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Gallery 800 Reviews

Submitted by Mirna Harb on 01/22/2019

mirna harb 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

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LOEC Arrawye (Huda Arrawye) 5 stars rating.

May I have the Email of this store please!

Submitted by Loec Arrawye (huda Arrawye) on 09/12/2021

JONATHAN A 5 stars rating.

Great exhibits of Hollywood production designers, art directors, scenic artists.

Submitted by Jonathan A on 07/13/2020

Dennis 5 stars rating.


Submitted by Dennis on 11/10/2019

Dionisio Tafoya 5 stars rating.

Exceptional artwork by some of Hollywood's most prolific working artists.

Openings regularly.

Submitted by Dionisio Tafoya on 10/27/2019

YASMIRA MUNGUIA 5 stars rating.

What a beautiful place, you must see live.

Submitted by Yasmira Munguia on 08/04/2019

Alexis Evanoff 5 stars rating.

The coolest artists with great stories about working on movies. It is mind blowing to me that they are selling their original artwork for so cheap. Go there quickly and buy the work before they figure out they should charge more!

Submitted by Alexis Evanoff on 07/19/2019

Carloseltio Porcayo 4 stars rating.

Submitted by Carloseltio Porcayo on 03/23/2019

Pat France 2 stars rating.

Creepy guys work there

Submitted by Pat France on 01/17/2019

Ash Childs 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Ash Childs on 11/26/2018

Julie Griffin 5 stars rating.

Nice people. Good location. Like the cultural aspect it brings to the community

Submitted by Julie Griffin on 12/06/2017

Kim A Tolman 5 stars rating.

Great gallery in the NoHo Arts District!

Submitted by Kim A Tolman on 11/19/2017

Angel FlyinTooClose 5 stars rating.

Fantastic Gallery! A hidden gem of NoHo!!

Submitted by Angel Flyintooclose on 06/25/2017

ilanasart 5 stars rating.

Submitted by Ilanasart on 03/09/2017

Christine Luchetta 1 stars rating.

Submitted by Christine Luchetta on 06/16/2016