our first time choosing quality art for our office and we went in not knowing what we were doing and left the experience feeling so good about our choices! They took their time, listened to what we had to say and made the experience a lot of fun! Thank you both! We will be back again for more!

Submitted by Shelly Wells on 07/23/2021

Mike Gammarino 5 stars rating.

Amazing experience with the staff at Artspace! They went above and beyond. Buying art for the first time can be overwhelming, especially with their beautifully curated collection. So many choices! We scheduled an in-home showing (highly recommended if you live in Los Angeles) which was incredibly helpful. I am now the proud owner of four fantastic new paintings.

Submitted by Mike Gammarino on 06/29/2021

Dennis Beel (BE) 5 stars rating.

Ordered a painting out of Belgium.
Fast, efficient and delivered in good quality.

Submitted by Dennis Beel (be) on 06/07/2021

Janet Chua 5 stars rating.

The Artspace Warehouse is a jewel of a place to find works from talented artists, mostly on the west coast. There are works of many different modes and are many different sizes. I loved the 3 dimensional pieces. This is a perfect venue to find art for your home, office or anywhere you need inspiration. They were a big help with advice on how to choose the right piece. I was surprised to learn artists may be commissioned to make new pieces upon request. When I move to a new home, I won't hesitate to revisit the artists pieces.

Submitted by Janet Chua on 07/02/2020

Commerce Energy 4 stars rating.

we had the best experience coming in here with my family. we really enjoyed the moment.

Submitted by Commerce Energy on 11/06/2019

Estevan Ramirez 5 stars rating.

Been a few times! Great art selection and great staff that are well versed on the artists they showcase. I’d also check out Artplex!

Submitted by Estevan Ramirez on 10/13/2019

Elena Rust 5 stars rating.

I LOVE this gallery. The staff are super knowledgeable about the pieces they display (which are usually the product of up and coming artists). They even “discover” artists that are usually not given a chance. So cool! There’s so many bold and colorful works. A must see.

Submitted by Elena Rust on 10/13/2019

Margot F 1 stars rating.

I was surprised how bad their service was. It seems they don’t take a good care of their artworks, a lot of them seemed scratched, dusty and worn. None of the employees can elaborate on artists’s bio or history. Was very disappointed after my visit. I would not trust this gallery.

Submitted by Margot F on 10/10/2019

Russell Munn 5 stars rating.

Fantastic gallery of new(ish) artists. Prices are very reasonable for original artwork. Staff incredibly helpful and friendly. Will be back for sure.

Submitted by Russell Munn on 09/18/2018

Alison Isaacman 5 stars rating.

Love this place!!! Highly recommend!!! They have a wonderful selection of artwork . The staff is super friendly/fantastic and handles each piece with great care :) They do a fantastic job with installations!

Submitted by Alison Isaacman on 07/13/2018

BertaArt Studio Gallery 5 stars rating.

The new Artspace Collection gallery consists of large abstract works which are colorful, vibrant and highly textured perfect for residential and commercial spaces. Conveniently located near the popular Beverly Center and The Fairfax Grove. They represent Emerging and European artists. Claudia, the owner is a very knowledgeable art curator and the staff is delightful to work with. The gallery is filled with attractively priced abstract works.

Submitted by Bertaart Studio Gallery on 05/31/2016