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Corey Helford Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Brad Carss on 04/24/2016

Brad Carss 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We have been attending Art Exhibit Openings with Jan and Bruce for years at their always engaging Gallery. Their spacious new venue is a testament to their outstanding commitment, taste and place in the rapidly expanding Art District of Downtown LA.

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Matt Dockery 3 stars rating.

I've been here twice now and I really enjoy this museum. Corey Helford Gallery has a very impressive collection! Before I go any further, let's address the pronunciation. Broad museum is named for the Broad family are art enthusiasts, who have created the museum and filled it with their expansive collection. Broad is pronounced like Ode with a B in front, not like Broadway or Los Angeles, CA.

Submitted by Matt Dockery on 02/28/2022

Johanna Kim 5 stars rating.

I love the corey helford gallery with nice and great paintings.

Submitted by Johanna Kim on 02/19/2022

Cherine H 5 stars rating.

Good art perfect lighting and setup that brings out the beauty of artwork and the proper reflection of colors.
Well organized not too crowded.

Submitted by Cherine H on 07/03/2021

Ken Mann 5 stars rating.

Beautifully displayed high quality art. Much larger than it appears from the street with three separate gallery spaces. Several different mediums on display most of it very playful.

Definitely worth the trip.

Submitted by Ken Mann on 06/04/2021

Tessa B 1 stars rating.

Fine to go in person but do not attempt to buy a print online with any expectations of communication or receiving your order. The banner on the website directs you to email someone who doesn't even work there anymore when you plan to buy multiple prints. When you get redirected to the new person, Luis does not answer. I've been trying to contact him for 5+ weeks with no response, $300+ gone and no order, tracking number or shipping updates of any kind. Downloaded the "shop" app that they recommend as the only way to get shipping updates, it's not been updated once. Get it together.

Submitted by Tessa B on 05/11/2021

Drew 5 stars rating.

Phenomenal art. Probably the best gallery in the arts district. Beyond Houser, of course, but Houser is *still* basically empty and this place has loads of eclectic artists with amazing work. This is the most accessible art in the whole district that we saw. Brilliant stuff.

Also, ignore people scared of the area. It’s perfectly safe. There aren’t even any homeless around. It’s just old warehouses and trash, nothing to worry about except for maybe the odd nail in a tire. ;)

Submitted by Drew on 03/28/2021

Jeffery Page 5 stars rating.

Always great artwork and artists. Definitely a gallery to check out in the arts district of dtla artist left to right ---> #buffmonster #jessicalouise #jefferypage at #corehelfordgallery #dtla #artist

Submitted by Jeffery Page on 01/26/2020

william lew 4 stars rating.

While it was crowded, we were able to take our time to see all of the photos and memorabilia, as well as the short film in the center of the space. We were here for about 90 minutes total and were able to walk across to the mall for lunch.

Submitted by William Lew on 11/11/2019

Alya Christie 5 stars rating.

Located in an industrial area which isn't the most appealing place for an art gallery. At least that's my opinion and that's how initially felt on my way here. As a matter of fact, I almost turned around but gathered enough courage to continue.

Finally arrived to the place just as they opened the front doors. I was really surprised how nice this venue is. It's clean, spacious and very organized. Once inside, you'll feel like you're in one of the art galleries in Beverly Hills.

I came here for The Hello Kitty exhibit which opened a few weeks ago with HK fans lined up around the block. I was glad that on the day I visited, there were just two other girls with me. We were able to freely roam around and take as many pictures as we want without any human obstructions aka photobombers.

It was an interesting collection of arts made of different mediums highlighting, of course, everyone's favorite character, Hello Kitty. Don't forget to grab the guide book in the front desk upon entry. It's very helpful to identify the artists, medium used, and the price ($$$$).

Aside from HK exhibition which by the way ends in August 3rd, there's also three adjoining rooms showcasing art pieces of different artists so feel free to browse.

Free inside and street parking. Nice and clean restrooms inside the gallery.

Submitted by Alya Christie on 10/09/2019

April McGee 5 stars rating.

Spacious gallery in the heart of the industrial part of Downtown Los Angeles. If you're looking for a diamond in the rough, with a little bit of grunge, this should be your hang out. They had an open bar and plenty of snacks to keep you happy and entertained, as well as plenty of art lovers to chat with and people watch.

Submitted by April Mcgee on 08/21/2019

bunnyliz R 5 stars rating.

Never knew there was this gallery until I went to the hello Kitty show it was so out of no where , the gallery is so spacious and clean , the have like four different artist , the vibe of the place is so uplifting, they where so friendly and welcoming would come again plus the have parking .

Submitted by Bunnyliz R on 07/25/2019

Robert M 4 stars rating.

We went to this gallery in Boyle Heights to look at the Hello Kitty show. These are works of art inspired by Hello Kitty. There was a lot of variety, imagination, and talent on display. Understandably, many of the works had already been sold, but they were still quite a few good ones for sale. Check this Gallery out for other post pop art and contemporary shows, including some graffiti artists.

Submitted by Robert M on 07/07/2019

jenn w 5 stars rating.

Went to see the art for the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty. Cute, plus no entry fee.

Submitted by Jenn W on 07/06/2019

Anh Nguyen 5 stars rating.

So this was our first time going to this gallery and let me tell you... it did not disappoint at all.

I mean we arrived there almost 2 hours early for the Hello Kitty art show and this is expected since you know there are tons of fans of the cat.

They had a giveaway which was nice even though it was only for the first 100. Everyone was so courteous and so nice to one another and the gallery was very big.

I got to get the art prints that we saw on Instagram and we walked around the gallery for at least an hour seeing all the cool Hello Kitty art.

Got to meet Tara McPherson which was pretty cool as I have some of the art work.

It sucked for the people buying the prints though since they only had one credit card reader and the line was around 1-2 hours from what was told.

Submitted by Anh Nguyen on 07/01/2019

Fatima Torres 5 stars rating.

This gallery is always lovely to visit. They have many paintings and art on display. Giving the opportunity for many upcoming and known artist to show and share their work.

Submitted by Fatima Torres on 04/03/2019

Alessandro de Bellegarde 5 stars rating.

Open and welcoming atmosphere showcasing some of the best talent around! Was very lucky to catch Soey Milk’s “inflorescence” show in Oct ‘18! Excellent display!

Submitted by Alessandro De Bellegarde on 10/19/2018

Brandy Grueter 5 stars rating.

We were instantly greeted by Sherry the museum curator, as we walked in. She told us a little about the artists on display. The layout was great, the artists were killer. Always love the changing atmosphere. Never dissatisfied. See you all sooner than soon.

Submitted by Brandy Grueter on 05/23/2018

Kalin Corvidae 5 stars rating.

Free gallery find that we went to on a whim. Amazingly awesome modern art exhibit. Definitely worth the visit.

Submitted by Kalin Corvidae on 04/18/2018

Jessica Louise 5 stars rating.

Gorgeous museum gallery space. It's a beautiful gallery with amazing staff and exciting and wonderful exhibitions every month. My favorite gallery in Los Angeles.

Submitted by Jessica Louise on 09/01/2017