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Gallery 1988 Reviews

Submitted by Ashley Rotarius on 07/13/2017

Ashley Rotarius 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I have not visited this gallery in person but have called them to inquire about pieces and products they were selling for the Mattel 2017 The Joys of Toys show. Staff was very helpful and willing to answer my questions over the phone. When I purchased prints from that show they were very well packaged and shipped securely (no one wants their limited edition prints banging around in a box!) and arrived less than a week after I had ordered them!! I hope my favorite artist's products are featured through this gallery again, since it was a pleasure doing business with them.

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Mindy Fruhmann 5 stars rating.

Don't let the size fool you. It's very lengthy inside and holds quite a bit of art. The variety for the show we saw was amazing. I also love that they have the items for sale in person and online for purchase.

Submitted by Mindy Fruhmann on 01/29/2022

Serena T 1 stars rating.

Really slow to ship, which to some extent is understandable during the pandemic, but they don't reply to emails at all.

Submitted by Serena T on 01/20/2022

Abraham Cota 5 stars rating.

Great prices on really unique and one of a kind art pieces

Submitted by Abraham Cota on 11/15/2021

Scott “Honest Reviewer” 5 stars rating.

Great place to shop, there are posters, artwork, original pieces. Pretty much, if you collect posters and artwork, this is the location for you. I highly recommend stopping here. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I purchased items when I visited here. There are metered parking spots located on the streets.

Submitted by Scott “honest Reviewer” on 10/06/2021

Alison Carter 5 stars rating.

Really cool gallery! Lots of hilarious, clever, funny, and cool pop culture prints and art. Would love to come back and spend hours looking through everything!

Submitted by Alison Carter on 04/03/2021

Esteban Romo 4 stars rating.

This place is really cool, we bought some art and pins. I hope they have more events.

Submitted by Esteban Romo on 03/12/2020

Davin Levenberg 5 stars rating.

Great little art gallery in the heart of Melrose Hollywood. They have great brand and celebrity inspired exhibits. Check it out.

Submitted by Davin Levenberg on 12/12/2019

Didi-Jose Mireles 5 stars rating.

Went to a show featuring the great Weird Al Yankovic...the staff was nice and there was alot to see and reasonably priced.

Submitted by Didi-jose Mireles on 12/07/2019

Dagger Darling 5 stars rating.

The exhibits are completely unique and the workers are so chill. The atmosphere is very relaxed. The art for sale is beautiful and finely curated. Check it out! Don't miss this hidden gem!

Submitted by Dagger Darling on 08/23/2019

pompberry 5 stars rating.

Possibly my favorite gallery in Los Angeles. The theme of their exhibits is always great and the artists they feature are amazing. I’ve purchased a few original pieces from them and am always excited to find new art to add to my collection.

Submitted by Pompberry on 06/25/2019

Pop Ellay 5 stars rating.

Group show was on point! Fun hip ambience and good prices on their prints.

Submitted by Pop Ellay on 09/05/2018

Kel V 5 stars rating.

Excellent and unique gallery! If you are in Hollywood and want to rifle through stacks of amazing prints, you must check this place out.

Submitted by Kel V on 09/05/2018

Lanett Grant 5 stars rating.

Amazing unique art, friendly staff and fun location. Love them and how beautiful they've made my home.

Submitted by Lanett Grant on 11/21/2017

Sea Dubbz 5 stars rating.

Wonderful gallery. Lots of fun art. Affordable pricing

Submitted by Sea Dubbz on 09/21/2017

Alexis Favis 5 stars rating.

Learned about this gallery through the Get Up on This podcast, and Jensen Karp. Knew we wanted to visit the gallery on our LA trip because of that. If you're a fan of pop culture/pop art and artistic tributes to classics make a stop here. Gallery items can have a heavy price tag but you can get affordable prints from current and past shows for a very decent price. Follow them on Instagram to see what's currently on display.

Submitted by Alexis Favis on 06/19/2017

Andrew Schneider 4 stars rating.

Cool spot to look at pop art prints, prices on prints are very reasonable. Different stuff than the other gallery location so worth stopping at both.

Submitted by Andrew Schneider on 06/05/2017

Esther Kim 5 stars rating.

Gallery1988 West is the larger of their two galleries. I had this place bookmarked for a long time but was never motivated enough to venture this far west... that is, until they had their Joss Whedon fan art exhibit.

My friend Laura S. and I came here for the opening night party and wow the line was long! We found metered street parking a block away and waited in line for what seemed like forever... Despite being the larger gallery, this one was completely packed which is why the line moved so slow. The artwork was amazing though and we were quite tempted to buy some of the prints, but sadly we ended up leaving empty handed. Since it was the opening night, they did have complimentary refreshments for everyone and a lot of the artists were present to talk about their work and take pictures. Joss Whedon was there earlier when only the press people and artists were allowed inside, so we were unable to meet him since he left before they opened it to the public.

I came again for Dan Goodsell's solo show for his Mr. Toast art. While he does post a lot of his work online, it was really cool to see all his work side by side on the walls. They also had complimentary posters for everyone who visited the exhibit. While I don't make it out here often, I do enjoy the exhibits that I see here and will definitely be back for their future ones.

Submitted by Esther Kim on 12/29/2015

David Bos 5 stars rating.

Followed G1988 for years and finally made it for the Art Awakens show last weekend. Great space, fantastic art + can't wait to catch another show soon. Would recommend for anyone visiting LA!

Submitted by David Bos on 11/22/2015

Jeff Boulter 5 stars rating.

Been here a few times in the last year or so. Had the privilege to go see the "Guillermo Del Toro: In Service Of Monsters" show here a month ago, got a great Matt Cavanaugh "Del Toro Danzig" Framed Print piece.

The staff were great and very informative with very pleasent, NON-pretentious attitudes.
I also give the show a five star along with this location.

Waiting for the next show.

Oh and if traveling from outside the L.A. area, plan to get to any show opening early to get parking, and look at the parking signs. No one likes a ticket. Plus plenty of great places nearby to grab a bite to eat.

Submitted by Jeff Boulter on 10/17/2015