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California Science Center Reviews

Submitted by Patrick D on 01/29/2022

Patrick D 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This place can easily one of the place in LA that anyone should check out! When I visited, parking wasn’t an issue as there was abundant space for parking. The General Admission is free although iMax and a few of the extra attractions come with a fee. They would ask for donations instead which is at your discretion. The place boasts numerous exhibits but the main attraction at this science centre is the Endeavour Space Shuttle which really was a sight to see!

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Kevin “Success Builder” M 5 stars rating.

I really enjoyed the Angor Wat exhibit and IMAX show. The rest of the center was also great. It's much bigger then you would expect with lots to see and do. Definitely worth the stop if you want a good family activity.

Submitted by Kevin “success Builder” M on 04/23/2022

Marta Barejko 5 stars rating.

Great place to spend time. Cane to see space shuttle Endeavor. Pictures and videos showing its journey from Florida to California are amazing. I recommend to buy ticket with entrance to imax movie about space travels. Lots of interactive exhibits for kids. There is also a place to eat, restaurant and shop.

Submitted by Marta Barejko on 04/15/2022

Bryan “odibo” H옹 5 stars rating.

Reservation required. General admission is for free and additional ticket needed for special events. Parking fee is $15 flat fee. You can park Blue Visitor parking structure and there is 1 EV charge point.

Submitted by Bryan “odibo” H옹 on 04/15/2022

UV A 3 stars rating.

Entry is free but parking is $20. Did have a few things to do in relation to Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Space but could be more interactive. Staff was helpf and process was smooth. The rose garden outside is not to be missed. The coliseum is in the same campus. The African American museum is there too. The stadium is around as well. Nice area to spend atleast half a day.

Submitted by Uv A on 04/04/2022

Violet Bauer 5 stars rating.

3/28/2022 reservations are required as well as vaccination record and your mask! It is clearly stated on their website so I won’t get into more details. This place has the actual space shuttle that took on many missions and alone that was worth the trip. The exhibitions are good for K-12 but catered more for smaller children. We overall enjoyed it.

Submitted by Violet Bauer on 04/02/2022

Jessica Mc Coy 5 stars rating.

I’m a native Angeleno, and I’ve been coming here since I was a little kid. I came for a visit in 2018 for the Final king tut exhibit. The new grand Egyptian museum was under construction at the time and was allowing his personal effects to travel the world. If you’re looking to save some cash and you live in the nearby area,take the expo line to save on parking and traffic around USC.

Submitted by Jessica Mc Coy on 03/30/2022

Sharon Adams 4 stars rating.

Haven't visited since childhood. It was informative and fun for my niece and nephew and I enjoyed watching their enthusiasm and wonderment. Will definitely return for the IMAX experience.

Submitted by Sharon Adams on 03/20/2022

gomarketingsuccess dotcom 5 stars rating.

Came here 1st time for the Angkor exhibit. It's limited time only. Booking was easy, pre-pay parking before you leave.
The Imax 3D Angkor movie was popping out, I felt the pressure and views like I was there.
The dessert spot was humid, very dessert like.
We ended up exploring every sections. Awesome.

Submitted by Gomarketingsuccess Dotcom on 03/17/2022

Ondrej Trecha 5 stars rating.

Fresh place with lots of stuff to explore. Fun staff. Many exhibitions to choose from :)

Well made bioms with different own aspects (many interactions, flash floods, VRs). As I am traveling a lot. This was the nicest presentation of this kind I have seen so far :)

Space shuttle...just epic. Always makes my heart jump to see this beauty.

Thank you for the nice experience

Submitted by Ondrej Trecha on 03/16/2022

josem138 4 stars rating.

This museum can be visited for free and they earn from purchases and donations. It is full of experiments so people can learn about something. That's so cool. Seems like the pandemic stroke heavily the donations since many of those experiments were either broken or shut down, a shame.
Once everything is fixed and back into place, this is a 5-star

Submitted by Josem138 on 03/06/2022

Jeremie Roberts 5 stars rating.

