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FOLD Gallery Reviews

Submitted by Anna Shapiro on 01/15/2020

Anna Shapiro 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great place for rare gifts with reasonable prices ????

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Shahbaz Mansahia 5 stars rating.

This little store was definitely a good find in LA. I loved everything they were selling and also liked the price range of objects at sale (they have relatively expensive and very affordable pieces at sale at this book store; perfect for the connoisseur and college student). I like what this gallery stands for and the purple-eyebrowed girl (I am an idiot; I really did forget her name) did a great job at trying to help me out with my purchase. Hidden treasure in LA, basically (both the store AND the artists whose work was/is on display!!!!!)

Submitted by Shahbaz Mansahia on 01/02/2022

bob sassafrass 1 stars rating.

They are trying to sell cameras for 4 and 5 times the value sold elsewhere. Talk about a bunch of scam artists.

Submitted by Bob Sassafrass on 09/14/2021

Jeff Mclean 5 stars rating.

This spot has awesome vintage cameras! They also have other cool pieces of vintage - nasa, simpsons, and sci-fi. I’ll be back again!

Submitted by Jeff Mclean on 04/04/2021

CC Sevex 5 stars rating.

FOLD gallery is the perfect place to find unique and beautiful gifts! Just on the upper mezzanine of the last bookstore, this little shop is packed with hidden treasures. From local artwork, functioning vintage cameras, candles, cute patches and pins - they have something for everyone!

Submitted by Cc Sevex on 04/04/2021

Violet Price 5 stars rating.

Amazing, helpful staff! I bought a vintage camera and it is so perfect. Such a hidden gem.

Submitted by Violet Price on 04/04/2021

Red Piper 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Red Piper on 05/19/2019

Emily Watkins 1 stars rating.

The Shop on the top floor FOLD DTLA should be shutdown. I was gifted some ‘Vintage’ Cocktail Glasses my friend bought from there for $40. I had already bought these for $1 each at Dollar Tree! They refused to refund or exchange. DO NOT BUY THEIR FAKE VINTAGE! Horrible owner.

Submitted by Emily Watkins on 03/27/2019

Boya Yu 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Boya Yu on 07/09/2016

Rafael Oliveira 5 stars rating.

(Translated by Google) Great


Submitted by Rafael Oliveira on 01/11/2016