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California African American Museum Reviews

Submitted by Noah Balboa on 09/29/2021

Noah Balboa 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

A must visit museum for anyone interested in learning more about AA culture. Free (not including parking) to get in so there’s no excuse for you not pulling up.

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Henry Edward Hall 3 stars rating.

I Love CAAM museum that doubles as a superior Art Gallery. The historical displays offer a strong dose of truth about our shared American experience. There's a heightened sensibility when history is curated through Art interpretation. In fact it's probably a most effective teaching method

Submitted by Henry Edward Hall on 04/23/2022

Jenna Didier 5 stars rating.

This should be a required destination for every Angelenx and every tourist! Always something inspiring on view. Their support of our local artists is wonderful, and entry is always free... You can't even donate bc it's paid for by the state of California.

Submitted by Jenna Didier on 04/04/2022

Marston Fisher 5 stars rating.

Love to visit this museum when in LA.
Friendly inviting staff.
Clean and spacious museum.

Submitted by Marston Fisher on 03/29/2022

neno piru 4 stars rating.

It was a good experience something that you can take the kids to see some flying exquisite art the pitches was live my girl enjoyed the pitches they looked like they were 3-D but they were hand painted.. It was eatery across the street found a place to park on a side street parking with $15 though.... Exhibit was free the trench traveler????????‼️????????〽️⭕️????️

Submitted by Neno Piru on 03/29/2022

Ai nah Meee 4 stars rating.

Expected more but only few exhibitors but still very fun and interesting to visit.

Submitted by Ai Nah Meee on 03/18/2022

Christie Dawson 3 stars rating.

Very much worth the wait. It's the type of gallery that is lively and help you understand the appeal of contemporary art. There's something for everybody. Whether you're a beginner to the world of art or an advanced critic.

Submitted by Christie Dawson on 02/24/2022

Sam 4 stars rating.

Just about 4 rooms with not a lot of exhibits, not a lot to see really.
I think they should add more I’ll be happy to pay if they have much more & they want me to, cuz now it’s free.

Submitted by Sam on 02/23/2022

Ada Powers 3 stars rating.

My first visit was wonderful. We had free tickets that gave us immediate entrance around the folks in lines outside. The museum is large and spacious and had fantastic art of all forms on display. Some is very interactive and perfect for Instagram, while others are thoughtful traditional art in small format as well as very large format.

Submitted by Ada Powers on 02/16/2022

Jim Curry 5 stars rating.

Beautiful Museum! The two ladies at the reception desk kept saying "Please Put Your Mask On"...…. Great Job!

Submitted by Jim Curry on 02/14/2022

m roude 5 stars rating.

Very satisfied.... wish I had come for a live event

Submitted by M Roude on 02/06/2022

Dezmon Green 5 stars rating.

Be prepared to read everything on this self-guided tour, $15 to park but free admission. I wish LA treated CAAM like the Getty Center. This building needs to be upgraded to complement its beauty in Black America

Submitted by Dezmon Green on 01/23/2022

Russ Vandeveerdonk 5 stars rating.

Historic, safe, clean AND bring your camera ???? because there are jets, FULL SIZED real ones outside for viewing!

Submitted by Russ Vandeveerdonk on 12/12/2021

Antoinette Wooden 5 stars rating.

It was a good museum I wish there was more history inside though.

Submitted by Antoinette Wooden on 12/07/2021

Jerry Brett 3 stars rating.

There were maybe 6 people there total in the middle of the day. For some reason, the person at the desk made me hand carry my backpack. some of the art exhibits were interesting, and a bunch of old photos of people with captions. I really wanted to like this place, but it was dull and disappointing.

Submitted by Jerry Brett on 08/23/2021

Nancy Uche 5 stars rating.

I came here last year with a friend. We really loved all the amazing artwork from the talented artists. They do allow you to take photos of only some of the artwork. Definitely stop by if you are in the area.

Submitted by Nancy Uche on 06/28/2021

Veronica Sevilla 5 stars rating.

Only 4 exhibits were open for viewing, all worth the travel. Nice to see art come together like that. A small amount of people were there, made it pleasant to be there.

Submitted by Veronica Sevilla on 06/17/2021

Brendan Whitt 5 stars rating.

The exhibit that I enjoyed while I was visiting for my first time was the Black Debutante exhibit. As a Bkack transplant to LA it's always fun and enlightening to learn about the history of your people out here in the West Coast. The legacies of the families that were highlighted in the exhibit is a testament to why this museum and many like it should exist and continue to thrive.

Submitted by Brendan Whitt on 06/13/2021

VideoChick LA 5 stars rating.

Great museum, the exhibits do change so you learn or see something new every time you visit. I highly recommend you visit with friends and family. For parking I would suggest behind the Chick-fil-A where all the restaurants are. I highly recommended on adding this to your todo list when visiting LA ????????

Submitted by Videochick La on 04/24/2021

Siso Ntuli 5 stars rating.

Such an amazing experiencing. I have never heard of the CAAM before my families trip to the LA area. We were looking for things to do with the family and came across it. This museum highlights lesser known African American artist that have amazing work. There were 5 exhibits when we went, to which change frequently to my understanding. It's in the museum area right next to the NHM and Science Museum. You can go to all of them in one day. But due to COVID, you'll have to set an appointment because they are limiting the number of people at certain times. Which to me is an advantage.

Submitted by Siso Ntuli on 04/14/2021