The California Science Center was great. It's awesome inspiring seeing one of the the space shuttles I grew up watching launch into space. In will be amazing when they have the shuttle, external fuel tank, and solid rocket boosters all assembled like when it was ready to launch.

Submitted by Jeremie Roberts on 03/06/2022

Roger Acosta 5 stars rating.

A fun place to visit with some interesting exhibits. We spent a lot of time checking out the various space related exhibits but there are other types of exhibits that are not space related to explore. Plan to spend at least 3 or 4 hours at a minimum to get the most out of it.

Submitted by Roger Acosta on 03/01/2022

M Mina 4 stars rating.

Took our 5 and 8 year old they somewhat enjoyed it...did couple of the rides and saw different exhibitions..got to see the Endeavor...cool...the discovery room and couple of other things were closed probably cuz of covid ...will take the kids back when they get older and the rest of the things open up...made reservations online because everything had lines...

Submitted by M Mina on 02/21/2022

Tara Browne 5 stars rating.

Spent the better part of the day at the California Science Center. The permanent displays were enjoyable. I was mostly there for the Space displays (the Endeavor was my favorite exhibit!) but, I also really enjoyed the Ecosystem segment (particularly the aquarium/ocean section-- there's a swction where you can pet different aquatic creatures).

You have to reserve tickets in advance due to entry time requirements per COVID protocols. To reserve a ticket online is $3. If you want to do IMAX (for one adult) it was $8.95 and then on-premise parking was $15-- this is why I marked it "$21-$30" when Google asked what the cost of entry was (even though cost of entry is technically free).

I didn't realize that the parking lot was shared by a couple different museums so if you plan your day accordingly, you could hit multiple museums and only pay for parking once.

I saw the IMAX presentation on Space (narrated by Patrick Stewart). It was definitely worth seeing, in my opinion!

This is great for/geared toward kids as most of the displays are interactive/educational.

Submitted by Tara Browne on 02/19/2022

Dmytro Lytvynenko 5 stars rating.

I recommend to visit. Just remember about masks, and book online your visit, because it's limited!

I thought it just usual Science Center for kinds, you know, like most of them in general. But when came there, I change my mind. For me I open many interesting and useful things. I learned how does work some things that surround us! You can see there history about aerospace , aquarium tunnel and some aquarium that you can seat and watch the fish. Also thanks about fire safety. And the most exciting thing for me was "Endeavour". I just barely heard about it, but didn't pay attention. And there in center, you'll be able to learn more about this space shuttle that was Unbelievable 25 times!!! Also you can see all history of missions, crews and useful things that they did. Just imagine this shuttle was in space in total 299 days, traveled around Earth orbit 4,671 times. Traveled in total almost 123 thousand miles!!!

Submitted by Dmytro Lytvynenko on 02/10/2022

Bunny Aug 5 stars rating.

Great free museum that kid oriented. Lots of space stuff if you're into that. Runs on donations. Great alternative to other mushrooms if you like fish, space, and other things science related.

Submitted by Bunny Aug on 02/08/2022

Bob Brennaman(REALTOR) 4 stars rating.

We checked this place out when we were in town. Some nice exhibits but this place was much smaller than I was anticipating.

Cool to see space shuttle up close.

We are big science museum people and have been to ones all over the world I still think the best one is in Vancouver

Submitted by Bob Brennaman(realtor) on 01/31/2022

Sabrina Wildermuth 5 stars rating.

A great experience with my 4 year old! I wish that the discovery rooms were open but closed due to Covid. Will come back in the future for those + a special exhibit we're interested in. The fish and aquariums were a hit! Amazing opportunity at no cost!

Submitted by Sabrina Wildermuth on 01/31/2022

Trey 4 stars rating.

Great place to learn some new things about Science and to see some neat exhibits. Main reason we came here was to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the Art of Brick exhibit. Very cool to see Lego pieces being built to mimic art sculptures and paintings. Parking wasn’t bad but it does fill up pretty quickly, so come early to avoid waiting for spots. The food at the cafe was also pretty good and the prices were decent considering museums usually charge a hefty price.

Submitted by Trey on 11/28/2021