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David Kordansky Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Xabi Gaztelumendi on 09/14/2021

Xabi Gaztelumendi 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

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Maria Casanova 5 stars rating.

Amazing Derek Frodjour exhibition. I didn't know this gallery, will definitely be coming back.

Submitted by Maria Casanova on 04/07/2022

funning 5 stars rating.

I attended an event here. An excellent spot for an art gallery and a magic show. The vibe was very chill, an outdoor bathroom and adult beverages.

The crowd was very mixed and within the art world, great for networking and it was an overall excellent experience.

Submitted by Funning on 03/26/2022

Ralph Olivas 5 stars rating.

Kordansky is one of LA's world-class art galleries. Do not miss the Rashid Johnson exhibition.

Submitted by Ralph Olivas on 09/26/2021

Nestor Vazquez 5 stars rating.

Really cool place. I went in during the black and blue exhibit. I'll for sure come back for the next one

Submitted by Nestor Vazquez on 09/21/2021

J A 5 stars rating.

Really beautiful space inside and out. Top notch gallery that provides ample space to feel free of outside distractions when taking in the artists' work, and they really have a great exhibition program, even during COVID-19!

Submitted by J A on 09/20/2021

Luke Forsyth 5 stars rating.

Definitely shows some good art here

Submitted by Luke Forsyth on 09/06/2021

Sneha Popley 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Sneha Popley on 07/02/2021

Andre Lukin 5 stars rating.

Probably one of the best galleries in LA area. Worth putting your time to visit and enjoy the art from talented artists, usually "big names" in the art world.

Submitted by Andre Lukin on 06/12/2021

Kirby Fortenberry 5 stars rating.

Great pieces

Submitted by Kirby Fortenberry on 03/03/2020

Teresa Gonzalvo 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Teresa Gonzalvo on 11/01/2019

Jacqueline Woll 5 stars rating.

Great gallery

Submitted by Jacqueline Woll on 05/12/2019

Marty Bruinsma 5 stars rating.

Wide open clean space to view large scale artwork. Quiet and peaceful.

Submitted by Marty Bruinsma on 02/07/2019

David Correa 3 stars rating.

I have not gone inside I only make delivery to this place

Submitted by David Correa on 10/13/2018

jess magana 5 stars rating.

Friendly staff. Nice clean cool place to view art. Gender neutral restrooms. The art is interesting definitely modern.

Submitted by Jess Magana on 09/07/2018

G. Christensen 5 stars rating.

Gorgeous space. Attentive and professional staff. Showing high art.

Submitted by G. Christensen on 04/08/2018

Stephanie James 5 stars rating.

Always a good artist/s showing there. The space is great too. We come down to LA from Syracuse University (a group of faculty and graduates) and this gallery is our first stop. It sets us up for the week ahead.

Submitted by Stephanie James on 03/10/2018

Rodney Carter 5 stars rating.

Very nice place

Submitted by Rodney Carter on 02/17/2018

Bobby Chalk 5 stars rating.

The Elegance and classy style!

Submitted by Bobby Chalk on 02/14/2018

munoz andres 5 stars rating.

Come this store good thing there good atention

Submitted by Munoz Andres on 01/25/2018